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  1. Hey, beeser ! We use the water stop valve to save water when showering because we mostly boondock. The valve lets you wet down and with one quick click, turn the shower head off without changing the temperature settings. Then after soaping down, one click lets you rinse quickly off with the water still set at the just right temperature.

    I'll bet that this clever bunch on these forums have found other uses for the valve though !

    Now you really have me confused. Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing, I was referring to the valve that is controlled by a T-type handle in the bathroom. Does this control fresh water or drain water?

  2. We just purchased a Bigfoot 17.5CB yesterday but having looked at the Casita, Scamp and Oliver it is with some regret that our selection wasn't the Oliver. While the Bigfoot 17.5CB is a fine trailer I think it falls short in the following areas compared to the Oliver.


    I don't know if the double wall construction of the Oliver is better than that of the Bigfoot but it seems sturdier. I also like the clean, minimalist look of the Oliver interior. The Bigfoot just looks like any other trailer interior made today. It's not cheap looking, just not unique like the Oliver.


    The narrower Oliver will definitely be easier to tow and the smaller frontal area should be better on the tow vehicle fuel consumption.


    I like the aluminum frame. Again, it's unique but I don't know if it's any better than the customary steel frame on the Bigfoot.


    The fit, finish and attention to detail on the Oliver definitely seems better to me as compared to the Bigfoot.


    The battery storage compartment on the Oliver is also a better design than the usual tongue mounted arrangement on the Bigfoot. The Oliver compartment even has the capacity for two batteries.


    Strangely enough, the rear bed on the Oliver is a little larger than the Bigfoot 17.5CB even though the Bigfoot has a much larger interior. I don't get it.


    Although the bathroom on both trailers are about the same size I would have to give the advantage again to Oliver because of the sink placement. For some unknown reason Bigfoot has theirs tucked in the corner with a sitting area in the way.


    The overall interior layout is where I have to give the advantage to Bigfoot, sleeping quarters aside. The increased width and number of windows combine to give the interior a more spacious feel. The front dinette with surrounding windows is very nice. The quality crafted woodwork is also a plus.


    The price advantage for a comparably equipped trailer has to lean toward Oliver, especially in light of the current currency exchange rate. Although, Bigfoot pricing is negotiable.


    Well, that's my take on the comparison between the Oliver and the Bigfoot 17.5CB. I'm sure we'll enjoy our purchase but some regret lingers for not going with the Oliver.

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