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  1. I have not posted in a while. My Oliver family has had me very busy in the shop. We are getting ready to go camping and then head to Greece for a 10-day vacation. I will be suspending my crafting for the month of August and will start back up the first week in September. I plan to ship all orders through August in the next week. New orders will begin shipping in mid-September. Below is my current challenge, a 35” x 22” x 1.4” Lagun tabletop in black walnut. While this sounds simple, the challenge is in the weight. Lagun Table Systems have a maximum weight of 50 pounds. It includes the top and any items you are going to place on it. My target weight of 15 pounds for the finished top leaves 35 pounds for day-to-day use. The walnut blank I started with 35” x 22” x 1.4” thick weighed in at 29 pounds. I decided to back cut the bottom in three sections down to ¾” thick, with 1” wide edges and two cross supports. It came in at 15.2 lbs. Beautiful to look at, light as can be, and engineered to be strong for a lifetime of use.
  2. Thank you Mike and Jill for the kind word regarding my craft. This was a great project, black walnut is just so beautiful and I really love the way it turned out. Here are two pictures of the standard size dinette on top of your Mega-dinette for comparison.
  3. Could you tell me where to find the parts or the whole tee? Thanks Foy
  4. Nicely done Pat! Good use of space and design concept. A suggestion for you, consider embedding the support rod on the bottom side of the side out and connecting the front support end of the rod with a pin. This would allow up and down moment of the support rod. In addition, it would allow the back of the rod to dropout when the side out is pull out far enough to need support. To close, simply lift the support rod up and back into the embedded slot and slide the top back in place. I look forward to seeing your final design. Onward,
  5. As many of you know, I craft custom upgrades for Oliver Travel Trailers. As we head into the camping seasons I have refreshed my catalog to reflect my current products and a pricing increase. If you have an order on my production list or I have sent you a price quote, your price will not increase. You can find my catalog - Foybles Catalog V2.3f below. Onward, Foy Sperring 48ocean@gmail.com Foybles' Catalog V2.3f.pdf
  6. Just did the same to ours today and while I got the mechanism installed quicking, the fan acts like it has no power. When I first heard the Clicking I shut the "blower" breaker in the attic off which stopped the noise. Turning it back on has no effect on the Maxair. Also changed the batteries in the remote and tried it. Dead as a door knob. Love to heard how yours goes.
  7. here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/m2h6vryddpqa4vp/Foybles%27%20Catalog%20V1.6f.pdf?dl=0
  8. A few weeks ago, I sat down with Scott Oliver in the new Sales & Service center to talk about our businesses and how we would continue to work together in the coming year. We both brought lots of exciting ideas to the table and I am very thrilled to continue our partnership in the coming year. As many of you know the RV industry is growing at an unprecedented growth rate and so is Oliver’s. For the last two years, I have been shipping my products to Oliver and they have been installing them for new trailer deliveries at no charge. Today on a call with Rodney Lomax, Oliver’s General Manager, we worked out how we will move forward when Oliver installs my products. A service fee of $150 will be charged to covers their cost of receiving the products, storing them until your delivery date, and their installation. While this would not make sense for a single item like a shower mat, it does for 4 or more of my products like countertops. For less than 4 items, I would recommend having them shipped directly to you. Starting today, customers who order and want me to ship to Oliver will be billed by Oliver the $150 charge fee. For all customers who have ordered before today that have asked me to ship to Oliver, there will still be NO CHARGE. You are grandfathered in – thanks to Scott & Rodney! You can find my new catalog HERE
  9. I have been working on a Drop-Leaf design for another customer that would increase the size of the pantry countertop for serving and fold down for storage when not in use. Something similar could be done for the front edge of the dinette. I will post pictures once I have a prototype of the pantry drop-leaf.
  10. Hello Pam, Nice to e-meet you. It would be my pleasure to craft you a Shower Mat for your Oliver. I charge $199 plus UPS shipping. Estimate shipping would be $32. If you would like me to add you to my production list just send me an email to 48ocean@gmai.com. Include your shipping address and hull number. I take check and PayPal for payment. No need for payment until after you see my craft. Onward, Foy
  11. Thanks for the kind words regarding my craft. I consider an Oliver the best blank canvas to create a personal space of your dreams I make countertop upgrades for the Oliver along with other organization options. My countertops are relief cut so they sit down on the cabinet not on top of it, this is a classic look of fine cabinets. I offer Mahogany, Mahogany & Maple Strips, Poplar stained grey or dark brown to match the Oliver flooring option and Walnut with or without live edge. Below is a link to my PDF catalog and some sample pictures of my craft. It I can craft something for you please reachout to me. 48ocean@gmail.com or call my cell 516-635-5656. Foybles PDF Catalog Onward, Foy Sperring Hull # 227
  12. I was wonder that but I am going to 303 them once a month with is wash. We will see it that helps with the bleeding.
  13. It all about what you search for. I did weatherstrip and molding but not gasket! Thank you!
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