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  1. Are completely off subject posts, such as the recent Canadian Pharmacy posts acceptable? I, for one, hope they are not. I didn’t sign on to be marketed about drugs, prescription or otherwise.
  2. Is there a single reliable source on Boondocking on BLM land?
  3. Perhaps the gray tank and black tank could be directly connected, increasing your gray water capacity substantially, therefore decreasing the frequency of emptying?
  4. Is it possible to use the black tank for the liquid which the compostin toilet collects seperately?
  5. I have been an Airstream "groupee" since my 20s. Never owned one, although we used Airstreams owned by my parents. I have seen the light!???? Certainly there are many positives about them, but I have come to believe that for value, life expectancy, design and all weather reasons it will be an Oliver Elte II for us. We live in the San Bernardino National Forest, not far from Lake Arrowhead where our retirement home is located. We hope to be able to do some cross country touring pulling our Ollie with our RoadTrek 190P. However, in the sorter term we will probably be mostly traveling in the west. Don't have our Ollie yet. Haven't even decided between buying new or used. Hoping the Forum will help us make the best decision for our needs and interests Thank-you! ????
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