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  1. I'm gonna relocate by golly - the Bronco is just the bomb. Well not really - I don't even understand the hype - but hey, I usually don't....
  2. Seems 9600" is a concern. Mine doesn't like to ignite properly at this altitude. Really stupid I think. #359, 2018 build.
  3. I will add an update to this - This June, in Northern CO, at approx. 9654.39' above mean sea level, the furnace in our 2018 EII did NOT function properly. It work just fine at much lower altitudes. It would cycle on and off, seems ignition was hit or miss. I repeatedly rest it through the thermostat, and it eventually ran - sort of.... I haven't done any research on it yet, but with 1" snow and 31degrees, the darn thing (Atwood) needs to work. RB
  4. Overland - Regarding the orange replacement clips - what does it take to change them out? I had one go south, and it was repaired by big O service. Next one is on me, so what's the skinny? RB
  5. And I thought I had some stuff in my emergency repair box -turns out - not. ':-)
  6. As for "boondocking" - Oh the places you can go - the beautiful views- the night sky-void of light pollution, and not the least - the solitude of NOT being a sardine in a RV park setting. We have put the Oliver on a bluff- overlooking hundreds of miles of lower valley, within steps of a secluded running creek, and in spots that many never discover - and all free of charge. Sure - you take some extra precautions - carry more H2O, and perhaps a little more supplies, but overall the ability to go -back of beyond - is the reason to go in the first place. If I was strictly a RV parker - I'd have something else - or just stay home. RB
  7. As others have commented on long term use - we have spent up to 2 months touring around in our EII, and I don't really have a complaint. Were we weather bound for some time, I would get a little weary, but that hasn't happened yet. The ability to go places other RV's can't or don't is a very large plus. Most of the time we are in places where hook-ups don't exist - and we run off solar with no problems. Given the composting toilet - we have few issues with dumping - as grey water is not an issue. Overall we are happy with the Oliver for up to 2 months - longer - probably not an issue either depending on location. Were we to go 100% - probably not going Oliver - for a bunch of reasons - most of which are just about space and amenities. However, not sure we would want to do 100% - for other reasons- non rv related. RB
  8. Congratulations, and welcome to the Oliver world.
  9. I methodically cleaned the areas with 3M Adhesive cleaner, applied the EZE gutters, and presto they are secured like "glue". Many miles later and doing well. No tape was harmed in the install of the gutters.
  10. Darn it JD - that is the rifle I have been looking at - also considering a 30-30 load. How do you like the unit.
  11. I would think heat and cold cycling, along with a left/right/front thrust from the stabilizers would put some amount of stress on the unit - mine certainly has a few creaks and moans each time I set it up for a level setting. However i haven't noticed any thing like what was describe - perhaps someone spilled a little Rice Krispies in the hull....
  12. All my "keys" reside in the TV. We use the electronic key pad exclusively. Ater 2 years the plastic cover is beginning to crack, However, it is one of the most used options we included.
  13. Interesting posts: I am satisfied with my Dometic fridge - it has done just fine the last many trips, it was the first few that set me against the darn thing. The AC - as stated by others - and move it to the front of the trailer, just aft of the bath wall. Option with compost toilet, black tank delete, larger grey water and fresh water tanks. Option those cool Aussie off road running gear. Can't recall the brand. and that's about it. Currently parked on a bluff overlooking the Dinosaur/Vernal valley, just biding the day away....
  14. I decided not to add screen to my Truma vent. It was not gonna be as easy and clean as the fridge, so it was not done.
  15. Having traveled from Az to Tn for many years, in winter i10 can be a better route,I 40 is good, but may be worse weather wise, and at times, both are impassable in some areas I would guess I10/I20 would be your best bet, once you've gone far enough south. Good traveling and welcome to the club.
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