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  1. Just a thought! We, Ollie Owners should find a spot online where we can post our email addresses and phone numbers can include Hull# and build date too,so we can readily communicate with each other. I admit that can be somewhat dangerous because someone could 'cause us heartaches and headaches if a person distributed our info to the wrong place. Ollie owners might want to elect a secretary too, so that person could keep the info safe. There is advantages and disadvantages to establish a club/brotherhood like this. But if I'm out in my drive and got poop running every where I want to call an Ollie owner for info. Probably a moderator or buzzy or someone who has an engineering degree! LOL Well, the factory people Anita and Heather, have all our emails and phone numbers I guess, of course, they can't release them. And we can communicate on here, but it's kind of limited, because some people rarely use this site, others are busy, some are computer-handicapped, and I've found this site down a couple of times for several hours. And sometimes it's easier to reach people by phone and persuade them to join a caravan to the next Oliver Rally! lol I forgot who it was, but they took a caravan to Mexico a couple of years ago and it was the best trip of their life! One can see we are not a trusting group as most of us use a FAKE name or handle. LOL. I don't blame anyone for that. I even use a fake name on Facebook. Anyway, just a thought! Who wants to be secretary, President? lol just saying!
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