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Drooling in Kansas City


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A couple of weeks ago, I 'discovered' fiberglass travel trailers on the internet. Wow, hard shell but lightweight, aerodynamic, & efficient. We've (that's me & significant other, Jeff) have been rehabbing an old pop-up tent camper for over a year now (we work too hard during the week to wanna work too much on weekends) but have yet to get it finished enough to use. Jeff wants to 'get away' & fish, but since we live in the woods outside of Kansas City & can't see our neighbors anyway, I'm inclined to want to 'boondock' camp near a fishing spot for him without a herd of nearby campers disturbing my peace of mind. An 'egg' would be the perfect balance for us!


Although Jeff has fond memories of camping in a pop-up as a kid, I want a little more security from weather, wild critters, & people. I've considered Hi-Lo's & Chalets but envision sitting up or knocking down in a storm, so that still wasn't a solution for me. And a regular (however small) travel trailer just seems too bulky going down the road. Plus there's that possibility I might have to be towing it sometime. Then I discovered Casita trailers - & finally wound up at the Oliver site. In-love!


I'm afraid to think of the cost of a new one & know there aren't going to be any used ones available for years probably. We have 5-10 years until retirement, so I'm trying to think 'investment'. But even then, we really need to actually SEE & FEEL one in person.


So I'm hoping someone on this forum might be traveling thru Kansas City this summer who would be willing to let us see, touch, smell, & hear all about their Oliver.



~~ Glenda ~~

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