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  1. I had a water heater problem when trying to start on LP Gas and couldn't find the source of it, Oliver sent me replacement modules, but still did not fix the problem. Decided to camp and work our way to Holenwald for a trip, guess what they found, there is a wiring block where the bottom wiring harness and the upper wiring harness meet and yes, one of the wires for the water heater can loose. This took them 5 mins. to fix, they said the terminals are in the upper rear compartment behind the trim on the side. I probably could have checked this if I had known about the junction panel. I've seen no one mention this panel on this forum, do you know about it. This could be a place to look for your lighting problem, but not sure if they run thru this panel. John you may have a pic of it, post it if you do. Thanks, trainman
  2. The only thing I dislike about covers, is they are like wrestling with an elephant. Things you need are tall ladders and a wife that feel comfortable on one. My wife is considering the $15,000 wood cover option, so far we don't have a cover as of yet, but she is winning so far. trainman
  3. I looked at all three offered by the big three manufactures and went with the Ram 1500. It did get down to if I wanted to use the Anderson WDH or not, that is going with a 2500 over the 1500 model. It got down to a coin flip as both would be Hemi powered, but the 2500 has the larger Hemi. We went with the 1500 as towing the Oliver would handle the trailer just fine and within factory specs, but the Anderson would be needed. We opted for the 1500 as wife liked the lower height and the ride was more to her liking. All being said, if I had to do it over again I would probably go again with the 1500 over the 2500 as the 1500 tows the Oliver just fine and there is no shortage of power and handling with the 1500. Truck description below. trainman
  4. This video pretty much says it all, I purchased mine from this seller, https://www.landmsupply.com/clam-quick-set-escape-1660-six-pack-screen-tent-green-9281 excellent service, I did purchase the side curtains, two sets of three each. I would buy some of the metal stakes from a sporting goods store, the plastic stakes are pretty much useless in hard and rocky grounds. trainman
  5. Nice trailer, probably would have been something I might have been interested in 30-40 years ago. My camping style today is comfort on paved campsites with full hookups, what can I say, the Oliver spoiled me. trainman
  6. I have no anti theft devices on our trailer other then a good insurance policy. My personal opinion on travel trailer theft for where I live and camp would be very low, if any. I should say here that I do own a Bull Dog hitch lock that I used on my utility trailer, but sold the trailer and now it sets in my shop on the shelf. I know many are obsessed with theft on what they own, but that's why I carry insurance and like I tell everyone if it gets stolen we can get another one. Everyone should do what works for them, that's what I do. trainman
  7. We have the six sided Clam and for us it works better that one attached to the trailer, or some would call it a second room, or added living area. The size is plenty big enough for eight and a table, goes up and down quickly, and the price is right. We did used it more when we had the Casita, but with the Oliver we have only used it once in the last year. The main reason for the Clam was to protect us from the mosquitoes, etc., but so far they have not been where we have been camping, I guess we just lucked out on that. I got tired of taking it with us and we started calling ahead of where we would be camping and asking if the mosquitoes were bad, or not, thus leaving the Clam home if not needed. Also it great for setting around with our Little Red Campfire going and keeping us warn, get the model with the wind covers included, or purchase the wind covers for the base model, either works well. trainman
  8. As I said in another post I'm not a big fan of all those electronics in our trailer, but at home we have it all. Camping we find ourselves not wanting to be connected that much, just our choice, we like the get away feeling. If the tow vehicle has satellite radio and we have our iPhone s we feel we can get the info we need most of the time. We use the laptop when service is available and that also works for us, we have not found we couldn't find out what is going on in the world, so for now, I will stay with what works for us. I sometimes wonder how 40 plus years ago we loaded up the trailer and went camping for two weeks and all we had was the truck radio and probably didn't listen to it too much. All I can really remember about those days was how much fun we had and all the place we visited, it still puts a smile on my face when I think about it. trainman
  9. I pretty much agree with rallies being postponed for the time being, I think as far as going camping we will still be doing that as we have control over many things at campsites, cooking, distances between sites, and probably the smaller amount of people camping. One thing rallies do have is large groups of people in small spaces and this is what most of us seem to want to stay from which camping on our own we can somewhat control this. I don't like this anymore then most do, but probably for us older people it probably the better choice for the time being. trainman
  10. Sorry, I removed this post as I see it has already been addressed on the forum. trainman
  11. My personal feeling is anything under a 3/4 ton pickup needs a WDH for towing the Oliver. There are many vehicles that people are using for tow vehicles and not using a WDH, will they work, yes on paper they say they will work, but good towing sense says, get the WDH and add a good safety margin above and beyond the factory specs that are for your vehicle. trainman
  12. Horse Stall Mats from Tractor Supply, I use these for everything, pickup bed mats, rear mats on my UTV, mat on one of my steel work bench for materials you don't want damaged, a mat to stand on for working comfort in the shop, etc. These are tough mats and I cut them with a box knife, it will take several cuts to complete the cut. They do come in two sizes and thickness, one is around $20 and the other is around $40, buy on sale if you can and they are heavy, so get help when moving. I have several cutoff pieces I use on different projects. trainman
  13. Probably listed under the manufacture of the jack and it's model number, trailer manufactures change components all the time. I also see no one has given a good reason for needing these. trainman
  14. We have the Little Red Campfire (similar to the Outland) and the regulator on the LP hose that came with it was also was the regulator for the LP fuel supply. I just purchased a 25ft. extension LP hose to use for the grill and campfire with quick disconnects and not use the LP hoses that came with the grille and campfire. I found that having two regulators in line (one being the trailer regulator) for the grill and the LRC caused a reduction in LP fuel flow. I eliminated both factory hoses with regulators and purchased a Needle Valve and put it in line for the LRC to adjust the flame and the grill adjust at the burner valves as normal. Now I'm using just the trailer LP regulator, my 25ft. extension LP hose with quick disconnects and both have there own control valves. You will need a couple of special fitting to hookup all of this as you have to get from a flair fitting on the LRC and the grill to a 1/4" MPT fitting, all purchased from Amazon. Home Depot and Lowes will not have the correct fittings from what I found and I'm pretty pipe fitting savvy. I also use another control ball valve (like on the trailer from the factory) at the end of my 25ft. extension hose, this way I can shutoff my LP supply at the appliance if I want to, this is not needed, but I like to have the option to do it. This may sound like it was a lot of work, well it wasn't and done with very few fittings and dollars. trainman
  15. Mom and Pop works for us to, but I do most of the cooking outdoors and very little cooking is done indoors, only soups, stews, and sandwiches. We have a small portable LP grill that plugs into one of the trailers LP outlets. We just purchased the Blackstone small grill and will be giving it a try, I think it will even work a little better for all around cooking, we will see. On longer trips we may even take both grills with us, we have the room.
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