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  1. ScubaRx, Your answer was inspired. After removing all the plates, cups, glasses and other needed stuff in the slider above the microwave compartment, I found that a red wire marked "roof" had pulled loose from the "accessory" switch. Pushed it back on to the circuit board and the fans both work. I'm now in the process of fashioning a cover for the back of the switches to keep this from happening again. A follow up question for you please: in the bundle of wires that goes to the switches here, there is a yellow wire marked "ground" that doesn't attach to anything. It is equipped with a round shaped connector, not a flat one like the fan wire was. We don't have a microwave (almost exclusively use the Oliver for dry camping) and wonder if this wire ought to have home somewhere or is it orphaned due to our lack of microwave? Doug, I agree, the folks at Oliver are always helpful, but ScubaRx's answer beat the factory for time. Thanks all, Angler
  2. Help needed from techies. Our exhaust fan suddenly died on us. It's the rain sensing Fantastic Vent. Yes the fuse is fine. I pulled the fan and see a white and a black wire coming out of the space between the shells and running to the fan. When I stick a voltmeter across these two wires I don't get any current flow. Does anybody know how the Oliver power runs to the fan? What is the connection on the circuit board as none of the fuses there seem blown either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Angler
  3. Our monitors have been betraying us. Black water monitor no longer shows any result. Battery monitor can't be trusted for accuracy. Has anyone else had and solved monitor problems? By the way, what is the lowest you have seen your battery monitor register before power fails? Thanks.
  4. One year plus in our Oliver and going great. Very few problems and none of major consequence. We've put about 6,000 miles on so far and will be headed out on a 2,500 -3,000 miles trip in two weeks. We're headed into fairly rough terrain, lots of gravel roads and possibly pretty wet too. Oliver recommends repacking wheel bearings every 6K. Any one done this themselves - how bad a job is it? How do you get the dust cover off? Or do you advise finding a local brake shop that can do it? Thanks
  5. Has anyone camped there, particularly bookdocking away frin the civilized campgrounds? Ideas where a 4X4 pulling an Oliver might find a beautiful camping spot? Thanks.
  6. No doubt we are the last Oliver people who haven't figured this out yet, but does anyone have good ways to monitor the level of propane left in your tanks? In our prior truck camper, this measure was included on the panel which showed remaining levels of battery power, water, etc. Thanks.
  7. We did our first cold weather Oliver camping trip, needing the heater for much more than a brief blast of heat. We were unable to adjust the thermostat effectively, so we were alternately way too hot and then too cold. Has anyone installed a digital thermostat, or other device to balance the output of heat? Any advice welcome! Thanks.
  8. Thanks all you kind folks who responded. I think I really understand the issue now. Angler
  9. Well we took the plunge and ordered an Oliver that we'll pick up in Tennessee mid June. We're ready getting the TV set up. The TV is a 1996 Toyota 4-runner and have added transmission cooler and proportional brake controller. We're set with a class III receiver and getting ready to order hitch and ball. Does any one know the spec for the height of the center of the ball from the ground to fit an Oliver with 4 inch lift and 15 inch wheels? Any thoughts or suggestions about the need for additional suspension on the TV? Thanks all.
  10. Hello, The 15 yards is an estimate we got from Robert at Oliver. I'm not completely sure it is right, particularly since I don't know what width they need. I'm hoping they will put me in touch with the person who sews their cushions before I actually purchase the fabric.
  11. I've been searching for fabric for the upholstery in the trailer that is being built for us. I'm not crazy about the limited choices shown in the Oliver photos. Anyone have ideas about websites or venders for tough, good-looking fabric, about 15 yards? Any experience, either positive or negative, with types of fabric? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Chuck, We'll definitely try to make it there. Angler
  13. Hello, We are interested in maybe buying an Oliver but would like to see/ stand in/check out an actual unit. We live in northern california. Anyone within +/- 200 miles who would be willing to let us look at your Oliver? Thanks.
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