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  1. Wow! That is quite a process you just described! Very helpful I am sure. The new system and batteries sound much more complex than my Blue Sky Solar controller, "old" 2,000 watt inverter, and AGM batteries. Time for me to butt out, it appears my info. is non relevant. Good luck, I hope it is a simple solution of changing some settings like Fritz has suggested.
  2. Interesting about no display on the inverter. Mine thought it was okay, and it was. The internal outlet which is the output power for the inverter had a failed GFCI. I'm thinking input DC voltage tested at the inverter will tell the story. It is too low for the inverter to power up or inverter failure.
  3. What is your battery voltage? If it is 11.5 or higher it is not likely to be the source of your problem. My documentation for 2017 model says 10.5 and below the inverter will not operate. Can you plug a test lamp or other AC device into the outlet on the inverter? If that doesn't get power then for sure your inverter is not producing power. It is likely to be an inverter/GFCI internal failure if the inverter is getting good DC power to the input side. If you have a multimeter you should check input voltage at the inverter. If it is good, then your inverter is likely to be the problem. On my 2017 model that was it for sure, but your system and its logic may be different.
  4. Do you have a microwave? If it is powered up then it could be the GFCI is faulty or needs to be reset. If the microwave is not powered up with inverter switched ON, the inverter is not putting out power or the GFCI internal to the inverter has failed, (not good). If the microwave has power you can use its outlet until you get the other outlets powered, it is not on the GFCI circuit, (2017 Oliver Hull 178). The other possibility is that your battery voltage is below the threshold that will let the inverter come on. I have seen all 4 failure modes on our Oliver, well 3 actually. The GFCI on the inverter failed and the inverter had to be replaced, out of warranty of course.
  5. So, I just have to ask, what else gets carried to safely jack up the trailer, remove the wheel and brake drum to get to the bearings? On anything but a flat, level concrete surface it can be a very risky task. And that darn wheel/tire is heavy! In hoping to avoid such a circumstance as an on the road repair, I carry an infared tool that I can monitor wheel hub and brake drum temperatures. Failure avoidance is my scheme, even a simple hub/wheel temp test with the bare hand can be helpful preventing an overheated bearing or brake problem.
  6. Congratulations on your new "Dream Girl" Oliver! Have a safe and wonderful trip back to the Northwest! George and Gretchen Gig Harbor, Wa. Hull #178
  7. From my perspective that is an easy one. The buyer shows up with the right amount of $100 bills, you count em, sign over the title, and the deal is done.
  8. We have hull 178 delivered in Oct. 2016. It has the manual switch and is a simple circuit, On or Off. We turn the fan On during hot days if the refer. needs the help keeping the inside temp where we want it. You can hear the fan come on and feel the very warm exhaust air coming out of the top exterior vent. The fan gets turned Off when the exhaust air out of the top vent gets back to a normal range.
  9. Does the display under the street side bunk display the same information? I think you can disconnect the phone wire from it that goes to the remote display to restart the remote display. We had solar controller wiring issues with our trailer and that is how I remember it. Do you have the Blue Sky documentation? If not you can get it through the Oliver University site. Since your unit went from 6v AGM to 12v wet cell you probably should look through the set up procedure and for equalizing, etc. I would be concerned about the wiring also since you went from batteries in series to parallel configuration. Battery physical security and case clearances with venting should also be checked.
  10. Several good suggestions for long term fix. I carry a roll of white weather proof duct tape in my travel kit when we are away from home. I have found also from window track leaks that keeping the windows/trailer level is very helpful in preventing water intrusion.
  11. WandR, Thanks! Excellent write up and very helpful. We have Hull 178, acquired in Oct. 2016. We have the Trogan AGM batteries and when they get replaced I will do as you did. So far our solar system has kept them in fine shape.
  12. Zef, Here is a picture of the 707 Prototype in the Udvary Hazy pavillion of the Smithsonsian at Dulles airport. I was the Flight Engineer on the airplane when we flew it from Boeing Field in Seattle to the museum in August of 2003. This is the airplane that Tex Johnston did the barrel roll with at Seattle Seafair in 1954.
  13. Ray, If you try the original outlet that gave you a problem and it still does, I recommend checking it for reverse polarity. If it is reversed, it is a simple no cost fix and gets rid of a potential safety problem.
  14. If you have a microwave and it is not powered from shore power with the inverter off you probably have a shore power quality problem and the protective devices won't let it power up the trailer. I suggest checking your fault codes on the monitor. I had essentially the same problem with a circuit coming from my house. The receptacle had been wired wrong and had reverse polarity. I swapped the wires around on the receptacle and it then worked fine. You can also try the over ride function for a test of that, if it powers up in over ride the reverse polarity is a likely cause. If so, you should have it fixed, potentially dangerous if you don't.
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