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  1. Sherry, Wow! We've been gone camping and returned to read your tidbit of wisdom. Found the little red button!! That will be soo much easier than disconnecting the batteries. Thank you thank you Thank you!!!! Gail & Mike
  2. We had the 12VDC breakers all off. Charged our batteries at home, then connected them and heard a little zap so there was still something pulling power. Looked over everything, can't figure it out. Unless it would be the two monitors - carbon monoxide and smoke?? Wow, 3 dogs and you two, that would be a tight fit!! Our Maggie just curls up behind the table leg in her bed and is a very happy camper, can't wait for a trip. We're off to Interlochen, MI tomorrow. Glorious camping weather here in Michigan this time of year. Gail
  3. Steve, Will have to ask Mike which breakers (ours are upper left as you walk in). Yes, we've checked to be sure all 12 volt usage items are off. Mike is sure there is something in the wiring....very frustrating! We park our trailer in a storage lot with no electric hookup. Until we figure this out, next time we park it we will disconnect the batteries. We have a Maggie canine also, a Westie. What is your Maggie? Gail
  4. We've been experiencing battery drain when we leave our Oliver parked for a few weeks. We have all the breakers switched off, yet find the batteries dead when we try to hook up. There is obviously a discharge somewhere in the trailer. Anyone else experience this phenomena? Mike & Gail
  5. Any suggestions on water connections at state parks? Most of the water hoses at the fill stations are not compatible with the standard hose connection on our Oliver.
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