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  1. 2018 GMC 2500. Works perfectly with the Oliver. Many others have similar experience, Perhaps there is another issue, rather than the TRUCK.
  2. I use three 6x6 treated blocks about 10" long. Works fine, gives you two options for height, and store easily. I too use a few 2x10x10 for adjusting when needed. Cheap, and versatile. I hope my Oliver doesn't sit long enough to have a termite problem......
  3. I got a Leer - dealer was close by - got the Leer - has been a great product. Didn't see a big difference between the two major brands. Color code to your truck, fit and finish are great. I built some dividers for the interior storage. 40K miles - all looking good.
  4. I like this. Seems the GMC 2020 2500 and on are a different box configuration. When I get a new truck (and a divorce) this would be in consideration. I can dream...
  5. Yes - where is this - its perfect - and just a few hours. I would assume the Park office has the info?
  6. Just in time for my ancient AGM's to be replaced.
  7. I never stop. Doesn't apply from what I've ever seen. TN, is regular plate - unless you are commercial...
  8. Mine did that - I held the button in for a little longer - then got pissed, smacked it, tried it again, and it worked all summer.... GOFIGURE......
  9. The dog is multipurpose, I never understood how effective a larger inquisitive dog could be.....seems it adds one more deterrent that crooks avoid. Even if they are just looking for a treat.
  10. From my view Oliver has over the years , made improvements on the product - many of which came from the owners suggestions. I am not on Ollie management team, but if I were to guess, there is probably some interest in new product, but fully realize the current demand has them fully engaged, and to take additional resources to develop a larger O - well - the return on investment probably isn't there right now - not to mention the lack of material and manpower and manufacturing space. Around here, everywhere you look, business is looking for employees. But you never know.
  11. 7000lbs has been the Ollie II max. As has been said many times, most modern 1/2 ton trucks, set up appropriately do a fine job as a tow vehicle for the EII. And as has been pointed out, the first place you run into problems is usually in the payload area. Manage payload and you are good to go. Just remember payload is not just about carried weight - braking and chassis systems need to be able to handle the load. #3/4 ton trucks are more forgiving in the payload area - leaves the driver to contemplate other issue...... After a few years in my truck, I've come to really appreciate th
  12. I would have to get up to get the phone......
  13. I use two of these Andersons - and have found them to be very user-friendly. Picked up a couple wheel chocks from Harbor Freight (cheap), this and a few well sized wood blocks and we are ready for most any spot. Quick, simple.
  14. 2018 F150 3.5L V6 w/ Max Tow Package 1693lbs Oliver average dead weight - ~650 or so. Now your at 1000lbs give or take. Subtract a full tank of gas and two adults and a big dog ~660lbs and have about 330lbs left. Round up 400lbs - that's still a good bit of stuff to add - but brings you to max. - if your not using a leer top or something similar. Last time I checked - Truck was at 7500 Oliver was at 6000 - half tank water. Theses days the Ollie is probably at about 6200lbs. Full of food, clothing, water, propane, bikes, other absolutely needed stuff , oh and a few liters of win
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