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  1. Northern Tool in Ft. Worth stocks the correct size box that will fit the Elite II, I would think your locale NT would have them, if not buy online and ship to the nearest store, no shipping charges. trainman
  2. I don't see rounding off the end of the pin a problem, but modification to the actual hitch itself in an accident and lawyers today if they can find where modification have been done could cause you big problems in court. It's the same as towing a trailer with a vehicle not rated for the trailer being pulled, know your tow limits and what your tow vehicle will handle under the manufactures ratings. Yes, my 1500 RAM 4X4 needs a WDH, but a 2500 RAM does not for the Elite II, don't cut corners just because you don't want it. trainman
  3. I thought I would try some so I purchased a set of 5 pair on Amazon. First thing I noticed was you need a plug for the female end of the snap connector to block the ends from being open to the inside tanks, etc. I did just plug in the male end connector and screw in the factory cap into the end to seal the open line. This works well, but it does use up your male connectors. so I may look for a rubber plug that will fit snug into the female snap connector. I also thought I could get an inline hose ball value and this would work well, but it just makes all the connectors, etc. stick out that mu
  4. No sensor can protect your awning from a huge wind gust, ask the guy who parked his $300,000 motorhome next to me in Colorado. trainman
  5. We have never had a problem camping in camping grounds and that's where we camp 99% of the time, the other 1% is at Walmart when we just can't get to a camping ground. We tend to stay away from campgrounds that the pads are close together, these are mainly found in private campground, state parks and other U.S. parks are mostly spaced farther apart which we find much more desirable. We do like to spend time with other campers, but then again you find out real quickly if you have things in common, or not, if not move on. As far as letting someone use our bathroom I would not be in favor of that
  6. Everyone does what works for them, were happy with the Oliver just as it was built and dinning is not a problem. I would like to have room for a rocker recliner in the Oliver somewhere, I could just eat in my chair. trainman
  7. I will try to answer some of the question that were asked, 1. I had used the trailer 2-3 times after the replacement surge protector was replaced and I did not notice any problem, but I may not have gone in the trailer right after it was plugged in and like I said the system corrects itself after 5-10 seconds. 2, I do have a circuit tester like the one shown in the post and I have an adaptor to fit the pedestal plug, I've never used it for that test, but from now on I will. 3. The original unit would just keep resetting itself, it would reset for around 30 seconds and then shut
  8. We have the white counter tops and they are not scratched after one year of use. We do put down a pad next to the sink and stove as well as other places in the trailer just because we like protection of the counter top, but we would do it regardless of what tops we had. If we had to do it over again we would order the standard white tips, they are classy looking and we get comments on them all the time. I feel for $1800 more its not worth the expense and like I said, they are classy looking. I think you will find that all the tops are pretty much made of the same materials, but the custom tops
  9. Being a retired Body Shop Mgr. for a large DFW auto dealer I'm pretty much into keeping my stuff in top condition. After one year of ownership I intend to lightly buff the trailer with Meguiar's Fine-Cut Cleaner, this is a machine use product, but most of the time I use it with a polishing rag in small areas, but for the complete trailer I would machine buff. I then use a quality fiberglass wax, that would be your choice as some work different then others. Any products that you just wipe on and off, I wouldn't use as you are just covering over the problem and in time the degraded fiberglass
  10. We only ordered these upgrades on our Elite II, confection microwave, outside LP quick disconnects, powered door lock, and the bike rack, which we don't use and we now carry our ebikes in the pickup bed. Everything else is standard production items, and the white fiberglass counter top are beautiful and classy looking. We did not order any electronic upgrades and to date we haven't needed them, plus we don't Boondock and don't intend to. Would I have ordered it differently if I could start over, NO trainman
  11. I'm sure glad I started camping with a trailer some 45 years ago, it seems that I'm doing it pretty much the same way and using the same setup items that I did back them. trainman
  12. Well I think I will reverse mine, for my age I need up to be up and down to be down. It looks like a 3 min. job, but from my experience these days it will probably take every tool I own and half the day to do the job. Plus for the wife it needs to simple, having to go and explain the operation will just not be worth explaining it. trainman
  13. First let me say here I'm on my second unit, the first one just quit working right after we got the trailer in July 2019 and Oliver Service replace it, or should I say they sent me a new one and I replaced it. So we go camping last week November 2020 and upon plugging the power cable in the surge protector started beeping and shutdown, then after say 15 seconds or so it kicked back on and it worked ok for the rest of the four days we camped. Then when came home I plugged the trailer in again and it did the same thing again, but after 15 seconds or so it kicked back on and has been plugged it w
  14. My switches on the switch up front (propane cover) are upside down, you push the top side of the switch to go down and the bottom of the switch to go up. This makes no sense to me unless I turn my head upside down when using them, I would think I need to reverse the switches so up is up and down is down, are your that way, or not. trainman
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