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Hi there! I've been stalking all sorts of fiberglass trailer resources for about six months now, researching what type of trailer would best suit my needs. I've gotta say, Cherie's and Chris' blogs are perhaps the best sales pitches possible for the Olivers, and speak straight to me as a geeky Burner-type (as in Burningman, that is) with a love for the open road. I've enjoyed everyone else's posts, as well.


Will probably be a year or so before I'd be able to make a purchase of a new Oliver...have contacted the company with a general query on a quote for an improvised (ha ha) Technomadia edition with a few possible customizations. (The recent thread on electric pipe heaters is a great one, by the way, as I plan on camping as much during the winter as during the summer...as a rabbit hunter, winter's the time to get out there.)


I'm entertaining the idea of full-timing it within a couple years, but in the meantime I have a few ducks to wrangle into rows. Recently laid-off, I'm exploring location-independent career options in editing and freelance word-slinging.


Looking forward to hearing announcements from Oliver that they're firing up production once again, and I wonder how long their backlog of orders will be. I hope it's good news for them, which of course means good news for us!



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