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  1. Great idea, blowing the post washing water off my Oliver instead of all that wiping. May be better on my back and legs. A special thanks!
  2. We had a similar issue while at the 2018 Oliver Owner's Rally. Jason's guys accessed the connection to the switch at the door and tightened the connection for us. Since they were so nice to show how to access and what to do if it happens again, we now know what to do if we incur the issue again. The access point was just inside left of the upper cabinet next to the door.
  3. We are going through this again. Getting more than aggravating as my tour season is arriving and have got to have my "YACHT OLIVIA" in top shape. Many clients like to meet there and yes, we also use it to entertain them. Now...all my fixtures appear clogged, except the outside shower.
  4. I had similar experience with particles of plastic material. The first time was within 6 months of owning our 2017 (YACHT OLIVIA)...I noticed that our toilet was flushing slowly on city and water pump service. While at the 2018 Oliver Rally, I called its attention to Jason and his crew and they brought me a new valve, which I replaced once at home a week later. Then after returning home from the Rally, our faucet in the bath was slowing down using both city and water pump service. I then called Oliver and Jason sent me a new faucet for the bath, which I replaced myself. Now about one year later, I am down to a trickle both on city and pump service. I thoroughly troubleshot the water pump (including checking the very clean water filter between the fresh water tank and pump) and all the line valves and discovered that that wasn't the problem -- my seldom used outside shower fixture flowed strongly on either service. (This was actually the first time I had checked the filter - not thinking to check during the first toilet pump filter debris.) Soooooo...my only conclusion is that there was debris in the water lines between the pump and faucet fixtures, and toilet valve. I suppose now the only solution is to replace all the fixtures (including toilet valve). Perhaps the faucets have capsules to replace, where the debris may have been trapped? I am at a loss here. I just called and left a note for Jason on his cell phone - hoping I'll receive a call as I need to use my RV in about two weeks for a very important client show/visit. My touring season is also starting with my artists and will be on the road quite a bit. I don't want to have to tell my client(s) I am using bottled water or from an outside water source to flush my toilet and wash my hands, etc. How embarrassing will that be? They all know my YACHT OLIVIA is a class-act, high quality piece of art and technology and will probably laugh and poke fun. Hoping for a quick and low cost solution or, a miracle?
  5. We are saddened to hear this news. He and his brother should be memorialized with a memorial in Hohenwald as the fathers advancement and quality of molded fiberglass RV's.
  6. We chose Oliver because of quality of build and solid construction; you won't get that anywhere in the RV industry but, Oliver. Simple. We wanted our RV to last our lifetime and considered it an investment rather than a liability. Liability and a money pit is the norm in the RV industry outside of Howenwald. Oliver is a TRUE 4 season RV. The Oliver is a small family owned business that sticks to old fashioned quality and customer service AND they listen to their customers. Some say the Oliver is over engineered. So. Many great features of the Oliver were ideas stemmed from its customers. The Oliver family is also a camping family...what more can you say?
  7. We recently had some warranty work done on our Dometic 4.5 with our 2017. It ended up being a computer board. No matter what mode we used, the fridge would light up briefly (all lights), then immediately shut off. I am glad it was under warranty as I had been told that part alone was around $400. I understand that the maintenance folks at Oliver were very helpful to my shop that fixed it.
  8. When running one Honda EU2000, we can run everything off it (all at once)...TV, laptop, microwave, everything except the AC. Then, because I don't have an Easystart, I need to crank up the other Honda EU2000, running both in tandem to run the AC. I carry two 2000's because they are light; I can run them out of the back of my truck during bad weather (with my hard bed cover down). I was going to go with the Honda 3000 but they are way too heavy for me and probably wouldn't fit into the bed of my truck with the hard cover down. During hot weather, I can usually run between 9 and 12 hours overnight with both generators running for my AC. When not real hot, but just to keep the humidity down, I can go longer on using both generators.
  9. We have slowly encountered over time, low water pressure in the toilet, hot and cold. I have checked all valves I could access and also checked for broken lines, past or present water leaks, etc. I can hear the water pump running except when the toilet valve is released. This is happening on both city and tank modes. Also, water does not run out of the trailer. Thanks.
  10. We replaced ours with a Samsung TV to make it easier to mirror to our phones and tablets. Replaced with a Samsung 27". Only two things which may be considered a problem for others: It can only be plugged into a regular outlet and there is no way to hook it up with the stereo to make it surround sound. That's okay because now we have a lot more options. I also am now able to hook up my cameras (still and video), phones, tablets, flash drives, extra HDMI, etc. I am a professional photographer and web site developer, and I needed a way to review my work as well as show to clients. The Samsun has much more capability and I prefer its software over the factory installed TV.
  11. Great idea. I'll bet you could sell some of these at the rally. I for one would be interested. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I am still looking for a way to lock the spare tire by replacing the big nut on the outside...Anyone have any ideas or found a lock?
  13. Anyone know how many RV's and persons are registered so far?
  14. We're in! In Spot E1 and handicapped as well. We are soooo looking forward to this event and meeting more Ollie owners and learning about their experiences. Also, looking forward to seeing the vendors. We haven't experienced that previously in other RV ownership rallies. Thanks to Oliver for rallying those vendors together for us. I was going to make our park reservations on line but, then called because I was confused about some spots as to whether they had full service or not. Good thing I called, as the handicapped spots were not listed on line (as available). When I told the lady on the phone about wanting a handicapped spot for Kathy, she was most helpful in making it happen for us. Only thing I feel a little uneasy about was that although we received our reservation comfirmation by email, it doesn't note a specific spot. The lady on the phone told me it wouldn't but not to be alarmed. Looking forward to seeing all you Ollie folk - and, the Ollie employees as well.
  15. They showed it to me at the factory when I went through my walkthrough. It's really nice to have.
  16. Same here. I also use McQuires and I use a good radial applicator/buffer. Makes the job much easier.
  17. We use some heavy duty rubber shocks from a hardware store - cheap...just on one wheel on one side (forward and aft of the wheel). The other side gets X-Chocks. You can purchase these at just about any RV store. You can get them cheaper if you purchase them in pairs. The X-Chock provides extra sense of mind from your Oliver traveling away in the night, downhill and also from predators that might like to haul it away without checking for the X-Chock. You can lock them as well, with a not included lock. It also appears to give it even greater stabilization. (I can see any would be thief shaking their stupid head thinking, "why the heck won't the trailer roll.") I wouldn't use the trailer's electric brakes except for their intended purpose - emergency.
  18. We purchased one from Camping with our discount from the club. It works well, came with a skillet. We use it and it works well with my induction capable stainless pots from home. I generally enjoy making my "raunch" style beans in ours. I sometimes set it up in the basket to cook. Does well there - not as likely to be turned over or bumped off a table. I can get the brand name when I go out to my Yacht storage later.
  19. We knew there was one there from the long video that Buzzy has on YouTube. Also, they told us about it when we had our walk through at the factory.
  20. Yes. We use both. Chocks on one side (used to get the trailer set up); then, X-Chocks on the opposing side to aid in stabilization as well as movement forward or backward.
  21. We have the quick connect on the front. Less than 50 miles from the factory in Tennessee, a driver not paying attention on the interstate, ran over a "gator" and flipped it into our TV. Our TV in turn flipped the gator right into the area where the connect is located. I later discovered the only damage was a little scuffing of the fiberglass (easily buffed out) and the green rubber protector was knocked off the connector but, was still attached. I simply reattached the cover as it was. The hardest part was finding a quick connect 12' long tube...finally found one at the Camping World in New Braunfels, TX.
  22. Very nice. Do you know about the upcoming Pineknot Rally at Salmon Lake Park in Texas, later this month (about 10 days)? There will be 4 Olivers there. Hope you would join us...
  23. I like. As we are LAND YACHTS!!!
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