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  1. That's one of my favorite colors in the Jeep Wrangler, but my RAM being that color would be too much Gray. trainman
  2. Yes, I used the search button, but could never get to what I wanted. Just wondering what is the choice of black tank treatment chemicals used by most of you out there. I have been using the Camco in the orange packets and so far it does work very well, but I'm tired of the packets breaking all the time and having to mix them up before putting in the tank, I know you don't have to do that, but I want it dissolved when it goes in. I want to probably go to a liquid type. Just dump it in and be done with it. Just a good general idea from you out there what works for you, I don't want any home re
  3. Our camping friends have just purchased there 2021 Elite II and are towing it with a 2019 Tacoma pickup. It has all the towing features offered by Toyota and they say it is ok and by ok they have to tow the Oliver around 60 MPH, it pulls hard at 65 MPH and doesn't tow well, per there info to me. They think it would be hard to tow in hilly condition and the mountains would be pretty much out, which they haven't done yet. Maybe the Ranger, or the Colorado would do better with a higher HP and torque engine, but for myself the smaller pickup would be out for me all the way around. I personally fe
  4. Does anyone know if you can get the twin bed risers that were sold some years ago as an option. Just wondering if parts might sell them, they were a great storage option, but you would need a ladder to get into bed. trainman
  5. These are the ones that I purchased, hoses, quick couplers, and both male and female fittings. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rv+lp+quick+connect+fittings&crid=3QB4TMUH1SNXC&sprefix=rv+lp+quick%2Caps%2C187&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_4_11 trainman
  6. I agree with this method of using the hitch, it works well for me, but just this last year I've given it some thought and I did feel that it was putting a lot of pressure on the hitch and ball and have now taken the steps to loosen and tighten the adjusting bolts on each side when hitching and unhitching the trailer. I find this very easily done and I will keep doing it this way most likely in the future. Trailer tongue weight and tow vehicle squat are different between vehicles, so what might work well for one may not work so well for the other. trainman
  7. We use a small folding table, but in most cases if we can park the trailer close to the picnic table at the park we use it for the grill. Thus we run the LP extension hose from the trailer to the grill, I like the sturdiness of the park table over the folding table. We carry two 25ft. LP extension hoses on board with us. trainman
  8. I thought our trailer came with 2 male quick connect ends, but I could be wrong. I ordered several on Amazon when I ordered the extra 25ft. hoses for the grill and firepit. I would say that Home Depot and any hardware chain should have them, if you can take one with you to match it up, as there are different styles and lengths that won't interchange with each other. trainman
  9. My wife just got her a chair that rocks, it is a camping chair that folds and stores well, I'm sticking with my camping chair that has the food and drink storage on it, it becomes a choice of rather to rock, or eat, so you can see which one I went with. trainman
  10. One thing I can tell you is, you will probably never be able to use the links again as it is critical that the threads lineup to screw together. The added chain to make it longer is somewhat critical, that is I want my chain to be the correct length so I have no extra links hanging down. I will say here when I purchased my extra chain I did get enough to have it a little longer, say 2-3 lengths rather then be too short, then cutoff the extra. I can say that I'm very happy with the Anderson and it's operation. trainman
  11. I have pulled my Elite II with our 4wd Ram 1500 with no problems when we first got it, but the weight factor is where you could have a problem. Most half ton pickups pretty much max out at 500 lbs. tongue weight, so for insurance and safety reasons you need the Anderson hitch to put you in the safe range. Yes, you could have an accident and if it went to court you could loose the case and your insurance could deny paying the claim because you over loaded your tow vehicle beyond the manufactures ratings. It takes a 3/4 ton pickup for an Oliver Elite II to be within the safety range for towing
  12. I ordered the trailer with the receiver option, personal it was a lot of money for something we don't use. We carry our E-Bikes in the bed of the truck, so the receiver sets in my shop over in the corner. I may someday change out the 1 1/4" receiver for a 2" receiver, actual pretty easily done. I might someday want an aluminum carrier basket, but for now we just don't need the extra carrying space. trainman
  13. All those anti-theft devises work well for the honest thieves, but the actual thieves just backup to your trailer and throw a chain around the tongue of the trailer and the truck rear bumper and go. This is why we put insurance on our trailers, if it's stolen I don't want it back. trainman
  14. Due read up on the self-lubricating axles, we were looking at the Airstream's which had them as standard equipment. There were pros and cons on these axles, don't know if this is a good selling point or not. It's worth looking into. For myself I prefer the old fashion way and that's looking at the wheel bearing every 12,000 of use. trainman
  15. I took four brackets that I purchased at a hobby shop that sells model airplane stuff, although any strip brass or metal should work. I bent the ends at a 90 degree angle, one to the right and one to the left and drilled holes there the put the screws through. On the inner part of the bracket I just removed the factor screws and mounted the brackets, on the other end I used JB Weld and glued nuts to the brackets, then I had some 4-40 screws that were looped on the ends and I just hand tighten them through the screen to tighten up the screen grill. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I
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