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  1. Since the night of February 13th, 2017 we have been living and traveling in our new Oliver Legacy Ellite II and we named her,"The Lil' Nugget". Everything from then until today can be found here - http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/hull-200-in-service/ And here - http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/hull-200-in-service-pt2/ The above links were in the "Delivery Day photos" section and went above and beyond our delivery day by far. So it's time for a fresh start... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4/24/17 - An Oliver in the mist... Yesterday we arrived in Yosemite just before dark, then quickly set up the basics because this week we are Boondocking below Half Dome. After that we went over to our friends site across the meadow to see them before bed time. When boondocking we try to not use much water and between yesterday and today, we used up a whopping 5%, which leaves us at 75% today... 75%? But... That doesn't add up? We had filled up with water before leaving Sacramento, but between there and here in Yosemite, the roads are so steep, and winding and rough that 20% had bounced out by the time we got here. We are staying in Upper Pines Campground with 3 other couples and this is the first year that we haven't been able to get our camping spots next to each other like so many times past. This is our yearly Spring gathering here together and this time there's an Oliver in the list :) It was a rainy day today and we finished setting up everything and working around camp. Also more friends came in today and one had never been here before :) 2017 has been one of the greatest flood years ever here in California and just last week the campgrounds were still flooded. So the Falls this year are huge... "How huge?" you ask, well those pics will come soon :) We counted 40 different waterfalls here in Yosemite last night as we drove in. And that was just from the Highway 140 enterance. We even have a small one living right out our back window. Here's a few pics from dinner and around the fire tonight Tonight we broke out our new Cobb Grill for the first time and barbequed Tri-tip along with some broccoli. And I switched out one of our propane hoses and hooked our propane fireplace up to the rear port on Lil and had some great fun, good times, and great food. <span style="font-size: 16px; line-height: 1.5;">Our first night using the Cobb Grill was a very satisfying success :)</span> Did you see the mist...
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