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Nature's Head Compost Toilet: Troubleshooting & User Guide


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Note: For the most up-to-date information please visit Nature's Head Website

For how to use your new compost toilet, please see attached user guide or visit Nature's head website to download the manual.


Fan is not working

  1. Ensure the power cord is securely fastened to the fan located on the side of the toilet.
    1. image.png.d1686de2000b8924bb90b68b9f52a21e.png
  2. If the power cord is securely seated at the fan, use a volt meter to test for 12v power. 
    1. Place the positive lead inside the power cord while touching the negative lead to the outside body
    2. image.png.800eb741116fb5372198dd67c860f082.png
  3. If you are getting power to the fan but it is not operating, you would need to replace the fan.
    1. Contact Nature's Head at 251-295-3043 or sales@natureshead.net with test results and they will ship a replacement fan directly to you. 
    2. Contact Oliver Service and we can contact Nature's Head on your behalf to get a fan shipped directly to you.
  4. If you are not getting any power at the fan, Check the fuse for the fan.
    1. Depending on your year model, the fuse will be located either in the 12v fuse panel, and should be listed,  or in-line at the main 12v breaker located under the street side access panel.
    2. image.thumb.png.237cc3bfb09f87448b04bb9d114f98a2.png
  5. If the fuse is good but you still have no power at the toilet power cord then it is most likely a wiring connection and would require service.
    1. Contact the Oliver service department for further assistance.

The below information was captured from the Nature's Head Troubleshooting page. For a full list of troubleshooting, please visit https://natureshead.net/troubleshooting/

Should the Fan run all the time?

  • If using the toilet full time, using the fan full time will enable the compost to process faster. If you are NOT going to be using the toilet for 10 days or more, unplug the fan, as the compost would tend to become too dry and hard. Do empty and clean the urine bottle before leaving. https://natureshead.net/troubleshooting/

Agitator Handle Hard to Turn

  • If the compost gets dry, the handle may not turn easily. Adding used coffee grounds results in added moisture and keeps the compost loose so that it mixes better. https://natureshead.net/troubleshooting/

Compost is Too Dry

  • If the compost is dry or hard, add some water and turn the agitator after the sphagnum peat moss has absorbed the moisture.

Compost is Too Wet

  • If too wet due to prolonged diarrhea, add a small amount of sphagnum peat moss. If wet due to excessive condensation, also add a little spagnum peat moss. Make sure excessive wetness is not due to someone urinating directly into the compost section. This can also contribute to an unpleasant odor. The compost area should have only a musty smell. If a sewage odor is present, please contact Nature�s Head for consultation.

How Often should you Empty the Solids Bin

  • The time frame for to empty the solids bin varies with number of people and the time period. Generally 2 people full time empty approx. 3 weeks, additional people will shorten that time. The toilet is designed for 1 to 4 people full time. If using just weekends with 2 people, that can extend time to 2 months or more. Just a couple of days of non use extends the period of time. Usually, the level of the compost will not increase; if it does it will be minimal.
When to Empty Liquids Bottle
  • It is best if you do not leave the liquid wastes in the tank for extended periods. While everyone is different, some urine will smell bad if allowed to sit for extended periods.

Does Compost work in cold temperatures

  • Composting works from 55 degrees and warmer. The warmer it is, the faster it compost. When the temperature drops to freezing, the compost will be dormant until heat is introduced into the area.

How to Remove Buildup in the Liquids Bottle

  • Empty the bottle. Add 1/4 cup of Lemishine Detergent Booster per gallon to the bottle and let it sit for 24 hours. Another suggestion is to rinse the bottle, add vinegar and some pea gravel. Shake well and the buildup will break loose.


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