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  • Do you own an Oliver Travel Trailer, other travel trailer or none?
    I own an Oliver Travel Trailer
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    Legacy Elite II
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    Twin Bed Floor Plan

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Hull #242 (YACHT OLIVIA) - Kathy and I previously owned a 2011 Casita Spirit Deluxe. Our "land yacht" is getting much attention and a whole lot of looks. Folks say, "that's no ordinary RV!" I say, "you got it!" I tell them it's a mating experiment between a Casita and a Airstream; only, on steroids!!! When folks step inside they all are awestruck and immediately say they understand why we call our Oliver, "YACHT OLIVIA", our land yacht! As a freelance photographer, we take OLIVIA out on our client travels across Texas , often making vacations out of the trip. Often times, we park "Yacht Olivia" next to the venue or stage where my artists are performing -- Everyone wants to have a look inside. I tell them they can come inside with a "cold adult beverage" for the tour guide!!!

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