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  1. Am hopeful we will have the same results! Jason assures me we are all 'good'. Not only is it getting cooler out, but the camping we've done since all this happened involved full hookup campgrounds. I just need to get out there with my generators and test it out, but until we get some hot weather again, it will be an untested theory. Thanks again for the great advice along the way...
  2. John, Overland, and Whatda - THANK YOU for this great information. Best I can tell I had ALL this going in the wrong direction! First...you are correct that the Truma does not circulate the entire hot water line...only at the outlet. That would have been my first problem. Next would have been the fact that my cold water would all freeze :). Beyond that...another huge point would be to always ensure a backup to the power. ALL very good points. You can tell I'm a rookie, but trying to learn quickly! John - I will try to update my profile and signature. Before responding to thi
  3. Hello friends, Quick question. If I am storing my Elite II for several days in below freezing temps with water in the lines...can I utilize Truma's electrical insert accessory [it goes where the filter normally resides in the tankless unit]; power up the unit inside and out; set it to 'comfort' mode to keep the water circulating/hot above freezing - all while leaving the propane and main heater in the 'off' position? I am guessing this is how i would travel in 'winter' conditions, as well...correct? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  4. Hello friends! About 3 months ago I mentioned an issue with the EZ Start / A.C. unit on a 3 month old unit [#453/Elite II]. In order to boondock we had to use not one, but two Honda generators at full blast to keep the A/C running. We knew we'd have to run one unit...didn't expect to have to hook up the tandem. Anyhow. All fingers pointed to the EZ Start. In the end, it was the A/C unit that needed replacing. Jason at Oliver explained the whole thing, but what I seem to remember most was the unit was simply pulling too many amps and didn't allow the EZ Start to be effective. Ol
  5. Since it's only 3 months old...it better be! MH
  6. Wow. Well - I have the unit scheduled at the Oliver plant next Thursday. I'll probably let the experts see what is up...but from these links it certainly appears the 'relearning' aspect could be a key part of all this. We'll let Jason and his team see what's up and i'll report back. As always - THANKS to everyone... MH
  7. Now that the easy start is installed, I am assuming it now works with one generator?
  8. geO - Not sure what you mean by going through the 'start-up' procedure again. At first, I tried the Honda 2200i with the bonded ground plug; AC didn't work [in full throttle mode]; removed the plug and overrode the surge protector...still didn't work; added the companion generator with the bonded plug and 'normal' surge operation...didn't work. The ONLY way i could get the A/C to work would be to run both generators/full throttle/bypass the surge protector. Are you saying after all of that maybe all i need to do is try one more time with the single generator with the bonded ground plug?
  9. That is my concern as well...that maybe they forgot altogether to install the easy start. Now that I know it's happened before, I am beginning to wonder all the more. We shall see! Will let you know... Thanks, again -
  10. Bill, John, Raspy, and KWR - thanks again for all the advice and input. Here are some observations from this past weekend... *Would have LOVED to run only the main 2200i generator, however even at full throttle it would kick off once the AC powered up. We tried using the bonded ground plug...and then moved to over-riding the surge protector. Either way...one unit wouldn't cut it. *We then hooked up both units. Ran at full throttle. Hooked up the bonded ground plug. It would cut off when the A/C powered up. *Finally, ran both units; full throttle; overrode the surge protect
  11. John - this was VERY helpful. Thank you! Knew i could count on you all for some great advice - thanks again!
  12. Hi everyone, Searched the forum for this subject and did not find anything on it thus far. Recently purchased the Honda EU 22001 and its companion for some boondocking we'll be doing this weekend. Owner's manual says not to use the eco-throttle for 'high energy using appliances'. Not sure what that means - and/or how to qualify. Best I can tell, I should be able to hook the two units together, turn the eco-throttle to 'on' on both units, and be good to go. When the AC powers up [we do have the soft start and solar set up]...the gens do their thing and we're good to do. Any reaso
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