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  1. It will pull off with the aid of a heat gun, or hair dryer. Do use a heat gun will caution, very low heat as the hot range is too hot to use for this, I would say the hair dryer on hot would be the better choice for those who are new to the process. The process is going to be slow and you have to heat a small area and pull it slowly, a little practice will be needed to get the hang of it. Might look for a YouTube video on this, it's not going to be fast and slow and easy is what works. As far as installing a new one this is another process, I would also mark the corners of the old decal so you have some refences as to where the new one will go for correct alignment. If your not familiar with installing decals of this size you best get some help for someone who know what they are doing, trust me. trainman
  2. This is probably true for the Stick Built Trailers, or Metal Sticks, but for the fiberglass trailers like, Oliver, Casita, Big Foot, Escape, etc., I wouldn't be too worried about the value going down, just how much are they going to go up. The fiberglass community of campers is a total different group compared to other groups. trainman
  3. Wonder why when heavy duty equipment is added to trucks they double plate the frames, pretty standard in the industry. trainman
  4. I purchased a Garmin Smart Drive 65 with traffic four years ago, it has a 7" screen and works today just like it did when purchased new, $200 price. I will say that we don't use it that much as we just use the AppleCarPlay and iPhone, it does just about everything we need when traveling. Many new vehicles come with GPS today, but my biggest complaint is I have to pay around $150 for upgrades and a Garmin unit has lifetime free updates and my iPhone is always updated free, well free is in the monthly bill. It's just another TOY to play with, mine is used on my motorcycle, because I get lost a lot. trainman
  5. Oliver had to replace mine because it would not cycle correctly, keep kicking on and off, replacement worked perfect. Not sure what the problem was, I just wanted it to work correctly and be done with it. trainman
  6. I hope those who buy a 3500 Dully have another trailer they tow in the 20,000 lb. range, or you are just throwing away money. trainman
  7. Towing a travel trailer is 99% commonsense, I would say all the questions you asked you are not feeling totally comfortable with towing yet. I wouldn't say you are like many when you first start out towing, but in time this will come first hand. One thing I question is this is your first trip and it is a long one, most would recommend you start out with short trips (shakedown trips) and learn as you go, getting comfortable with tow and camping. I would also like to say here the correct tow vehicle can make your towing experiences good, or bad, buy that I mean, proper vehicle matched to the trailer is needed for safety and a good towing experience. I will say here expect to have situations come up that will cause you some problems, not serious problems, but those that come up when towing and camping in general and I would say don't expect your new trailer to give you some problems that you may not know how to correct then, this only comes from experiences and how to handle it at the time. I would suggest that you stay at Holenwald for a couple of days and get familiar with the trailer and operations, plus it wouldn't even hurt to hookup the trailer to the tow vehicle and take a 50 mile tow and help get the feel of it and return to Holenwald and re-set up again. This way Oliver Service Dept. can answer you concerns and handle anything that might come up. Camping takes more thought then many may think, it changes day by day and you have to learn to adjust. trainman
  8. I live in Ft. Worth, Texas and the Ford dealers lots are filling up with full-size trucks for sale and they are not selling, I know I've been looking at them. I can also say, Ford has pretty much screwed themselves when it comes to there customers, many have over paid well over List Price and there values are not there today, these customers will be lucky to be able to trade in five years, if lucky. Both Ford and GM are shutting down some plants as dealer lots are stocking up, I would personally not buy at this time as I see dealers will get desperate and prices will come down and manufactures will bring back the incentives. Texas sells more pickups then any place else and when dealers have units for sale that should tell you something. trainman
  9. Maybe this is camping sites of the future, put your trailer inline front to rear and we will bring you your deck by forklift. trainman
  10. I would say it's pretty hard not to buy any one of the Big Three trucks, RAM, Chevy/GMC, and the Ford. I myself would go with the V8's over the V6's, not that the V6's will not do a good job towing, because they do, but just like the more simple design of the V8's and cost of repairs when the engines get older and higher mileage, plus nothing sounds like a V8. Owing a RAM with the 5.7 Hemi engine for me has truly been been a great power combination for me, but if I were the change brands it would be the Ford with the 5.0, or the Chevy/GMC with there V8's. I have given the Tundra some thought as I like the Japanese vehicles, but never purchased the Tundra because of its outdated vehicle design, now that it's been upgraded and only offer a V6, I'm still out on the Tundra. Good Lucky with your Ford, good choice with the V8, due note here I say a video on YouTube that interviewed Ford Techs at a dealership and there choice was the V8 over the V6, eight out of ten times. Reason was the V6 cost of repairs and turbos are just more expensive to work on and the 5.0 V8 has less problems in the life of the engine. trainman
  11. Wow, wood decks, not concrete, or dirt. trainman
  12. This is the one thing that I found was in a very inconvenient place, the fresh water drain valve (Elite II). I think this electric valve install should be stand on the Oliver trailers, just a pain the "a" to get to, lifting the bed and all the covers just to operate the value. trainman
  13. Being a Boy Scout the only thing I can remember was when we went to Scout Camp is that the Girl Scouts camp was across the lake from us and we spent our extra time on how to get to the other side of the lake to spy on them. I can't even remember what songs they were singing, but I do remember them swimming at the beach. trainman
  14. The Jeep off roaders still use them out in the middle of know where where cell phones won't work. https://www.off-road.com/blog/best-cb-radio-options-for-jeep-owners/ trainman
  15. I hadn't had Spam in 30 years, but on our last campout we fried some up on the grill and all the guys liked it, women not so much. trainman I really don't get much spam on this forum, or others, I guess I just have good blockers on my computer.
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