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  1. I know, weird question, but for you Elite 1 owners: I use a MacBook Pro but I connect it to a large curved desktop monitor — a 38-incher — yep — and I love it and use it for what I do. Love as in “I will do whatever I have to in order to keep it, yes, even in the Elite 1, if at all possible, and I don’t care how much ‘counterspace” it uses long as I can plug that puppy in” — that level of love. Heh. I know this sounds insane to some (all?). But can anyone with a late model Elite 1 (standard floor plan) tell me the various counter dimensions of the table spaces in the Elite 1? Can I cram this thing on top of the smaller table (dinette?) on the side? Hoping to set it up and keep it set up. I’m a nerd. MacBook Pro screen too small. Too used to the big curved monitor now. Thanks for not laughing.
  2. Hi all. There is a post here as to all the spaces and available storage on the Elite II, but is it not different for an Elite 1? (I.e., less space to store your clothing, kitchen stuff, whatever, inside.) If so, and any Elite 1 owners (late models? I am getting a 2021 in Jan) know any dimensions and such, I’m all ears. I have NO idea how much “stuff” I can fit into Elite 1. And I have to downsize (further than I already have) because I’mma go FT. I have watched the Ollie 1 walk-through video and it’s just hard to tell really how much the closet will hold, how much space for shoes, kitchen stuff, everything. If anyone can give me an idea — I know it’s hard to say “Four jackets, 3 pairs of jeans,” etc. — but any idea at all would really help. Thanks!
  3. Any of you been tracking the changes in features or structural differences between model years of the Elite that can comment on what was changed through the years and when? Maybe it's been covered here before, but I can't find it. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  4. Getting the Elite 1 in Jan, tow vehicle would be a 2002 Escalade with a hitch thingy (tech talk! Ha!) on it. Manual says tows up to 7800. Dealer seems to be saying I should do the “upgrade” to an Anderson hitch? I think that’s what they’re saying The Escalade has 168k miles on it and I am now concerned and thinking even if it CAN pull the Elite 1, should I add the option for the Anderson hitch to my build? OR, should I shop CarMax and find a Ram 1500 or Ford F 150 (used, say, 2017 models and upward, with “tow package”)? Lowest miles possible etc. Etc Really don’t know what to do and the more I read with all the ways people tow, Anderson v not, Ram or Ford and which one etc. more confused I get! i want to have a good SAFE setup. If I can NOT break the bank but have that too, I am game. thanks all
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