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Staging in Quartzsite

pam roach

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Hey Guys....The Oliver Road Crew arrived safely late yesterday afternoon in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The trip was graced with beautiful weather and magnificent scenery. We met many Snowbirds on the way and are looking forward to seeing them in Quartzsite. Today is Saturday and we are going to pull 4 Olivers over to the area and begin setting things up.


Off of I-10 (East Side) Look for the Semi- Truck with a Red Oliver

We will be in "Desert Gardens"

Pam ;)

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Hi Pam !!

FYI, There is most probably, at this very moment, an informal fiberglass trailer rally off of Dome Rock Rd on the W side of Quartzsite. That is the group I rallied with when I lived in CA and where I saw my first Oliver!

Good Luck and ya'll have a GREAT TIME!!!! but if'n youda' dun da Tampa show, we'da bin able to see the new 22"er. Instead, we'll just join a coupla' udder Oliver Trailers at Ft DeSota SP in WARM n SUNNY Florida!!!!!!hahahahahahehehehe

Chuck 8-) n Geri :)

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