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  1. Hey trainman- with the help of Andrew k, I was able to do it in two evenings. Cost came out around $1200. I used panels of exact Oliver size from bougerv 9bb off Amazon and a Victron smart solar charger. I much prefer victron with the Bluetooth ability which works great. Also added the temp setting. The panels were much cheaper and great quality. Plus they respond to service questions within a day or two. Each panel is pulling in about 9 amps, 18amp total (give or take)in parallel. However, I recently switched to series connection so total 9 amps, but more voltage power for cloudy days in PNW. cheers mike.
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve contacted Oliver service with no help on solar setup since mine did not come with panels. However, it is prewired, I’ve confirmed that. I’m trying to find out where they are terminated under the roof so when I drill a hole in the roof, the wires should be there. Does anyone have measurements of where to drill the roof hole? Maybe measurements off a specific location…Ie a/c or roof vent cover. Also measurements for the metal mounting plates as well. I notice some squared off fiberglass sections towards the outside in a few places…are those the plates? Thanks for the help! Cheers, Mike.
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