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  1. Seadawg, thanks for the drive time, route and restaurant ideas for Nashville to Hohenwald. I'm flying in on Sunday afternoon and staying in town. Will tour the factory on Monday then back to the airport and Seattle that night. Leaving the checkbook at home so I don't get carried away.
  2. I have a reservation to tour the factory on Oct 19th. Looking forward to seeing one in person vs online. Any good lunch/dinner spots in Hohenwald? And how is the drive from Nashville to Hohenwald? Thanks!
  3. Hi Juniorbirdman, Thanks for the feedback...this exactly what I was looking to hear. I can understand a few things being relocated and/or coming apart. But some of the stories I heard about taking an Airstream on gravel or rougher roads downright worried me. Bathroom vanities falling off, water heaters breaking, etc. I figured the Oliver's were built better yet I hadn't heard how they held up frame and/or shell wise to off-road use. You have put my mind at ease. Many thanks!!
  4. Routlaw, hey thanks so much for the offer. Let me see how the two in WA state work out. Otherwise I may be out your way in Oct.
  5. Moxtrot..thanks for the heads up on the Oak Harbor owner. I called the factory and asked to be put in contact with them. It would be a lot easier than Walla Walla which is 4-5 hrs away. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I am thinking of buying an Oliver 18.5 ft this winter for full time use starting next July. Most of my travels are to back country areas on rough back roads. What I am concerned about is the warranty is for "normal use". So I don't know if Oliver will back the warranty if something should happen to the frame/shell when the camper is used on back roads. Has anyone taken their camper to Toroweap on the Grand Canyon or on the Hole in the Wall road in Utah? Roads like that are what I'm talking about. Curious as to how the trailers can take this kind of treatment. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I am considering purchasing an Oliver. Is there anyone in the Seattle or Washington state area that would be willing to show there Oliver? I'm trying to get an idea of what they are like prior to committing to a purchase. I'll likely fly out to the factory if I make the order but thought a look ahead of time would help. Thanks
  8. Hello, I am considering placing an order for an Oliver either the 18.5 or 23 ft. I'd like to see one locally vs flying back to TN to do it before committing. Anyone have an Oliver in the Seattle or Washington area that would let me take a look at it? Happy to buy lunch/dinner for your trouble. Thanks
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