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  1. One of the best voices ever. Wait for it. Headphones would be good to pick up all the tones and subtleties. Just sayin’.
  2. Someone withe years of RV and Ollie ownership told me of a brand of 4-season (fiberglass?) trailer made in Canada that is top notch. Might check into that? Sorry I cannot remember the brand name but someone here far more knowledgeable than I surely does, or a Google search would probably show it. I have a buyer coming to see mine Fri May 7 and have privately notified all who said they may come to see it; I am trying to be fair and courteous about this process as best I can. Ad on RVT expired and in my very limited experience (!) this forum is the best place to list an Ollie, if for no other reason than that people seriously looking into Ollies (new or used) seem to be here or sign up and research thoroughly via this official branded site. YMMV! 🙂
  3. I hope this isn’t too off topic but I searched here first and this post was all that came up about storage, so ... Can you just park an Ollie outside in spring-summer temps and have it be ok for say, a few months? Anything special needs to be done? No elec so no AC. Humidity? Not used just parked in a safe enclosure but outside and no carport. On pavement (RV parking - storage). Armed guards and angry Klingon warriors on site. To be clear. Do I need to worry about heat? The 2021 seems impervious to bugs, far as I have experienced to this point.
  4. There were more to the right and maybe a few around the corner on that side.
  5. Thought some of you who are considering buying an Ollie or taking a factory tour, but haven't, might get a kick out of this pic I took in Hohenwald, at the OTT factory-showroom. Why, yes, it's an entire field of Ollies! Taken from across the lot from the OTT factory-showroom. Just thought it was kinda cool.
  6. Thank you so much, I just added it in the title and in the beginning of the ad.
  7. Thanks Cindy, I am very tired of all the inquiries asking questions I answered already and that are in the ad, that's all. I have a lot going on. I have lost my only brother, my mom has the "mean" kind of dementia and I have no family anymore. On and on. I am about to take the Ollie to TX in mid-May and store it, and in the meantime I will leave the ad up here and the website I made for it. If that is not enough for people, I will never sell it, it will sit in storage, that's life. That's about where I am with this right now. Sorry. I know you mean to help, but I am just out of patience with the contacts and questions and so many don't seem to read the ad or something. I don't know what it is. Thank you again, very much. People don't know me, but I am a very honest nerd and would never sell anything to someone if I felt it would not be right for them. I talked one lady OUT of buying my Ollie because she was planning on living in it FT with a dog.
  8. It is an excellent listing, and I would just copy and paste it, but that would be plagiarism. LOL Glad you are happy with your purchase. I have tried to explain everything as best I can here in my ad and on a website I made just for this sale, because I am getting so many people who are "serious" and then flake out after deciding the Elite 1 is too small for them. I have spent hours on phone calls with serious buyers. They say they want to come see it and don't. Or they never reply to my reply to their initial inquiry. I feel like a lot of people are not at all familiar with Ollies, and they are just contacting me asking questions I cannot begin to answer. Or that are answered clearly on OTT's website (shows add on Packages, etc.). I provided the 2021 Elite 1 brochure as well. It clearly shows all the pics and options. And I list all the add-on packages I have on mine. I don't know how much more clear I can be. People can find the website I made here. I hope it helps, but it might not. That's OK, I tried. I am new to RVs and bought my build sight unseen having never been in an RV much less towed anything. I am only selling mine because I was going to live in it FT, and can't. That's just me. Thanks for this post.
  9. I just wondered if any of you have been through this experience. All day, every day, I get messages (esp on RV Trader) from people who say they are so serious about buying mine, and we talk on the phone 30-60 minutes. They really are coming this day and time, and even want me to guarantee that it will still be available by the time they get here. They REALLY want my Ollie. Every time — without fail — they send a new message or text me saying not coming and decided the E1 was too small or whatever. Asking me questions like how much would it cost to have “aftermarket” Lithium batteries added. I am about to scream. Is there a better way to word my ad? How about “For sale. Don’t contact me unless you are not a flake. I mean it.” Kidding of course. But making a point here in frustration. People don’t seem to read? Or they just wanna chat on the phone? What? Thanks for listening. And no I am not interested in wasting YOUR time. I hope I don’t, ever, anyway. Sigh.
  10. Very frustrated and totally confused with replies on RV Trader. No response from their support. Paid $54 for ad with only 4 photos allowed and ad clearly states to come look here in Classifieds (sign up). Also says why I am selling just like ad here does. I get these all the time over there: “Could you send more photos of the 2021 Oliver LEGACY ELITE STANDARD? Why selling it when it is so new?” —————- I reply inside the RVTrader site and then never hear back. Twenty times already. What is going on? Anyone know? Is that site legit? Or what?
  11. Agree with stat at end of your reply. Boy do I. How would I send “more photos” to a stranger using the RVT interface though? The reply box for MY reply is only capable of text input. NO way to attach photos. And frankly the idea of Anonymous Joe wanting to see the inside of a three month old camper when I have provided the actual year and model PDF from OTT, vaguely disturbs me somehow. Like I said elsewhere, here, does Anonymous Joe think I may have painted the interior pink and green and installed a helipad on the E1’s roof? Ha! “Yes I thought I would customize a $65K + luxury travel trailer by doing some freehand graffiti inside. Breaks up all that white space, dontcha know? And I had green shag carpeting installed and ripped out the dinette and there are cinder blocks there now with a table fountain on them. Looks swell. Class-eh.”
  12. If any of you have ever used the site “RV Trader” — and I mean know how to use it — I opened a help ticket there and am awaiting a reply as to why, when I get a “Lead” email (as they call interested buyers), it is always one of two identical phrases and then I reply the same to both. Robo contact 1: “Is your RV still for sale?” Robo contact 2: “Can you provide more photos?” I am running the least expensive 2-wk ad they offer. It limits you to 4 photos. I saw all over the site to beware of scams and warnings about replying with personal information. My ad there is the same as it is here in the Classifieds but after first 6-7 (to me, anyway, YMMV!) very stupid robo-questions, I edited my ad there to include this in BOLD at the top and bottom: ”Please see the Oliver Travel Trailer forum Classified section for more photos and tons of other information (URL). The forum is free and easy to sign up and they don’t spam, thanks.” Even with that, still getting the same two questions, always worded identically. I lost it a little this last one and replied (in their interface as you are supposed to do), “Yes still for sale. I would not have the ad up if it was not for sale.” Is it just me? What am I not “getting” about that site?
  13. Underestimate or pigeonhole any of these guys at your peril!
  14. YES! And many of my “way better than I will ever be” pro guitarist friends say he is actually the best in it. If such a thing can even be said at this level.
  15. Some of the best guitarists in the industry (at least IMHO) have more than a little fun with the Game of Thrones theme song. If you haven’t seen this, you owe it to yourself to see it for the musicianship. If you play guitar at all, you will be blown into a wormhole and never return. See you there. (Yes I play. But not “quite” at this level, LOL). It starts around 2:00 if you want to skip the quick “how ya wanna do this?” chat, but I always watch the whole thing. Scott Ian (Anthrax) never does a solo (and he certainly could). Modest, down-to-earth and happy to be the foundation. Cool dude. Tom Morello has such a distinctive style. Well yeah they all do. This is GREAT FUN.
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