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  1. Admittadly, I am a beginner in the Solar set-ups, but I do have a long standing - once professional- experience in the electrical world. The various posts remind me of my motorcycle racing days - we were always looking for the next best set-up - power, suspension, you name it. I find it fascinating. Really enjoy the conversations. How far one goes towards the hot set up - really depends on your goal, or in some cases, its a continuing fascination with just making the Oliver a better solar home. But to Mossey's point - for the casual user - me- with the original AGM/Zamp install - want
  2. Several have done just that - run a small electric heater. I would also open up an air passage to the lower enclosed areas to allow the warmer air to circulate through. Might add a little insulation to the outside of the exterior shower - between the hatch cover - just in case. RB
  3. I noticed mine was leaking a bit - under pressure. Not gonna worry about it. Plenty of anti freeze everywhere, the filter is out of the Truma. Nor sure why I would replace it unless it just really lets loose. RB
  4. In 20 years we have only had a blizzard one time, it lasted about 10 minutes. Snow in Middle TN - while not rare -doesn't last long- a few days at best. On the roadway - maybe a few hours - a day. A bigger worry is ice on the roadway. It has been my experience - bad drivers are everywhere. TN is one of the top destinations for people migration in the US. About 700,000 left CA last year, I know many that settled in Mid TN, along with a few Arizonians, New Yorkers, and so on. A melting pot to be sure. The States That Residents Are Leaving And The Ones They Are Moving To (forbes.
  5. I didn't think yours were that old, perhaps I was wrong. The Ford system is certainly interesting.
  6. I used Preston RV anti freeze - Wal-Mart - less than $3 - It claims -100 degree protection. Two gallons did the EII. Followed the instructions off the Oliver site. Have done same for three years - easy - and not a problem to date. RB
  7. Yes! Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  8. With the progressive unit, and all the checks it does on the incoming power, there are also a few issues that arise due to its level of protection. One we are all aware of is the grounded neutral needed for many gen sets, another is under/over voltage protection. I have an older, larger generator on the farm, I use for various activities. The Oliver will not run on this unit due to high voltage - its just over the cutoff of the Progressive. I have also been at a few sites where the voltage was at the low end - and under load - cycled the AC unit. I have not run into a variable cycle/hertz iss
  9. Hmmm, I am sure, somewhere, at some point, there has been a nefarious human lurking around in an RV park - and maybe even in a remote boondocking site. but in my 45 years of camping - from tent to Oliver, all over this country - I haven't found them yet. A few rude, obnoxious, or just out of it - but never any that were anything I worried about. Now there was this bear in Yellowstone who didn't like tents, and a large Moose - who was just - well big. A very smart and strong racoon gave us fits on a rainy night in Ark many years ago - the only marked bandit I can remember. Jim O has it righ
  10. Find something else to worry about - I have to mentally reset every time - If I reversed the action - I'd still have to adjust. Oh look- there's squirrel. Wait, no...
  11. My thoughts - 1. You should verify the incoming voltage. At each campground, and at home. Not knowing this makes it really hard to problem solve. I use a simple circuit tester - Sperry Instruments GFI6302 GFCI Outlet / Receptacle Tester, Standard 120V AC Outlets, 7 Visual Indication / Wiring Legend, Home & Professional Use, Yellow & Black - Multi Testers - Amazon.com is an example of one does everything you need. Plug it into the pedestal before you hook up. Use a 30 amp adapter. 2. My protector has a delay - about 20-30 sec - as it goes through its test procedure -
  12. JD, I saw this yesterday - somewhere on the net - I spent time trying to ascertain the construction methods - the companies web site is not real informative. Didn't have any solar options, well really any options I could see. I would guess the exterior and interior skins provide the shear strength fore/aft, and such. Must be using glue/adhesive to attach the panels. I would also guess the interior parts are secured into the aluminum frame. It is an visually appealing thing.
  13. The RAM trucks are getting good press - I'm not up to speed on their powertrains, but seems the interior comforts and such are very well refined. I may stop and look at a few - one of theses days... The new TRX certainly has the HP.
  14. You use them on the side needing height. They work very well. However if you need more than 4 to 5 inches - yeah I guess a mountain of blocks would do it. RB
  15. Well - In our experience - its fairly easy to go about (in an RV) the US under Covid - just follow common sense and the guidelines. 2021 looks like a better environment. Closures are usually posted on most of the reservation websites, boondocking is very social distanced. Utah is virtually one giant campground. NM a little more controlled, Texas - lots of place to chose. Campendium is your friend. Enjoy! RB
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