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  1. Thanks Overland! Honestly I am a tad surprised this is not offered as an option but I love what this owner did. I need to be more handy...
  2. I'm a cook, but dang its hard in a small RV. My current rig, a little Airstream Interstate was modified by the previous owners to have an extra TWO feet of counter space, which is a really big deal in an RV, and it makes all the difference. Overall the Ollies feel much more spacious (I just got to see my first Elite II in person a couple days ago, beautiful) but the lack of counter space is a real concern. You cooks out there, what do you do for extra space? anyone put in a drop down counter over the galley side twin bed for example? or do you just make do with the kitchen table? (meh, kinda low) thanks! Emily Oliver looky-loo for the time being...
  3. Thanks everyone for your input! Nice to know options that could work 🙂
  4. Did you have to do any sanding or other prep to get the tiles to stick?
  5. Just beautiful. I was thinking of painting but I actually like this much better. Thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Has anyone painted the interior of their Ollie? I love the general design but feel the shiny white might seem a bit cold after while for this full timer wanna be. Please share your pics if you have dared paint! Thanks 😊 Emily Penney
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