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Idaho Geo - Planning to order an Ollie this year


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I am approaching retirement, I hope within the next five years. I love to travel and it has been worrying me how I am going to satisfy that need after I retire and can't afford to fly off to Mexico or the Caribbean three or four times a year. I considered retiring to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. I looked at buying a bunch of timeshares all over the place. All too expensive and impractical. Then I found the Ollie and the problem was solved. Properly equipped, I can boondock all over the place for next to nothing, revisiting places I have hiked and camped and kayaked before and discovering new places. Maybe I could even meet some new friends in campground or even at a rally instead of being such a hermit all the time. My plan is to buy my Ollie this year so I can have it paid off before I retire. I will use the first few years for modest trips, figuring out exactly what works best to maximize my "off-grid time" and minimize my expenses. After I retire, I will hope to travel at least three months in the spring and three months in the fall, spending summers in my Idaho cabin. Winters are up for grabs. I have some things to figure out for the Ollie order and the forum has already been incredibly helpful. I thank all in advance for generously sharing their experience and advice while I figure which options I absolutely need and the ones I can maybe do without, what generator I should buy, and so on. And when I become an expert Ollie owner, I will be sure to give back in this forum to help new Ollie owners along their way. Can't wait for my Ollie!


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