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  1. We will winterize soon. Seems simple enough with the great video of the process. And, we will keep 212Tolly plugged in all winter and see how we do with the batteries. We are new to Oliver as of April this year so our first winter. Thanks for all the good thoughts!!
  2. We are used to Airstreams that have a Stow Mode switch. And, we would remove batteries and place on trickle charger during winter. Is their a main electrical cut off switch on Oliver? How do you handle batteries in the winter or do you just leave plugged in all the time?? I'm not mechanical and appreciate any advice!!!
  3. We had the same thing happen during a rainy trip to Taos, NM. Thought we had ghosts. Rain was in the plug. Bought a plug cover and now tuck cord inside a jack cover while we are out and about.
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