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  1. Hi All, I have not been able to get the cable tv to work at campgrounds that have cable. I turn the booster off and try searching for the cable imput on the tv and it doesn't have a listing for it. I noticed there is a loose cable laying in the storage cabinet above the tv, I plugged it into the cable imput beside the booster light and still nothing. I'm sure it is something I am doing wrong. Can someone smarter than me help me out? Elite 11 #1443 2023 Diesel GMS 2500 Denali Thank You, Mark
  2. Yes, I am leaning toward making a purchase for a handheld. I think if only for piece if mind at would be worth it. Mark
  3. I plan on making a call to Andrea with Rv Safe, thank you Patriot for your experiences. Sounds like this maybe an issue where having a handheld propane sensor would be a plus. I am going to close all windows and see what happens along with speaking to Andrea. I winterize this past Sunday and the outside temps have been cooler until yesterday, we were around 62 degrees and I hadn't opened up the camper since Sunday. Not sure if the temps with the camper closed up caused the antifreeze to have stronger fumes...but I would rather be safe thank sorry. Thanks again for everyones input, I will post how this turns out in case this is an issue that may come up with someone else. Mark
  4. Sensor did not go off overnight and is still green. Yes, batteries are fully charged so maybe just a freak thing. I did leave the windows open last night. I plan on making in phone call to report, I just want to make sure I don't have a bad sensor and it goes off when on a camping trip later on. Thanks for all the info! Mark
  5. I checked tanks, they are closed. I have a fan blowing on sensor and the green light came back on. I am going to turn fan off and see what happens again.
  6. I turned the fan off and the sensor alarm eventually goes off again.
  7. Hi All, Oliver Elite II Hull #1443 picked up in October. I just winterize this past weekend and it is setting in my driveway with windows and door shut, came home today with the co sensor under the dinette going off and blinking red. I opened windows, door and put a small fan blowing on it and finally went off after 30-45 minutes and light back to green. I am thinking that the antifreeze fumes caused it to go off. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks, Mark
  8. Thanks for all the advice!! Bit the bullet and bought a 2024 gmc 2500 diesel.
  9. Thanks all! Ended up with Progressive...$500.00 year.
  10. Hi All, Picking up my Elite II Oct.23!! Very Excited! Leaving Oliver plant and headed straight to Pigeon Forge. Who do you recommend for insurance. My insurance company that I use for home and vehicles was a little high and doesn't offer any type roadside assistance. Thank You, Mark
  11. I thank all for the the advise....I think I will go with the $100.00 protector at the pedestal as an insurance to the Surge/EMS inside. Sorry, didn't mean for the surge protector to become a part of the towing site.
  12. Thanks to everyone!! Yes, I plan on using the Watchdog EMS right at the Hookups and connect the 30 amp power cord to that for added protection.... I have seen where doing that was recommended Please let me know if that is overkill!! I am definitely moving up to a larger truck, I was hoping the chevy 1500 would work for now while I am still working. We will be weekend camping mostly until then.
  13. By the way....truck pricing is nuts right now!!!!
  14. Great, I was hoping I would be able to hold off getting a bigger vehicle until closer to retirement. I did order the anderson hitch and I just finished installing the Tekonsha P3 for added braking. Yes, we have become youtube watchers and seeing all the must haves, trying just to get those for now....watchdog ems, etc. Thanks for all the info...i'm sure I will have a tin more questions!! Mark
  15. Hi, I am picking up my new Elite II in October and will be driving straight to Pigeon Forge to Camp Margaritaville for 5 nights and then back home to Greensboro NC. I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Z71 4 wheel Dr. with 3.42 axle. My question is do I have enough truck to keep me comfortable while towing in the mountains. I have 5 years before retirement and would probably jump to a 2500 then, we will be traveling the country after retirement but mostly weekends until then. Thank you, Mark
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