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  1. @dewdev I'm so glad to hear that your wife isn't bothered by your Oliver smell this year. It must feel really comforting. Thank you for your tips about the mattresses- Humidity is something I'm very aware of when it comes to mold... and sort of worry about controlling. It's so nice that you can keep your camper at home and manage your levels with a dehumidifier. We would have to find a climate controlled storage facility. Thank you again for all your help. Best wishes for good health. RC
  2. @John E Davies Thank you for responding and sharing such beneficial information!! You too @SeaDawg This community is so helpful. I'm now thinking a 2018 might be a better starting point. The class A that we sold was 4 years old when we purchased. Thanks again, R.C.
  3. Hi, Here's a little background: I developed a sensitivity to mold and chemicals after exposures several years ago. I'm interested in the Oliver after reading about it's construction and how it's less likely to leak and develop mold issues. The thing that keeps us from buying new is the new smell of products/fiberglass/fabrics etc. Has anyone ever had issues like mine? I'm just curious if new Oliver's have a noticeable new smell and outgassing from chemicals? The other thing that creates issues is winterizing with antifreeze in the water lines. We had a class A and purposely bought it a few years older to help with outgassing.. we stored it in Alabama in the winter and never needed to winterize it. As soon as we moved north and my husband used antifreeze in the lines I reacted. I'm thinking the ideal Oliver would be approx a year old ( but I'm not sure) that's stored in a climate controlled environment... This sounds close to impossible to find- but if by chance anyone is out there with advice or interested in selling an Oliver that fits these parameters please let me know. Thank you so much!!
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