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  1. Thank you all who responded. It is always nice to hear the views of people who actually own & have used a product. I have been viewing quite a few walk through videos of the various travel trailers we are interested in but can only find one of an Oliver. Once we get closer to making a decision to purchase we will definitely be looking to get inside the models to get a better feel for what will work for us. We want to stay small, definitely no slides, but want to be comfortable. I’ve done my fair share of backpacking, tent camping & at this point in life don’t want to do any “ground” sleeping. We also are motivated by quality & are looking for something that will last more then a few years.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I guess my impression about it being dark is not based on color but more on natural light. The windows seem small and low. I guess you can see out when seated but standing they seem very low. Yes we would definitely be looking at the smaller unit. My question about the sleeping arrangements & comfort are because most seat cushions are fine for sitting but not so much for sleeping. They tend to be quite hard. Do they make a model with dedicated bed? Would the 7’ be the interior width? We probably will want to get inside one at some point but we are not quite ready for purchase at this point. Looking at 2022. We would not want to waste anyone’s time yet.
  3. Hello everyone. We have been doing some research on types, brands, sizes of a travel trailer. We would like it for weekend use with maybe a longer trip once a year. It would just be myself and partner so we are mainly looking at smaller size basically 20 ft or under. Oliver popped up during our searches & I would like to get some owner views on some of our concerns. We appreciate in advance anything that you can add since you have one & use the product. One of my concerns is the inability to change or modify the interior to make it our own. We also have some misgivings concerning the sleep situation. We don’t see the need for 2 tables in such a small trailer so the front would probably be a bed all of the time. How comfortable is the sleeping situation? One other concern is it looks based on the walkthroughs I viewed the interior is quite dark and walkway is narrow. Any help from actually owners that can give us some insight would be great!!
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