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  1. Thank you for all your reply’s and responses. First, I went to Hershey and talked with the rep for truma, they have some great looking products including a/c, a lot fired heater that the rep asked me to talk to the Oliver people about when I toured the facility (I did) and of course, the water heater that goes in the Oliver. Also they had some great portable ac/dc fridge/ freezer units that can be put in the back of a truck, suv etc and you can use as additional fridge or freezer or split the area inside for both depending on your needs. For longer boondocks I think that would be a real help. I saw nothing there that came close to the Oliver’s quality and I placed an order while I was in Hohenwald. To answer some questions about the F150’s generator, the truck is a hybrid as such the generator uses the stored power in the batteries until that is exhausted and then it turns itself on and off as nessasary to recharge the batteries and provide power in this case to the trailer. (You can not get in and drive it without the keys ) The truck idling in that way is super quiet you need to be standing next to it to know if it’s running or not so it’s far quieter than any other generator and I doubt anyone anywhere near me will realize what I am doing. On YouTube a guy with the same truck With a full tank of gas ran AC and microwave 24 hours for about 7 days in a 30 ft airstream so I think it will do much better in an Ollie. I ordered the soft start and the 4 agm battery’s and a zamp plug for suitcase solar panels when those battery’s die I’ll probably replace with lithium’s and add an inverter. It’s just so expensive to get them now.
  2. I will be going to the Hershey RV show next Wednesday just to make sure but, I think Ollie it is. I have a few questions regarding my set up and needs and I welcome your suggestions. My tow rig is a 2021 F150 hybrid with a built in 7.2kw power supply. As for battery upgrades, I have done many in the past on RV’s but frankly never felt the usage I got was worth the money spent. I will use my built in power supply from the truck when Boon-docking (which I will do almost exclusively) but I will use the house battery’s for standard 12v tasks like lights, blower motors etc. But is the 4 6v AGM battery upgrade worth the freedom from checking battery water hassle? I want the upgraded mattress’s on both sides for the occasional visitors but also want a couch, suggestions on couch back cushions? Any other must haves in your opinion? thanks! by the way, I live in the Smokey’s about 45 minutes from Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Pigeon Forge on 4 wooded acres, I have an Rv spot with full hook ups for friends and family. If anyone wants to camp for a night or two feel free to contact me and if the schedule is free, you are welcome to use my facilities. Brad
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