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  1. Seadawg said : "Everyone has a different camping style. We treat the Ollie more like a very dry and warm tent on wheels, I guess." That is such a great statement. We bought the Oliver, as a step up from the van, which was a step up from the tents and on. We have looked at the more upscale and feature laden RV's with big engines, big gen set's and - well more. Stars in our Eye's - so to speak. Each time we pulled back to the simple basics - well, the Oliver excepted...... I have endeavored to keep Ollie simple and true - resist adding this, changing that, replacing the other- maki
  2. I love it - if I ever find myself needing to interrogate terrorist I'll force feed them this for a few hours - ,,,,,
  3. I actually prefer nuclear, Of the lone wolf design. Lacking that - you are spot on, MMMM, Free shake Shack for a vaccine - never mind - look a squirrel. Ok I am done. Good question. George Westinghouse's namesake has helped here - thank you Ocean pup. RB
  4. It doesn't pay enough! Diesel at $2.85 - jeesh - I would have get up off the sofa - find the correct "tools" to actually siphon the fuel - spend time watching a YouTube on how to actually do it correctly without setting myself on fire, and then figure out what to do with my newly stolen booty. It is too much work. Naw - I'm good - the Glock, the dog, and my SO - money to be funneled elsewhere. But of course - your situation may be different and thusly more better in choice for the matter at hand. A tautology of sorts Oh I see - now! You reference a Maverick - the poor ma
  5. Well as has been opined - Oliver brakes are not the cats meow - what to do, where does one go, - perhaps buy the best - an AS, a SOB, my gosh, we re all gonna die from insufficient breaking, - yeah another subjective topic. Get yours checked - do it yourself, ask one of those alien's the Navy says strafed SD in 2019 - just have them checked, get a vaccine, wear a mask, run, hide aaaaaaagh. OK it is relief factor - feel young again - get the quick start pack today - your brakes will love you. OR - just do the normal maintenance , and then you can spend quality worrying about wh
  6. Thank you JD - Tango Uniform - brought a smile to my face - my son - the military dude - introduced me to the phrase - which you have "cleaned up"!!
  7. The break I saw pictured is gonna need some JB weld. Now I have to alter my travel plans - add a few hours to get through - lets see - if I leave about midnight - I can be at the detour about 4am - wonder if that is the low tide period. RB
  8. Very interesting to hear the opinions of others on similar equipment. My first response to the title here was - Why on earth.... But as usual - JD has a well reasoned answer to that question. I have no complaints with my brakes - after 17k miles they remain in decent shape - and I'll take another look at them in the fall. But then I tow with a 2500 with a robust breaking system - and the Oliver doesn't have to work that hard on the braking. The Oliver seems to represent a great platform for the "I can make it better" crowd. And conversely - works really well for the rest of us....
  9. The local stations received fuel today. Back to normal it seems. RB
  10. Well other than the I-40 bridge....
  11. If we ever have a need to get info across the country - Grit TV is the answer.
  12. In less than a few minutes - remove the entire setup sans the bulldog hitch - but in reality - just chain it up, and go. RB
  13. Thieves can be resourceful lot - and the smarter ones usually ply their trade in target rich environments. Other than when in a remote storage - or similar - it is my opinion - you try to discourage the casual thief as much as possible - and forget about it in the long run. Professional crooks will defeat anything you put in place. I worry more about the jerks that just want to destroy stuff - and if it is an easy mark - walk away with a few trinkets. Removing the wheels is probably the best deterrent - but give the pro a little time - and your Ollie would be gone - . The o
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