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Keep The Dirt Off - Mud Flaps


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Looking for a way to keep the dirt, mud and rocks from hitting the under side of your Oliver. Here is a pic of the mud flaps I made. Went to Pep Boys and found some retangular straight flaps. Cut them to fit the contour of the Oliver. Mounted the flap to a piece of aluminum, which is then mounted to the trailer frame. No wholes in the fiber glass. The flaps mount just a couple of inches past the wheel well.


And if you happen to notice, yes the wheel well is black. I taped off the well, sanded it, then used some stray on bed liner. Will have to see how well this holds up.

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Neat!!! Have a pair of aluminum flaps and have been cringing about drilling into the PhunnyPharm....now no need! :lol: I also want to use the spray on BedLiner in the wheel wells. Used it on an old pickup, and it held up fine... on metal and some bondo.

When did it get warm enough to do all that work???? Cold here in Apalachicola. :cry:


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