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  1. Thanx again. The glass turn-table in the microwave....... Good Tip. I would have missed that for sure..... Glad to here that it is not common to have to get on top. Always wondered why RV's (trailers, 5th Wheels, truck campers) had a ladder on the back, and then it occurred to me: I am expected to use it. Hmmm. I would hope that Oliver could work into their design the use of swing-out windows; that design lets you keep windows open during a rain shower. Awning side maybe could be left opener with these sliders, but if a breeze kicks up...... There goes the awning. Anyone had experience with the legless awning that has the auto foldup feature if the breeze exceeds a certain wind speed? Hate to speed the dollars on the driver-side awning for this, only to have it close up because a breeze came along........ Thanx again and will post again after my trip to Odessa. God bless. Tom in Lubbock,
  2. Wow! Thank you, each and every one. Very good comments and ideas. I have spent a few years researching and finally came to the same conclusions you have. I had not factored in the double shell. That is the magic in this Oliver design. Did not know about the weep holes in the bottom. I assume that the roof is sturdy enough to crawl around while fixing any leak that does occur. Right?? I ran away from wood as fast as I could. And the aluminum skin has some issues for me; hail and tearing/ripping on tree branches. Not a rock crawler, just getting down some forest roads and the road less traveled. Had decided that solar & lithium, truma water heater and A/C, etc is best for my needs, Must have a compressor refrigerator/freezer. That is a deal-breaker for me. I understand from Oliver that they now have one. Yes, swing out windows would be my first choice. So the composting toilet is a good idea? I know nothing about it. What mfg./Brand is it? We are two old retired adults and the family dog; boss dog to be certain. Towing with my F350, diesel, 4x4,crewcab and an A.R.E. truck cap. I do like the design of the trailer with respect to the width and the tracking. Should serve me well down some of those narrow forest roads. No plans to get off any kind a track I am on. I suspect Chaco Canyon will be a bit rough; about 40 miles of washboard road from what I understand. Maybe even Monument Valley in Utah. Want to get up to Ashley National Forest in Utah, over to Gunnison in the Montrose area. Want to see the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. And of course hang out in New Mexico and Southern Colorado. And the list just keeps on growing...... We are going to see our first Oliver this coming Friday down in Odessa. I am told it is an Elite II, twin bed. That seems to be most practical arrangement. Again. Thank you so much. God bless and be safe. TomW in Lubbock, Tx Go Tech!
  3. in NM, CO, UY, AZ, WY, MT and maybe Canada. Is the Elite II a good boondocking choice? I and concerned about the water leaks I read about on this site. Also concerned about how nimble and maneuverable the trailer is. Condensation between the two shells??? Oops. That does not inspire me. Can anyone offer insight? Thanx. TomW
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