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  1. Thanks for the replies. Oliver tried to find an owner in northern Illinois, but that didn’t work. I’m trying to prod my better half to take a drive and do the tour at Oliver. I’m sure I’d be sold. I’m a fanatic for quality and craftsmanship. If figure if it’s not as good as I can do, or better, I don’t want it. I can’t do fiberglass work, so Oliver got me. I’ve been telling my wife I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed with delight just living in quality where I’ve go what I paid for. Knowing every time it rains I won’t be thinking I need to look for leaks. Not having bi-weekly caulk checks, or needing to watch for holes that mice and bugs can easily get into. The Ollie just looks so sleek, clean, and beautiful. Plus, I think I can keep my F-150 diesel to pull the Ollie. I’m already looking into options for sleeping my two college-aged kids or finding a nice used pop-up that my son can drag up. It’s just another campground reservation to acquire when snagging one is already difficult.
  2. Thanks for responding, skyscrapers. I’m having a hard time convincing my wife that the Oliver is the solution to our problems in the long run. I can’t get her to understand how enjoyable and peaceful it would be to forget water and mice issues, while being able to keep my half ton and have an easier and more comfortable tow. Ugh. Yes, it doesn’t fit a family of four, but our kids are in college and will likely give two hoots about camping with us. I’d stick my neck out on a used popup for them to tow along. As for friends who would like to go, do I need to finance a rig for everyone else? Jeesh.
  3. Thanks for the additional replies. I’m waiting now for a report on our trailer. That will determine which way we can go. My wife is of the thought that it’s a lot of money to sleep only three. I’m thinking “why do I buy to accommodate everyone else?” If someone else wants to camp, let them fend for themselves. I keep it up. It keeps ME up when there’s a leak, bad seal, dead appliance, or some third wrong. Only me. I’m done with that. We’d have to finance it, unfortunately, but at least when it’s paid off, it’s still a trailer in great shape with promise of many years left. Financing a $65k fifth wheel seems to be a recipe for a falling apart rattle trap a lot sooner than an Oliver. Plus, I don’t need a 3/4 or 1 ton truck to pull it. Frankly, I’m pulling 6k now of a flying flat-front brick now. The Tylenol caplet Oliver should slice through the air behind my 3.0L Powerstroke F-150. Averaging 15-16mpg now should be closer to 17+ with a well-waxed Ollie. Even if not, it’s just gotta pull easier.
  4. Thank you ALL for responding, and so quickly! I’m very grateful. Our latest trailer, a 2020 K-Z we just bought last fall, is in the shop waiting for a prognosis after I found the ceiling insulation saturated and brown water running along the ceiling panel joints. It’s so discouraging. This is the third trailer we’ve had with major issues. I just want quality. A company that takes pride in what they build. If it does or doesn’t go back to the factory for the repairs, which will include replacement of delaminating roof decking, I think it’s gone. I almost am ready to quit camping all together. We have two kids in college. Both still want to camp. I’m thankful, but no Oliver really accommodate four adults, and while I’m 6’-5”, my son is 6’-4”. I am so fed up with garbage quality I’m considering the Oliver for the DW and I, and finding a good used pop-up for my son to drag along if he wants to camp. I know the Oliver will last me another 30 years of camping, and my kids will fight over it. I’m so impressed with the details. My son and I are engineers. We agree that the Oliver is close to what we’d design if we were building a trailer… a dream we have, but not a reality. The fit and finish, the details, the lack of points for water and rodent entry, the ease of maintenance, the materials, etc. all add to the list. My wife is not taking part in the $65k plus cost, but I told her in the next 30 years, we’ll go through three stick and tin trailers just because of the poor build quality, harsh Midwest weather, and it sitting outside… but only one Oliver. I’m not winning, but then again, I am the one who deals with the problems. No one else sees the problems. They just camp.
  5. After camping for a lifetime, and owning a couple pop-up, a hybrid, and three travel trailers (of which the last may be the last straw) we are looking for something with the best build quality, manufacturers good customer service, and will last a long time. There is nothing in the standard stick and tin or vacuum sealed fiberglass wall market that gives me ANY confidence in buying a new travel trailer after our latest debacle. The Oliver just looks like once in the driveway, it’s here to stay. Sitting within 15 years of retirement, I don’t want another rattle trap, falling apart, leaky travel trailer. I want something to last. I was so impressed with what I saw on Oliver’s website, I’m just about in. The way I see it, I could buy one long term trailer easy care low maintenance trailer now, or buy two at as date trailers for the same cost and a lot more headaches in the same term. The DW doesn’t see it that way. Of course I’m the guy dealing with the maintenance, repairs, warranty fights, etc. Why have you Oliver owners gone this route rather than the industry standard? What do you tell interested parties when they ask questions about your Ollie? Yes, I know they are twice the price of a standard-build unit with less room and sleeping areas, but what pushed you over the edge? We have two adult kids that refuse to give up camping. The Oliver really doesn’t work for them, but I can figure that out. I also wonder if me, at 6’-5” will handle an Ollie. Your thoughts are appreciated! Glad to have joined the forum. Now, should I REALLY join with an Oliver?
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