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  1. Here ya go. Nice and quick service! Easy to replace. https://www.itc-rv.com/product-category/replacement-parts/
  2. Well it definitely doesn’t require a crowbar to gain access! But what would be ‘neato’ is having a few places that really are not that obvious to the local thugs to keep items in. With that being said, I would think that the odds of having your trailer being broke into would be pretty small. So your saying there’s not a chance of “ the type of person that would break into your trailer would be watching videos”? Well, a google search on YouTube shows that there are quite a few bored individuals watching everyday in the US. 70% from a mobile device. What’s your neighbor watching while enjoying there campfire;)
  3. Thanks for bringing this up John! There is absolutely NO reason why this should be known to anyone not in the Oliver family. Do people reveal these hidden spots when showing there trailers? I sure as hell don’t. No need to know EVERYTHING till you put down your money!
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