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  1. I wasn't a real fan of the Anderson, for what reasons I don't know, but after having one, it's great. Very easy to use and most of the work is done by the trailer tongue jack, I normally do not have to adjust the chains each time I hookup and unhook. If you don't want to deal with a WDH get a 3/4 ton pickup and you won't need one. trainman
  2. I'm a Jeep Wrangler guy and don't look to change. I don't see Jeep Wrangler buyers switching to the new Bronco, but I do feel there will be a market for the time being. It could be like the Toyota FJ Cruiser, didn't sell too well when new, but the used market is very high priced and very popular. trainman
  3. I making a list of those on this forum that carry replacement parts, I just need to know who you are and where you will be camping. 😀 trainman
  4. I wasn't wanting to start a new topic on this, but I can't find any info on this, I guess I'm loosing it these days. Is the Oliver Rally in Sept. still on or not, or are they waiting for a decision on how the virus is doing at that time. I almost feel it won't happen as things are still not looking very good. trainman
  5. To watch TV when your on the _ _ _. trainman
  6. Trainman


    Well those pics told me one thing, I'm not going Boondock'en. trainman
  7. I don't think anything is loose, but until the cover comes off the A/C unit and I inspect it, who knows. The outside temp was around 95 degrees, but even night time with lower temps did not make a difference on the popping sounds, or if the A/C was on, or off. Now these sounds are random, so there is no set pattern when the will happen. Movement in the trailer is not a factor either, as this happen when we are in bed and not moving around in the trailer. I still think it was that the rear jacks were not under enough pressure and their adjustment may have been more on one side vs. the other. If it wasn't so hot outside I would go out an take a nap in the trailer as see if it will happen, yes I do have power to the trailer at home, but just haven't wanted to fool with it at this time, I have to work on my garden railroad as it is more fun then messing with the trailer. I still think it is stress related in the fiberglass, after owing several Corvettes and being with Chevrolet for 35 plus years, I have had owner of Vettes say they get a popping sound from time to time. Plus I have owned many boats of all types of fiberglass and they may have popped to, but just couldn't hear them when under power on the water. I will let you know if something comes up, but I don't expect to be doing too much camping during this Texas heat and everything else that is going on. Maybe we can set around at the Oliver Rally (if it happens) and have a beer and wine "popping party". trainman
  8. I always carry the trailer keys, electric door lock, or not. trainman
  9. After not having one on our other trailers and them having one on the Oliver, I'd go for it. trainman
  10. Well not that this doesn't happen,, probably normal, let's face it, it's fiberglass and glued together. We were camping last weekend and for some reason the trailer up by the A/C area in the roof popped all night long. Just a sharp pop, crackle, whatever, this has happened before and I just figured settling of the fiberglass construction, but there was more popping then usual. I thought that maybe I didn't put enough tension on the rear jacks as I did notice that the trailer was not as stable as other times, but too laze to go out and give the jacks a little bump down. Just wondered if you have ever experienced this before, I don't see where you could do much about it, but adjusting the stress on the trailer with the jacks is probably the only thing you could do. trainman
  11. Well to date my biggest dislike is where the fresh water tank drain valve is located. It's just in a very not convenient place to get to, I have to raise the mattress, take off the door, and reach down on my hands and knees to open it, close the same procedure. If that round excess door they put there was for that use, then you would have to bend your arm backwards to use it. I guess I could install a small excess door like the one in the bathroom located about the valve. My other trailer had this valve located outside, but being an all weather trailer this wouldn't work out too well for the Oliver. Anyone came up with other ideas that work better for them. trainman
  12. Many of us campers have many ideas on what we want our trailer to be, be it doing modification to suit our needs, or just modification to have something to do because that's what we do. I have found over the years that I like modifications that make life easier and more convenient use of what I have. If I have to move something every time I want to use it, it's more of a hassle then a convince. I have found the Oliver by design is pretty complete and a well thought out trailer, but there are those little things that make it even better, or easy of use as I call it. trainman
  13. We purchased our 2019 Elite II with four options, convection microwave, extra LP outlets, powered door lock, and a bike rack which we don't use. All being said, our trailer is just perfect for us and all those extra features are just not needed. I will say we don't Boondock so for those of you that do some additional options may be needed. Our 2019 Elite II was less then $55000 dollars, not that we were going for price, but we were going for what we needed for fun camping for us. I will say that when we talk with other Oliver owners, most don't use those extra options, but felt they needed to purchase them just because it was an Oliver and didn't wanted to be left out because it was a Oliver. Folks let me tell you, we are still the hit of the camping ground when we pull in and no one has ever said, you got the cheap model. In fact most that look at our trailer are totally surprised at all the features and niceness of the trailer. I look at a $68000 Oliver as $13000 more then I paid and would never get the value out of the trailer for our camping style. trainman
  14. I didn't know that, when we ordered our trailer they told me the that the graphics where made for them by a graphics shop, I didn't realize they meant their shop. Just assuming that the cost of material, graphic cutters, etc. would be less expensive for them to have it made offsite. trainman
  15. Oliver's decals are made by a sign company, so I would think that any color materials that are available to that sign company you could get. I do know that metallic colors are an extra charge. I guess someone said that the graphics style has changed for Oliver, I have not seen a pic of that as of yet. Oliver would probably let you talk to there sign company for colors that they don't offer and remember your colors may not be the colors you want. I know how I am on stripes and graphics, so I want mine to have that special look that I like, get your special look you want. trainman
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