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  1. Nope, something John said stuck with me. That is, that WDH will end up being a pain. That rules out even the Ollie LE for me. I could only add 400 lbs of payload to the truck and about 900 lbs to the trailer comfortably. That puts my GVW right around 6000 lbs. and I'm rated at 6500 lbs. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Yeah, sounds right. No doubt about it. Thanks for taking the time to clue me in. Really appreciate it.
  3. Hi all, I have pulled a lot of horse and stock trailers in my life, but now I'm trying to make things work with an Ford F-150 with a maximum towing capacity of 5000 lbs. or 7600 lbs. with a weight distribution hitch but a GCWR of 12,800. If I put a thousand pounds in my truck ( 1/8 cord of wood 2 passengers) and 1450 (liquids, generator, kitchen stuff, clothes) in the Ollie II that puts me right at 12,800. Do I want to work my 2.7ltr twin turbo Eco-boost 325 horsepower that hard? I'm not too worried about that monster 10 speed transmission with 400 lbs psi of torque. But should I be? I'd appreciate any advice or insight you might have for a guy planning to retire and live in a trailer the rest of his life, not necessarily traveling all the time, but want to be able to hitch up and go at the drop of a hat.
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