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  1. Thanks everyone! Yes to Mike D! There was a value that needed to be turned! Once we turned it all worked fine! I appreciate the diagrams!
  2. Hello, We are getting ready to leave on a camping trip and can not get water to go into the trailer. What are we doing wrong? We have electric at the campsite but no water. The sea level read 0 and water is not going in.
  3. You guys are all GREAT! Thanks for all the advice! I am hoping to buy a truck with an open bed soon. I think I will use my feet this trip as I do not want to do any damage to the brand new Ollie!
  4. We have an Elite 1 that we just picked up Memorial Day weekend. I would love to bring our bikes on our next trip. Is it a good idea or bad idea to bungee cord them right inside the camper for travel?
  5. Thanks so much for all that information!~. I will try the hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Hello, We just picked up our new Oliver Elite over Memorial Day! We are new to this scene and there is so much to learn! First of all where so I get the wooden slats for the bathroom floor? What us the best cleaner to use in the bathroom? Any other tips and tricks? Thanks for your help, Lori
  7. We just saw these responses! I agree something else is not right! We have an email with questions into Oliver right now. I will let you know what they say. Thanks for all the help Lori
  8. We also just picked up our new Oliver Elite with tons of power and lost all power during a single evening of boondocking at a Harvest Host location. So we will clearly need a generator. What generator recommendations do you suggest? We were running a CPAC, 2 watches, 2 iphones, and the fan.
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