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  1. Being forced to go Green/Electric is not going to work very will with me, forced is the problem, let this change over time as most things do and if it works, so be it. trainman
  2. Thanks for the info, I'm still considering a Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel, but haven't pulled the string as of yet. trainman
  3. Don't forget the RAM 1500, 2019 and new models, test drive one before you make your decision you just might be surprised by its ride and drive. trainman
  4. Living in Ft. Worth and going to Fredericksburg 2-3 times per year I can tell you it can be a ZOO just in normal times. The main highway runs right through the center of town and traffic can be bumper to bumper much of the time. All I can say is you best have all you duck in a row, as I feel it's going to be interesting at best. One good thing is you are in the Texas Hill Country and there is much to do within a 50 mile radius of Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Bandera, Boerne, are just a few that are all good places to go. trainman
  5. I know we all want and do buy what we think would work for our towing needs. I personally feel the purchase of any battery powered vehicle for towing would be a mistake at best. The Rivian wouldn't be my choice under any circumstances whatever they might say about it and the results from test, etc. I think you can spend a lot of money and be totally dissatisfied with the results you would get from it and then have to purchase something else to get the job done. I realize the battery thing is being crammed down us, but I also realize there is a need for it, but not as a working person who need a actual truck, or for those towing needs. I know what looks good on paper does not always translate to actual use, being Green is one thing, but throwing Green Dollars away can be costly. I'm just saying the battery powered towing vehicles are just now starting to hit the roads, but just like the new Ford F-150 battery powered vehicles, it's going to take 2-3 years to see how well they pan out over time. I always tell new prospective campers to go to a campground and talk with campers, you won't have any problems on finding campers that won't talk to you about camping, tow vehicles, etc. trainman
  6. Our 2019 Elite II does make pops and cracking sounds when running the A/C in the roof area, it goes and comes at times. I would say it its in the trailer construction where the panels are glued and screwed together, I personally think there is no fix without disassembly of the trailer in the roof area and this is not really possible for obvious reasons. It is just something that we have learned to live with and it become unnoticeable as time goes on and yes, the MaxFan can be noisy when open under windy conditions. trainman
  7. I do not know the answer on these tapes, but it probably has something to do with indoor/outdoor use, UV rating, etc. A quick look online should answer your question, plus maybe some reviews on each. trainman
  8. My RAM 1500 5.7 4x4 has the tow package and I do put it into tow haul mode when pulling the trailer. I will say here that for some reason I tend to get better fuel mileage when not in tow haul mode pulling the trailer, I guess it could be because the transmission is working at a different ratio, I would say 2-3 hundred RPM less. I can say that I have taken off and when I forgot to go into Tow Haul Mode I have driven many miles and really didn't notice the vehicle performing any different. This probably has something to do with having the 5.7 Hemi and the 3.92 gears, which give it a good towing ratio to start with. When in Tow Haul Mode there are other things the truck does to make towing safer and obviously work easier, so I use it when I don't forget. trainman
  9. I do find that four days is pretty much max on our Black Water tank before it need dumping. I do start out with 3-4 gallons of water in the tank, I feel I want my tank pretty much fluid and no chance of clogging up, that's just me, not necessarily need to be done that way. Yes I have a Honey Pot and carry it with us when we will not have sewer dump at our campsite. I have a sewer dump at home, so dumping and flushing 2-3 times is no problem for us, I like my tank clean when not in use. trainman
  10. Does your Colorado Diesel have the DEF system as the Jeep Gladiator has, maybe this is only used on EcoDiesel engines and regular diesel powered vehicles do not have the DEF system. Do you think that the EcoDiesel will be the engine of the future, or should I say it will be mandatory to pass inspection for the EPA in the future. I would rather not have the DEF system, but if I want a Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel, which I do, then that's what you get. From what I have seen on YouTube the Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel mileage is pretty much the same as the Colorado, but a Gladiator fully equipped is in the $60,000 plus price range, which it becomes two different vehicles. trainman
  11. I thinking of a Jeep Gladiator with the EcoDiesel 3.0, 260 HP and 442 lbs. of torque, should do the job. trainman
  12. My gas water heater would not ignite ( not a Truma) shortly after we took delivery ( 2 months) of the trailer, we returned to Oliver and they found the wiring harness came disconnected at the place where the upper and lower wire harness connect. they said it was in the back storage upper area above the TV behind the right trim panel inside. I also had the tube from the LP jet to the heater plug up with a spider nest, simple fix just remove the tube and clean out. Not sure the Truma has the same type of LP injection system Bugs or spiders in the LP propane flow can cause havoc in a short time, Know where to look and what needs to be done, not an uncommon problem with units that have an open excess to the outside. trainman
  13. I'm glad to see the Oliver employees getting the day, or days off, they deserve it. Like most government holidays most of us celebrate differently then what it was given for. I will be celebrating Father Day on June 19.
  14. I would say blaming the previous owner having this problem could, or could not have been a problem prior to the sale. I will tell you owing any RV can be a problem at anytime, including an Oliver. I have had to replace the MaxFan, the Prodogy power controller, and a electronic panel for the water heater, all were handled under warranty and I chased down all the problems myself and Oliver sent me the parts. I do sympathize for those who who can not chase down problems in there RV's as there will always be many requardless of how much you pay for it. This shouldn't be this way, but it just the way RV life is, you need to be a electrician, plumber, carpenter, and rocket scientist to own one of these things. It seems like everytime we come back from camping I have to address something, RV's are fun, I keep telling myself. trainman
  15. I've been looking at the Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel and ran across this YouTube video, you might watch it. I do like the TLF videos and there road test.
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