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  1. WandR, Thanks! Excellent write up and very helpful. We have Hull 178, acquired in Oct. 2016. We have the Trogan AGM batteries and when they get replaced I will do as you did. So far our solar system has kept them in fine shape.
  2. Zef, Here is a picture of the 707 Prototype in the Udvary Hazy pavillion of the Smithsonsian at Dulles airport. I was the Flight Engineer on the airplane when we flew it from Boeing Field in Seattle to the museum in August of 2003. This is the airplane that Tex Johnston did the barrel roll with at Seattle Seafair in 1954.
  3. Ray, If you try the original outlet that gave you a problem and it still does, I recommend checking it for reverse polarity. If it is reversed, it is a simple no cost fix and gets rid of a potential safety problem.
  4. If you have a microwave and it is not powered from shore power with the inverter off you probably have a shore power quality problem and the protective devices won't let it power up the trailer. I suggest checking your fault codes on the monitor. I had essentially the same problem with a circuit coming from my house. The receptacle had been wired wrong and had reverse polarity. I swapped the wires around on the receptacle and it then worked fine. You can also try the over ride function for a test of that, if it powers up in over ride the reverse polarity is a likely cause. If so, you sho
  5. I think the hull numbers are a running sequential listing from the beginning of production. Ours is hull number 178. We took delivery in Oct. 2016 and it is considered a 2017 model.
  6. Hello and welcome to our online community! Without technical information about your trailer it can be a tough go. Good news, on the web site home page go to the header on the left, labeled “Travel Trailers”. Click on it and at the bottom of the pop up list is Oliver University. If you look there you will find a downloadable pdf of the owners manual. Under the Components label you will find the same type files for your systems and componets. I have all of the files for our trailer loaded onto my iPad. I also have technical information that Jason Essary has put out in bulletin format.
  7. That was some great troubleshooting! Thanks for the write up and pictures. I agree with Overland, there is a history of wiring issues that a number of us have had. I hope the factory folks look at this forum and realize that quality of assembly workmanship is something that needs to be managed and maintained. Our trailers are not static devices and can be subjected to vibrations, poor road quality, impacts, etc. that can cause wiring connections to fail. My Fluke multimeter and some electrical first aid items are part of my Oliver support kit. Safe travels.
  8. Can you check the input voltage to the inverter? If input voltage is good then I’d say your inverter has failed. I had an output from the inverter problem and it turned out to be the GFCI internal to the inverter. My inverter was fine but couldn’t get power past the GFCI. I replaced the inverter, bought it through the Xantrex factory outlet. As for your other spare wire, that is troubling to me and I’d say Jason at Oliver should be consulted.
  9. All excellent points John, thanks! Especially the shower drain drying out, we never use it ?‍♂️. That one really makes sense and is most likely my source of the aroma.
  10. Thanks guys, I love this forum! I will get a grey tank deoderizer and give it a try. The situation has been intermittent but I think John has it nailed with his theory. We had 2 trips over Steven’s Pass on I-90, on hot days. About 3,300 feet of elevation change plus density altitude effects. When my ears were popping the grey tank was burping. My grey tank was about 50% full so the p traps had to have water in them. But, I will try Steve’s idea for dumping with valves closed to maybe avoid sucking the p traps dry. I probably should plug both sinks when I drain the grey tank for insu
  11. An odor that smells like a sewer sometimes occurs during towing and is quite strong when opening up the trailer after towing for a few hours. There seems to be no correlation to grey or black tank contents or level of fullness. Prior to closing up and towing there is no odor. I am thinking air pressure coming back through the vent system somehow. Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea on the cause or fix? After a short period of time venting the cabin there is no detectable odor.
  12. No they did not. They have designated service locations and the individual shops may not have the capability or expertise to do the specific repair required. I elected to go with a new unit with 2 year warranty over the hastle and expense of getting my inverter to a shop and back with uncertain timing and results.
  13. Bill, Thanks for the additional information. I will heed your advice. George
  14. Installed the new inverter today. All operations are normal again with inverter output to microwave and AC outlets. Before unpowering the old inverter I put a test light in the GFCI outlet to test the inverter output. Power looked good until the GFCI tripped. Pretty expensive GFCI failure... I will probably look into replacing the faulty GFCI when I have some spare time and get a little smarter on shorting out the internal capaciter without lighting myself up. The End ??
  15. Yep, thanks for the tip. I will be quite interested in identfying and shorting out the capacitor early in the process. My new inverter arrives tomorrow. After I do the remove, replace, and functional check of the new one I will give an update. George
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