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  1. I understand you not knowing about or seeing Oliver travel trailers, as they are on the low production side of the fiberglass travel trailers. I live in Texas and I can say the same about the Scamp, just not too many of those here either, but Casita's everywhere. Nice to see you have found the Oliver, now you will be the envy at the camping ground, I can tell you that many campers know about the Oliver's, be prepared to show and answer question on your Oliver. Welcome to the group. trainman
  2. Probably not a bad idea, I hope MaxxAir will just send you a new fan, as most things like that are just replaced and not repaired. Buy your fan from someone who offers and extended service policy, looks like you will probably need it. Walmart has a no questions asked return policy, I bet they have no problems getting their money back from MaxxAir. trainman
  3. I talked with Jason (Oliver service mgr.) yesterday and he has spoken to Maxxfan on our fan that will not operate properly. They suggested that I check in 12v voltage to he fan and make sure it is receiving between 13.7 and 10.9 volts and that there is no voltage drop when the fan goes into lockup mode and can not be controlled again till I remove the 7.5 fuse and reinsert it. I preformed the test on the fan three times and all with the same results, 13.5 voltage and no voltage drop when the fan goes into lockup mode. Do note here that the fan will lockup as soon as it turn on with the remote and and only removing the fuse will clear the fan to start again and then it will only run to a few seconds and then lockup. MaxxAir has told Jason to send another fan board and remote a see if this will fix the problem, it will be the second set as the first set did not take care of the problem, fan still locks up as it did before. There is not much other to replace in the fan other then the motor and MaxxAir said this would probably not be the problem, so we will see if these new parts take care of the problem. I asked for a new fan kit, but Jason said that they couldn't do that, or MaxxAir would have to make the decision on that. I will say here that I'm pretty mechanical minded and this is about as simple as things can go as far as replacing parts, it's plug and play. Will see what happens when the new parts are replaced. trainman
  4. We pickup our Elite II in the first week of July and our Max Fan has not worked properly since our first camping trip three week later. We took at trip back to Oliver and they checked out the fan and said it was ok now, I did not check out the fan mainly because the weather was cold and rainy, but 350 miles down the road it started acting up again. I talked with Jason and he sent me the module and new remote, I install it, but it did not fix the problem, still has a mind of its own and goes into lockup mode and the only way to get it out of lockup is to remove the fuse and then reinstall it. It will now works for a minute of two and goes into lockup mode again. One Wednesday of last week I talked with Jason on this matter after installing the new parts and he said he would check with Max Air and see what to do next, so far I have not heard for him. I'm going to suggest to him to just send a new fan kit in the box and I will install it myself, as this unit has a problem that can't be repaired with replacement parts. I'm pretty unhappy with this fan, I will say that we had the same fan in our Casita and it did work perfect for the two years we owned the Casita, so I expect this fan to do the same. If I don't hear from Jason by after Thanksgiving I will give him a call and see what he is going to do on this matter that is now 5 months old and still no properly working fan unit. trainman
  5. I found two pics of the twin bed option with risers here, https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/2004-twin-bed-riser/ I feel like Oliver probably still has the molds, but would they make them for you and at what cost. trainman
  6. I can understand camping with a trailer like the UEV-490 and taking on the outback, but what I don't understand is doing it with a Touareg and making it an offroad vehicle. OK, I looked up the Touareg and from what I could find it can be a capable offroad vehicle if properly equipped, so looks like you are setting it up right. Have fun on your new adventure. trainman
  7. I've been there the last three years, you don't have to worry about getting a camping spot, there must be 200-300 there. Nice place, a lot of old equipment, buildings, etc., to look at, setup like and old town with many out buildings. We had 4 Oliver's there this year, that's a record turnout for them. I was mainly started as a Casita Rally, but is growing with other makes of fiberglass trailers. Other makes of trailers are also welcome, there were even a Airstream, or two. trainman
  8. I'm going to watch, just don't know who Chris and Cherie are as it was before my time on this forum. trainman
  9. Hopefully we won't need it that much, our camping style is more on the full hookup type of camping, we just purchased it for those campgrounds that have no sewer hookups and we will be staying there 4 plus days or so. I've only had to break camp twice in the last 3 years for dumping needs, so our use will be very little. trainman
  10. So just went to the Discovery Channel to check it out, all I really saw was clips of those who travel in the $200,000 RV range and not much if any in the what I would call the down to earth RVers like we would normally see in RV campgrounds. From what I saw watching YouTube videos would probably be more entertaining for me, but we will give the channel a chance and see what takes place. trainman
  11. I went with the 21 gal. Rhino. Will probably dump our black water tank when it gets to 75-80 % full. One problem I have is I will add around 4 gals. of water to the black tank when I empty it, plus the orange pill, I've always done this as I think a solution in the black tank is needed for proper waste flow and waste management in the tank to start with. This now puts my 18.5 gal. black tank at 14.5 gals. reserve with the 4 gals. I have added to start with. I now can only get around 4 days use of the black tank before I have to dump it. All being said, it's just part of camping, this poses no problem for us. trainman
  12. I wish I was a Quartzsite person, but I'm addicted to electricity, water, and sewer hookups. I did spend a night at a 24-hour Walmart once which has all those things inside. wasn't all that bad. For all those going, have fun and take pics for the rest of us to see, I enjoy looking at them. trainman
  13. I consider myself pretty handy and can do most repairs if needed, or repair to the point where it will last till I get the correct parts to repair it back to proper working condition. I carry very few extra parts with me, but do carry things like fuses, hose champs, duct tape, nylon ties, things to make temporary repairs, not replacement parts. If I have to drive into a Walmart, or a hardware store for parts, etc. then it's just the way I would do things. I personally would rather carry the tools needed for repairs, as having the correct tool for the job is 95% of getting it done correctly. trainman
  14. That's what I was thinking, 21 gal. Rhino. I took the trailer to the dump station when the gauge read 80%, I felt I was pushing it at that level. You never know when you might have a run on the black tank, right. trainman
  15. Well like they say, don't buy it till you have missed it twice, we have missed it three times now, so we need to purchase one. From what I see on Amazon I like the Camco Rhino ones, mainly because they look like they can do the job and the wheels are larger, they should pull better to the dump station behind the truck. Just let me know what works for you and why, I'm not totally sold on any particular one at this time. trainman
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