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  1. Yes thanks to the Moderators - I have been called a moron - a time or two.(I can be hard on myself) With out great moderators - well, moderate on... And all this Pinto stuff is hard - taken subjectively - I could make a case for towing an E-I - no - wait that was the sales guy at the local truck place.....
  2. FrankC: interesting slant on the issue. I must admit - at times I shared several of your thoughts - and I usually tack back to - maximum participation - protected as much as possible from the scammers and evil doers. Here - I must give credit - to the team- of one? = J Walmsley. An excellent job sir. Whether here or elsewhere - people need to learn how to post safely. Although I have been known to mutter under my breath - RTFM - (Read the Fruitful Manual - no?) In the end this forum is a perk of Oliver ownership - current and future - and thus I am bound by a decorum of be nice
  3. For those that use FB, Oliver has made an interesting announcement on that platform. . Soon to be posted here - on the forum. I won't front run Mat Duncan. I know many have left the FB - for many reasons- not all political!!! Regardless of why - I redid my presence there - to reflect minimum contact- in order to keep up with a few boating groups that are important to my sporting life. My point here - Oliver web masters - FB does not reflect the current favor of discerning Oliver owners - hmmm. Well ok, those of us with different opinions.😁 Thank You All. RB Edit
  4. A few more comments- Turn your unit on to highest setting a day or so before you load it - load it with precooled items. Adjust accordingly. We regularly make ice in the freezer section. I run the unit on propane when not on shore power - both under way and parked - never had an issue. But I also leave it on auto power. On really hot- sunny days -90 + - I put the awning out - if not windy - and shade that side of the Oliver - it helps. Open as little as possible - plan on the opening- keep it as timely as possible. I generally take along a AC/DC fridge/freezer - we put dri
  5. "Dometic conducted extensive user research and pain point analysis to develop the Dometic FreshJet FJX3000 series RV rooftop air conditioners" All Dometic really needed to do was ask customers - we already completed the "Pain Point analysis!!" Really glad to see the new units hit our markets. Looking forward to the reviews and install updates. RB
  6. Such an interesting question. Certainly many factors to consider. But perhaps the most important for me would be -WHY, and do you have the means to purchase, and the time to enjoy it.... My Ollie as a financial investment - Hah, NOT!! however, if you consider it an investment in our health and mental wellness - it does add to our living enjoyment, a decent investment indeed. I always get a kick out of price and design comparisons between SOB - AIRSTREAM and Oliver. One could spend a great deal of time and energy delving into the subject. I don't believe there is much to be compare
  7. Yes, nice temps today, worked outside all day on Sat, roads have been clear since Friday, snow all gone but for the few areas in the shade. I cannot complain- the worst issue I experienced - the pool was closed one day, and delayed open a few other. So basically we had it good. And our snow creatures have seen their best days.... My two remaining bee hives seem to have made it - All a good day! RB
  8. I am going to break into Florida in the near future. Any respite in demand due to our northern neighbors restrictions on travel seems to be more than filled by everyone else not tied down to a job or otherwise engaged. Perusing all the reservation sites - anything close to the coastlines are simple brimming full. If one checks every day, you can piecemeal a trip together. Ahh freedom. RB
  9. Pat, I think you will find your idea unworkable in practice. Once the sewer hoses are stowed - there is not much real usable area left. I leave my hoses connected to the drain pipe, and push them into the area. I roll my water hoses up, connect them to themselves, and the fitted into the curbside area. Additionally, the area is not all that air and water sealed/secured. See JD's description. RB
  10. Well - with most of local business shut down for the day, and Ollie in his winter cover - we made Lemonade out of lemons - err, umm a snow couple out of the white stuff. About 3 inches, temps warming up, we will be back to normal by Monday. In the meantime - enjoy and be safe. The bounds couple in white. RB
  11. Land Yacht ahoy! Good to have another in the clan. Good travels - in about a year.😬
  12. I would think either is fine , Ford specked them- chose what you like, the more aggressive tread perhaps - but from the choices shown on the build pics I couldn't tell. Tire rack should know???
  13. The Ollie is on some 2x10 scrap - its parked next to my barn - where I had installed a 30amp plug- back in the day - we were practice RVing 😃 Do not know if what I am using was the original design - but once upon a time - Oliver offered what you see - the platform - not the bike rack. It slides into the same brackets Oliver uses now. It is simple to remove. Oliver added their own bike rack - I know there are some out there in Ollie land. I mounted the Thule bike rails, additional 2" aluminum and such. I purchased the assembly from Oliver and installed it - - it was left over after t
  14. Were I Oliver - an X on a liability waver_ would not suffice either. Hope it works out. Are you in Ohio? or close to GS. Seems a local would be better to work with. But I digress. RB Seems I remember Mr. Ford offering to meet customers demands on model T exterior color - you could have any color you desired - as long as it was black. Seems Oliver is slightly better in this respect......😀 I wish you well and look forward to the solution.
  15. Inverter provides AC power from 2000 to 3000 watts on most Oliver's - 110V. (it gets its power from the batteries - inverts 12 VDC to 110/120VAC) The standard AC plugs only work if on shore power -or you have the inverter turned on (and have sufficient battery storage - DC power). The micro wave works from one such plug. Charging of many electronic gadgets can be done from the dc powered USB ports - powered off the DC battery system. As does the Oliver entertainment system, lighting, furnace fan blower, bathroom fan, roof fan, and at times the refrigerator. (I am sure I missed something)
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