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Lake San Antonio Rally May, 6-10, 2010


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Final was able to logon and post a notice of this Rally!


Dear Fiberglass Trailer Friends,


To introduce ourselves, Greg, Elvin and Jim are the ones “elected” last year at the San Antonio FiberglassRV Rally to host the 2010 Rally as Mike and Lori Sanders had decided not the host the next Rally.


Lake San Antonio is about 15 miles northwest of Paso Robles, CA. This is about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA off Highway 101.


We have reserved the entire Harris Creek loop for the weekend of May 6 - 10, 2010, Thursday through Sunday night. Like last year, this is Mother's Day weekend.


The Rally is posted on FiberglassRV forum and the Casita forums with maps and pictures.



The cost will be $31 per night plus a $2 reservation fee for the Lake. There will also be a charge of $2 per night for each pet. Like last year, you will need to pay us directly as we have paid for the entire loop. If you plan to arrive earlier than Thursday or stay later than Monday checkout you will need to pay for your site at the entrance booth.


We are planning activities much like last year and will let you know as soon as we fix an agenda. At the least, we'll do a free soup night, pot luck, dutch over cooking workshop and will repeat activities that you liked last year.


As of March 6, 2010 we only have two sites open. However, if someone is willing to double up on a site we will try to arrange something.


If you would like to attend please email elvin.lowe@gmail.com and we will let you know the availability of sites.


Greg Janke, Elvin Lowe and Jim Johnson

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