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Reversing Rear Side Windows

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I found some old discussions about reversing the rear side windows to open from front to back, basically flipping them the other way. I believe at least one person has had this done by the factory. I am looking for any advise about whether or not this is a good idea.


My concern is that by flipping the window, the center post gasket that the window slides across may not be able to keep out rain at highway speeds. I am sure the gasket where the window slides into the slot is a much better seal for handling water at 60 mph and may be the reason the window are mounted in the direction they are now.


Any feedback would be appreciated if you have had this done.


My reason for possible doing this is one mentioned before. On the curb side this would put the open window completly under the awning and if I decide to get the max air vends, this seems to be a better mounting direction.

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