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  1. Great info, thanks! Regarding the 3-way refrigerator, I've been seeing a lot of ups and downs about it, and people talking about changing to a compressor fridge. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Hello, As we continue our research into Ollies and their less expensive/ less impressive competitors, we've been looking into the Casita. One of the biggest problems we see with that one is the carpeted walls and ceiling. That just weirds us out. Not a fan at all. I understand why the did it- they are a single hull. They also claim it insulates and sound dampens, but I imagine it also gets dirty and holds smells easier, too. The one good argument they offered was that it prevented the condensation problems common in boats and campers with fiberglass walls. I understand this is enough of a problem that Oliver sells matting to go under cushions to prevent mold, but I have 2 questions: 1) How well does the matting work? 2) How much of an issue is condensation, with or without the matting? Is it dripping from the walls?
  3. Thanks, I agree, it seemed a bit much. He wasn't selling his, though, just letting us check it out. I think we're pretty well locked into an Elite I if we can pull off the price.
  4. We're looking at 3-7 day trips, at least 5 times per year, mostly boondocking to explore small towns and parks. I'm of a mind that I would rather pay more for reliability, but this is quite a bit more. Another issue around here are critters are notorious for destroying campers. Good tips, all, thank you!
  5. Hello, we are looking into the Elite I, and trying to decide on what is really needed and what is a nice to have when putting together the cost of getting into an Oliver. For the next 10 years, we will be primarily using it for short trips of 3 days to a week, to explore around. We would prefer to boondock as much as possible. Power is obviously a big concern. We really want solar, but the cost is a big add-on. However, we hate running generators more than absolutely necessary, so I think we will spring for the solar. So that brings us to the batteries. Looking at the sheet, we can get a package with 2 AGM batteries, or Lithium batteries for $2,600 more. That's a painful jump. So... How much of a difference do those Lithium batteries make for our plans? How hard is it to upgrade them later? Thanks for any help!
  6. On a side note, I've seen some TT makers use a combined grey/black tank. Is there a downside to this? Especially in the case of a composting option, it seems having one bigger tank would be a nice option.
  7. Thanks, we actually got to see both this past weekend. We think the I would do (if we can let go of that much money...). The guy who showed us the II swears that we wouldn't have a problem towing the II. He said he weighed it fully loaded at just under 5,ooo lbs. But I'd have to try towing one before I'd be comfortable with that, I think. It seems like it is just a much bigger footprint.
  8. Thanks folks. We visited a couple of Ollie owners this past weekend and saw the I and II. We love the quality and design. The roominess difference was definitely noticeable, especially in being to stand up completely in the bathroom (I'm only 5'10"). The I seems like it would be manageable, and especially much easier to maneuver. More importantly, the price for the I is very steep, just within our means once we add on the things we'd need to really get the use out of it. Now trying to convince ourselves to lay out that kind of money...
  9. Hi folks, we're looking for a good TT with a bathroom and I really like the Ollie. I don't think I could bring myself to get one of the chintzy stick builts, but we've only got a Ford Ranger to tow with and the 'II' is too close to our 7500 lbs weight limit for comfort. The 'I' might be ok, but it's hard to tell how much of a difference the loss of 5 feet of length and 5 inches of width would make. Has anyone had both versions? Thanks for any help!
  10. Thanks, John. I suspected that might be the case. I have been pouring over the forums and interwebs, but it's not very clear. Seems like the II would just be too close to the limit. So how much smaller does the the I "feel" from the II? It looks like the biggest difference is no pantry and less space in the galley. We really want a TT with a bathroom, but I don't know if I can bring myself to buy a lighter stick built.
  11. We've got a 2020 Ford Ranger. It says it can handle 7000 lbs towing, but I am sure that is only under ideal conditions, which you don't get forever. Was thinking of the Elite I instead, but it just seems like it would be too small for extended trips, and I would prefer two axels if pulling such an expensive payload. Looking over the towing forum, it seems no one has any direct knowledge of pulling an Ollie with a Ranger. I like a lot of what I see on the Ollie, especially that it will last as long as we want it (or so it sounds). Wondering if a camper trailer just isn't within our reach at the moment. Can't justify a bigger truck right now. 😕
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