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  1. Is it possible to remove and replace vinyl graphics? How difficult is it? Has anyone had this done at the Oliver factory? Ballpark on the cost?
  2. Thanks Foy! We don't even have our Ollie yet and my Missus has already decided that's a must-have. I have no woodworking skills, how much are you charging? :) Reminds me of the classic Chris Crafts. Beautiful workmanship...
  3. Hi Everybody, Tom and Karen here, checking in from the back slope of Chimney Rock State Park just outside of Hendersonville, NC. We're retired and almost retired, and have decided to take the plunge and buy our first travel trailer. The original plan was a truck camper, but we've kind of backed off of that in favor of either a new or used Oliver. Towards that end we traded our (older) Tacoma in on a new F-250 4x4, which I realize is probably serious overkill, but hey, nothing exceeds like excess! TopGun2 (callsign: Bill) was kind enough to give up most of one Thursday morning to give us the nickel tour of his Elite II, and we came away hugely impressed. While we wait for a couple of small details to iron themselves out we're debating the merits of new v. used, twin v. king, color schemes and power outlets. We also followed some advice we saw here and subscribed to the classifieds in order to try and catch that most elusive of wild creatures, the used Oliver Elite II. If anyone in our neck of the woods is considering a sale please let us know! The plan is to summer and winter in the mountains, and head out spring and fall to see America, hopefully boondocking for the most part. Hope to see y'all on the road. T&K
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