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  1. I have ran some preliminary numbers and it appears that my Jeep Trailhawk may not be able to tow this trailer safely. Would you please let me know what type of vehicle and its towing capacity you use to tow your Oliver Legacy Elite I? Thank you for any input.
  2. Hi Everyone, We live in Arizona and I had camped years ago in a GM motor home. Now we hope to order an Oliver Elite I but recently was questioned as to whether or not our Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk with a 3.2L engine can tow it. So I have gathered some numbers and asked Jason at Oliver to provide the hitch weight and cargo weight of the travel trailer. What I have thus far are the following numbers: Jeep two passengers with weight at 320 lbs. Cargo load max capacity 900 lbs Max gross trailer weight 4,500 lbs. Max tongue Wt. 450 lbs. Curb weight 4,250 lbs. GVWR 5,500 lbs. For the Oliver GVWR 5,000 lbs. Dry weight 3,700 lbs. Tongue weight 370 lbs. Cargo Weight Hitch Weight If anyone can help with the computations and any additional input, I would greatly appreciate it.
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