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  1. Spice up your galley with my Galley Spice Rack! I'm thrilled when customers seek something new from me. This spice rack, designed for late model Oliver Galleys, features a single row with nine spice jars. It easily fits into standard drawers, allowing up to three racks in a full drawer and one in the smaller drawer under the sink. Secured with Velcro, this rack is crafted from American Red Oak, priced at $39 plus USP shipping. Explore my complete Oliver product catalog here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17XFL_5ine1WusHVKYguUBRmkj2KnJUN_/view?usp=sharing
  2. Sending out two plywood prototypes tomorrow. The absence of a composting toilet in our Oliver has added complexity to the process. I extend my gratitude to the two Oliver owners who've assisted in measuring, test fitting, and finalizing the design. These prototypes, crafted in beautiful mahogany, with all stainless-steel hardware, should be ready for their inaugural owners in a few weeks. The Hocken front legs rest on the shower pan, while the back legs find support on the toilet platform. It's a space-efficient design, allowing you to shower with it in place. The legs are easily removable for storage, requiring only four thumb screws, and no tools. If you find your composting toilet too tall, I have a solution for you.
  3. While I have been very busy in the shop this holiday season and I took the time this week to update my catalog of Oliver upgrades. This version I have add four new products – A new version of my shower mat called The Slate, A curb & driver side Back Cabinet Shelf divider, The Hocken Footstool for those with composting toilets as well as, an Oak Knife Holder that drops into my Flatware organizer. Looking to add some warmth to you Oliver with wood countertops and other accessories or just want to be a little more organized? I have a world of possibilities for you. You can download the new 2024 Catalog here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17XFL_5ine1WusHVKYguUBRmkj2KnJUN_/view?usp=sharing Onward, Foy Sperring
  4. The nightstand drawer is a great catch-all until you need to find something. The drawer is deep, long, and can hold a lot of stuff, but finding something is always, a dig until you find it. My two-piece organizer solves that problem by dividing the lower part of the drawer into a larger back compartment and two smaller front compartments. Sitting on top of these lower compartments is a sliding half drawer that provides quick access to the most needed items – remotes, keys, glasses, etc. And with a simple push, you can get to the items below. Crafted from mahogany with birch plywood bottoms, it is assembled using miter and dado joints for years of use. To this, a hand-rubbed oil finish is applied to show off the beautiful mahogany and make it a fantastic upgrade to your nightstand. I charge $115 + UPS shipping. I do not require a deposit as I like my clients to see my craft before they compensate me. I accept checks and Zelle for payments. Lead time is one week. PM me if you would like me to craft one for your Oliver.
  5. My Bed Platform is perfect for adding needed sleeping room between the twin bed configuration or just more space for your fury traveling companions to sleep with you. It takes inspiration from the “Arts & Crafts” movement with arched cut-outs in the legs and a graceful symmetry of the center spar. This not only lightens the overall weight; it delivers a pleasant work of art. Created to assemble without tools and to fold down for compact storage. Assembled dimensions: 50 1/2” by 17.75” by 19” Storage dimensions 25 1/4” by 19” by 6.5” Weight 23 lbs.
  6. I love the way mahogany lights up when finishing oil is applied. Beautiful grain and color. Can I craft one for your Oliver? My PDF catalog can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/3v0qiqU
  7. Update: Mistakes, Canceled Order, and a Bullet Doing a little cleaning up in the shop and have an Oliver original-size dinette I am going to offer. The measurements are 28.125" deep and 24.25" wide. Additional matching microwave, pantry, and nightstand countertops can be made to match. Made from Mahogany & Maple strip dinette was ordered and the customer sadly had to cancel his trailer due to health issues. Price: $300 plus UPS shipping. PM me if you are interested. I can ship ASAP and should arrive by Christmas. Walnut Dinette SOLD Mahogany Dinette SOLD
  8. Thank you! That means the world to me.
  9. I've crafted about a dozen of these tabletops which use the Lagun Table System and Overland mount. There is a fair about of skill and geometry to craft one and that’s what I love about them. Designed to turn your rear twin bed configuration into an office workspace or extra dining area this tabletop offers many configuration options. It comes with the Lagun System and the Overland bed platform mount bracket. Fully open this tabletop offers lots of workspaces or a spacious dining area for two. Able to adjust up & down as well as swing left or right and even pivots to get it just where you need it. Fold up one or both sides for a smaller table that can hold cocktails & snacks or tea for two or just a few good books. Available in Mahogany or Walnut. My current PDF Catalog can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17XFL_5ine1WusHVKYguUBRmkj2KnJUN_/view?usp=sharing
  10. As many of you know I am raising my prices as my costs have increased significantly over the last 3 months. If you ordered before today you are grandfathered in at the old pricing. Link to PDF Catalog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17XFL_5ine1WusHVKYguUBRmkj2KnJUN_/view?usp=sharing
  11. Wood is a beautiful natural resource and one that I feel fortunate to work with daily. This mahogany extended dinette for hull 444 was crafted from a single timber 13” wide and 10’ long. Applying the satin polyurethane last night took my breath away as its waterfall grain with tiger stripes popped out. Only a few times have I had the pleasure to craft with wood this unique. NOTE: As of August 1st, I will be increasing my prices by 15 to 20%. I do not take this lightly and can only hope prices will come back in line over time. All the materials I use in my craft have seen an unprecedented rise in cost, especially wood. For those who have orders in process, you are grandfather in at the current pricing. If you are planning to place an order, all new orders until August 1st, will still be honored at the current catalog price. I will be publishing a new catalog on August 1st, with the price increases. My current catalog can be downloaded HERE
  12. Thank you Bill, Little secret - that's the fun part.
  13. New Catalog. New Products. I have wanted to update my catalog for a few months and today is the day. I have three new products that I am very excited to show you. LINK TO PDF CATALOG First, up are my 7-piece Grain-Matched Drawer Front set. Whether on their own or combined with my wood countertops, they make a beautiful statement and are a distinguished upgrade for your trailer. Available in board match walnut or mahogany – meaning one board from left to right so all the wood grain lines up and matches across each drawer. Next, is my Bath Doorstep. Stepping into the Oliver bathroom can be a challenge for some of us. A normal step is 7” high yet, Oliver's step is 9.25” high. Added to this awkward height is that you must step down into the shower pan once your foot clears the opening. If you need a little help with this, my Bath Doorstep is a great option. And far from last, our 3-piece Acoustic Design Panel set creates a decorative opportunity that also reduces the reverberation and echoes in your Oliver. This improves the sound of your television/stereo and plain conversations, with the added benefit of making the ceiling all your own. Attached to the ceiling with Velcro. Change your décor, change your fabric. One Payment Note: I will no longer be using PayPal for payments. Their rates have gotten too high for the value they are providing in my opinion. Going forward I will accept Checks and Zella. If you have an order in process before today, you are grandfathered in to use PayPal.
  14. Thank you all for the kind words. It is a simple understand between UPS and me, I want my craft to arrive in perfect condition and they want to destroy it completely. We get along well together. 🙂 Onward,
  15. Yes, its a set of seven including the nightstand.
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