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  1. Underestimate or pigeonhole any of these guys at your peril!
  2. YES! And many of my “way better than I will ever be” pro guitarist friends say he is actually the best in it. If such a thing can even be said at this level.
  3. Some of the best guitarists in the industry (at least IMHO) have more than a little fun with the Game of Thrones theme song. If you haven’t seen this, you owe it to yourself to see it for the musicianship. If you play guitar at all, you will be blown into a wormhole and never return. See you there. (Yes I play. But not “quite” at this level, LOL). It starts around 2:00 if you want to skip the quick “how ya wanna do this?” chat, but I always watch the whole thing. Scott Ian (Anthrax) never does a solo (and he certainly could). Modest, down-to-earth and happy to be th
  4. Mine is not quite 3 months old but I go with Meguiars — wash first and spritz with Quick Detailer. I’m a simple woman. Reminds me of the time (yes I veer off topic and it’s kinda my trademark) I went to a high-end spa for a massage and they talked me into getting a fancy facial. The “aesthetician” was amazed at my skin for my age. Asked me what my “skin care regimen” was. “What products are you using?” ”Uhhh. Oh. Irish Spring.” The look on her face. Like she’d stepped in something. But it did keep her from trying to sell me spa salon potions at $80 for like, an eighth of an oun
  5. I just LOVE this. And have watched it a few too many times. They are just having a helluva time and Joe is the MAN. My work here is done. (And there was much rejoicing throughout the land.)
  6. For moving all the “want to buy Ollie” posts to Classifieds.
  7. Joe Perry was supposedly super annoyed that Tyler did this album. I like this song. Sorry not sorry, Joe. Heh. Apologies for hogging the thread but I blame a former career as a rock DJ on it. Pfft.
  8. In case you missed it. Cover song that does the original more than justice.
  9. Keith “I’m Bloody 167 Years Old, Beat That If You Can, Wankers” Richards did a solo album years ago, when he was only 135, and I love this song. Keef is not known for his, uh, vocalist skills, but IMHO he does a good job on this one.
  10. Henry Horton SP in TN is gorgeous per a friend there now.
  11. David Gilmour, "High Hopes." An incredible song, and note Michael Kamen (RIP) on piano and Caroline Dale's cello. Such an evocative, moody, then soaring piece. I watch-listen to this fairly regularly. The choral group is amazing as well. Same with this one: "Coming Back to Life." There is a reason guitarists rank Gilmour way up at the top with EVH. At the 3:45 mark, well, speechless. He makes it look so easy. Diggin' bassist Chucho Merchán too. Whoa.
  12. Agree re better than the original. I’m also a fan of Joe “How Ya Dooooin’?” Walsh’s solo stuff. “Things” “Rosewood Bitters.” Helluva guitarist, great sense of humor lyrically.
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