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I've not seen an Oliver yet but expect at least one at the Bluebonnet rally. My first question: What is the difference between the Elite and Classic? Is this just a difference in trim level of the same trailer or a completely different model?



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Hi there,

I just came back from seeing the Olivers at the Phoenix Sportsman RV show. One difference is that the Elite has a full-size bed versus two twin beds in the standard. Although I would like to know more about the alternate bed options.


I hadn't heard of an Oliver and had actually gone to see if there were any Casitas showing and instead came upon these two trailers. I really liked the molded look and feel in comparison to the other light weight travel trailers displayed, they didn't see to be as sturdy or well built as the Oliver although less expensive. I"ve never owned a trailer and have a 6 cyl Tundra and I'm in the process of whittling down my choices and have determined that one of the molded trailers would be best due to weight and handling. Now, after seeing the Oliver I'm torn between it and a 17' Casita.


I noticed that another member, tumbleweed, had owned a Casita and is ordering a Oliver. If you read this tumbleweed would you mind sharing differences and why you chose an Oliver?


Thanks Oliver Trailers for showing up in Phoenix!

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I'm about 20 miles from Hohenwald, TN, the Mfg Facility for the Oliver , waiting for the sun to RISE, to pick up my OLIVER!!!!!!!

My understanding is that Classic Oliver is a basic (for Oliver) from which you select from a very long list of options. The Elite is the pretty well loaded Oliver with only a few options.

Mine is an Elite with all options but the 15" tires and a custom extra(a Maxxaire vent).

The factory will and has added almost anything that is possible, ie Solar panels, cell phone boosters, Maxxaire vents, etc. to their extremely well made travel trailer and is very willing to work with the customer to make it perfect for THAT ONE customer.

I enjoyed both of my Casitas but when I saw the Olivers in Quartzsite,AZ, I was not looking for a new trailer as I had done a lot of modifications to my Liberty, but the double hull construction, double pane windows, drawers, window coverings, LED lighting, better designed holding tanks, fixtures, entertainment center,ease of hooking up etc., I was hooked.

Anymore questions, wait a week or so and I'll be glad to answer.

Chuck 8-)

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