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  1. Being an animate object - wind chill just hurts on those really cold days. I never thought about it however - Thanks ScubaRx.
  2. As has been stated TPMS is a valuable resource to have, rear camera, I'm ok without one, but then I haven't used one yet. As for the factory installed systems - I prefer the after market - they seem to be more responsive, versatile, and adaptive to the variables - and I think more reasonably priced. RB
  3. Land Rover - Thanks for the write up - I had a similar CC issue last summer - one for $500 and one for $100 - the 500 was declined, but the 100 got through - I had a time getting it resolved. I am now much more cautious. RB
  4. Patriot, Welcome, I have been very pleased with our Oliver EII. Although it was a huge step up for us in comfort and amenities, we have enjoyed almost two years of camping bliss. As others will testify, a factory tour will go a long way in helping with a purchase decision. As good as the tour is, I believe the service folks are the stars - they do an absolutely fantastic job of taking care of any warranty or service issues. You can solve the storage problem by simply never returning home - stay out as much as possible …. ha - I know that's hard to do. Hope you enjoy the journey. RB
  5. I've come to the conclusion that every Oliver Owner, has a list of stuff that is a must have, only to discover, many miles and weeks down the road - after they have repeatably moved the items out of the way, just to put them back- again, that we end up with less of this, and a few more of that..... In a nut shell, it will sort it self out - eventually. As some have suggested, start out with a minimal list, and add as you go, wally world is always near by, as are the other supply it all stores. Enjoy your Oliver, don't sweat the small things. RB
  6. Hmmm, Sorry to hear your story, the "Fun" headlines seemed inviting, I can see it was anything but. I realize I'm probably on the fringe, but unless I'm directed to take my Ollie to a "professional" shop it won't be going. If its a warranty issue, I make the trek to Oliver, I've had great service from them, otherwise, I'll do it. If I'm in the hinterlands, I'm going to consult the Oliver referrals. I must admit I'm pretty wary of the RV fixit industry. Glad it worked out. RB
  7. kinda, sort a, another battery back up it appears to me - powered by solar. In my case, if I have sun, I don't need back-up- other than for AC - and this device won't handle that. 1500 watts - for how long? May be exactly some may need, but not something I could use. RB
  8. Welcome to Oliver and the forum! May 2021, well that is a little distant, but as I've discovered, time seems to fly by much faster now that I'm retired.... I'm sure you'll be in the Oliver before you know it.. I expect you will find the EI much more livable, comfortable, and enjoyable than your teardrop, and if our experience is any indicator, will bring more attention from the campers you'll encounter in your journey's. We get questions and inquiry at every stop. We have taken our EII to the Navarre beach area several times given the camping opportunities in your area. Our son was at Hulbert for a good while. Love the area. There is so much information and feedback available on the forum, with a little participation, you will feel like an experienced owner long before actual delivery. Have a great Oliver journey, RB
  9. Thanks David, What a great resource, and just what I can use. RB And the frugal website -how great!!
  10. Looking forward to future reports. Looking good!
  11. I must say, I'm impressed with Dexter's response. Really impressed.
  12. #359 is approx. 9' 7" . It fits under my 10' garage door with 4" or so to spare. My no go is 10' just for safety sake - After watching that video - wow.
  13. Interesting JD, although I would quibble with a few of their viewpoints. Based upon my experience given the cost of DEF, regular fuel filter changes (10k) , oil and filter changes (7.5k), I would give the gas burners a much larger advantage in the maintenance and cost to run category. Given the cost dif on fuel - I'd take gas here. ( and I generally change my own) NVH - in the 3/4 ton area, My 18 GMC is pretty sweet, the gas burner was no better, if not nearly as good. Note - the fords I drove during my selection process were noticeably rougher on the road - unloaded. I had a 2007 GMC 2500 - it road like a rigid frame chopper - until you put 500 lbs. in the bed, then it was just rough. Per JD - Now here is THE difference, no question. It is the difference maker for me. (us) The power and torque difference is so easy to like, the ride is fine, parking in small lots - harder but not that bad. Other than initial purchase price - its an easy choice. Regardless of manufacturer, the diesel is about $10k more - that's a steep step up in overall cost. RB
  14. When I first read the service bulletin I thought the torque specs seemed a little broad - a 25 lbs. spread, but then we are talking about a fastener that doesn't appear to be a critical part of the assembly - see JD's comments- and its not one where I am going to spend a lot of time worrying about the exact torque - 3/8', 1/2', universal , extension , or brand of torque wrench. If I didn't have a torque wrench - very snug tight - after full rotational stop would be good - at least for me. Your talking about 25 point spread - seems simple enough - 30% plus room for error. Now, as I found a much more critical fastener loose to the point of the nut almost gone, bolt backing out - I will take a much more active role in double checking ALL the fasteners on the running gear - A few hours once or twice a year, crawling under Ollie is not an issue for me, and I visual them often when we are out on a long trip, lots of miles..... but obsessing over torque, won't be an issue. I'll check them to the specs - as best I can - and move on. I'm just happy Dexter/Oliver notified the owners of the issue. Have a great Holiday everyone. RB
  15. I thought a separate spot for feedback on the latest Dexter axle bulletin would be a good spot for folks to relay their findings, concerns, and such. So this morning I crawled under Ollie to check the 16 fasteners referenced in the bulletin, I found all the lower bolts loose, about 1/2 to 3/4 turn "loose" and the top ones were mostly secure, one or to were just slightly - maybe a 1/4 turn. No I didn't use a torque wrench, as next month I am planning to do a wheel bearing repack and I'll put the measurement on them then, a proper triple check. FYI - Ollie #359 RB
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