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Motion Sensor on Giard Awning Lost its Programming

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Elite II 2021 Hull #884. When testing the motion sensor on the awning we found it did not work. The sensor had 12v power, so we thought it had failed. We purchased another motion sensor from Oliver. It did not work either, so we thought it needed to be programmed. When attempting to program the motion sensor the instructions in the manual were for another remote. After much back and forth with Oliver support we got instructions for reprogramming the motion sensor (instructions attached). After reprogramming we found that the old motion sensor also worked (so now we have a spare). We don’t leave the awning out unless we are present but now feel like we need to test the motion sensor every time we extend the awning.


Oliver cannot provide an answer to why the motion sensor lost its programming. Has anyone else had this problem?


Girard Programming for Remote & Sensor.docx

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