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  1. I think the NEST was a European style trailer, but for the U S it was a "no go" for American campers. I won't go into all the reasons I think it didn't sell well as the above posters covered it very well. trainman
  2. I see Oliver is now offering Extended Warranties on their travel trailers for trailers that are within a 5 year period from there sale date. First let me say I have never purchased an extender warranty on any thing that I have purchased and have never found a repair within the time period offered by the product warranty to cost more then the extender warranty cost. I'm not going to go into all the pros and cons about extended warranties as each one of us have different thoughts on this and I'm sure they will come out in time on this forum. For many like myself I'm pretty good about diagnosing
  3. I think many times about a cover for out trailer, the cedar built type is about the only type that would work where we live, yes that cost is high, but that's the only way to go for our property to look in place with the home and the rest of the area. I do get out the portable scaffolding, set it up once a year, I light buff and wax, yes it's a pain in the you know what, but being a little over picky about stuff (A.D.D.) that's what I do. Covers are out for me, they rub on the surfaces, collect moisture under them, are a pain to get on an off, plus opening the trailer for access to get in an
  4. True Dean, we were looking at the Airstream, but being a retired body shop mgr. for a large DFW auto dealer for 35 years and thinking about getting it hailed on, I couldn't sleep at night owing one. Plus we live in Texas and yes it does hail maybe more then other places. trainman
  5. I never felt the want for an Class A, B, or C motor home, freedom of use with a TT just works better for us. Motor Homes I feel tend to cost more to own and operate, I'm sure this is debatable for many, but that's just how I see it. The freedom of having my tow vehicle to travel from the camping site to where ever we wish to go I feel is a big plus, yes you can tow a vehicle behind your motor home, but the additional cost of fuel, etc. I also look at resale on everything I own and a motor home is probably one of the worst investments you can make in life, I seen many friends just throw away mo
  6. I guess were through with this topic. 🤐 trainman
  7. I'm betting you change tow vehicles within a year if not sooner, a 1/2 ton pickup extended cab will change towing so much you will never look back, I have to look back just to see if the trailer is still there. trainman
  8. Looks like most get around the same fuel mileage regardless of what engine you have in your 1/2 ton full size pickup, or for me 12-13 about it. Now for you diesel owners looks like you get a little more mpg, but the extra cost of diesel fuel and the truck itself never worked out for me. My 2019 Ram gets right at 24-25 mpg at 70 mph without the trailer, so what can I say. Yes Susan, I know you pull other trailers and that's why you have a 1 ton diesel pickup, I would to if that was my situation. All being said, I buy what I like and will do the job, fuel prices don't let me stop buying what I w
  9. Probably most of us have had other RV's and were happy with them for what they were at the time, this is true with just about everything in life, our autos, our homes, ever our first wives, ok, maybe the last one is to the extreme. I meet people everyday that are thinking about an RV and of course they will tell you about what they have in mind, usually it's something that falls in there price range and what would work for them and there family. If they ask me what we have I will tell them and in most cases they have never heard of an Oliver and it stops there. Let others do what they want, or
  10. Looks like something I would buy as a play toy, but not to pull the Oliver. Your either going camping, or to a Hot Rod Show, there is a difference you know. trainman
  11. We are keeping our reservations for now, hopefully we can have a signup sheet just to get some idea who is coming. Someone talked about a POLL, this might work here. trainman
  12. I just don't see this working out very well, unless you get the full bed model and like to sleep real close. As nice as the Oliver is, it's a two person trailer for 99.0% of us, excluding dogs and cats. trainman
  13. Susan, I'm a neat freak and very picky on how I do things. On our Casita I ordered many things in advance and all worked out pretty good, but on our Oliver I made list of things that I wanted to do and add to our trailer and my wife did the same with her interior list. When we got home with our Oliver I had already planed to spend two weeks on the trailer as far as upgrades, etc., so I did wait and placed some orders on Amazon, etc. Glad we waited, because after spending five nights camping on the way home we changed our ideas on something as we all do. trainman
  14. Here are some pics of an inexpensive Oliver Elite II, everything is standard, except for the bike hitch, confection oven, LP outside outlets, and power door key lock. That is the stock factory white interior, stand flooring, and seat covers. The dinning table is black grained and goes with this combination very well. Everyone who looks at it says it beautiful, that's even other Oliver owners. Just something for new prospective buyer to think about, of course you won't be keeping up with the Jones, we have to park our trailer somethings way at the back of the camping sites use to be able to ca
  15. Enough wine and Shinner Beer, I can't remember which way I fall asleep. As far as watching TV that's pretty much a joke as far as getting reception to watch it, so that really doesn't inter into direction of sleep. But going to the bathroom in the middle of the night does, so which ever way you get out of bed the easiest is the way I would sleep. trainman
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