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  1. My experience towing an EII all around the US confirms the 3/4 ton class is as Mike says - towing heaven. Many do tow with less and have a fine time. Now - as we have moved on from Ollie - I am considering downsizing my 2018 GMC duramax 2500 4x4. It is simply more truck than I need right now. And yes - used truck prices are insane - some going for more than a new similar unit. The KBB trade in on my truck is higher than I would have thought, so I may pull the trigger when the "new" truck arrives. There are no trucks I favor within several hundred miles of our home. The new truck price is lower than similar used. Insane. But one is on the lot the other -"in transit" Were I to choose all over again - the 3/4 ton is what I would choose. GM has a new gas engine - I would consider. Below is my former Ollie and the TV. Good luck in your search
  2. Or - pitch a tent at the old ollie sales site. Better to explore the wilds of TN...
  3. It will be no issue on my next Ollie - My front logo will be a montage of bug splatter...
  4. I cleaned my fresh water tank as best I could - filled it with filtered water most of the time - and we drank from it sporadically. I am sure there were times we had almost as much bottled water squirreled away in Ollie as was in the tank.
  5. We had the compost for three years - generally liked it, and had no issues. Were I to choose today - I would have to really think about it. As was mentioned - judicious water use would even out the choice. I believe I would go with the normal toilet - next time. RB
  6. Add up the RV's, motorcycles, boats, and associated hardware and soon your talking real money. Please don't mention the added $$ spent "improving" -- that makes it look really stupid. There was this one race bike, well... never mind. But - in almost every case -I would do it all over again. Our Oliver experience was certainly one of the better value plays overall. I never really tallied the costs and time/labor ( I'm not a fan of Horror moves) - but after 3 years of great experiences, and resale to a wonderful couple - we felt like it was a bargain. Of course my daily farm/daily driver is the former TV GMC 2500 - to replace it - well although it will bring almost what I paid - there is nothing to replace it with - have you looked lately - wow. - that and I really like driving the beast. Few if any have passed wishing they had left more $$ unspent..... Die young - as late as possible. Have fun Oliverites. RB A former Oliver caretaker.
  7. Another Yeomans tale from an ingenious Oliver owner. Great effort. The downside - Oliver has yet to execute a manufacturing process that reduces variation to very small percentages . This is just one more tale of failure. This is not a communication error in an inverter, Nor is it a solar charge optimization issue. it is a connect the part A to part B failure. Not simple, but every day stuff in modern manufacturing. At $70K plus for a rolling boat - Olive has work to do, RB Former Happy Oliver Owner.
  8. Sometimes you just don't have the right tool. The standard floor plan- sleep two adults and a small child n rear- the dinette - the other. Otherwise any Rube Goldberg you devise will be more work than you will want. The Oliver - in my experience - will more than keep up with anything you can throw at it. We have done many 1000K days, stopped in a wally world, or other - and "camped" with all the comfort of home. A truck with a properly set up topper worked for us with the kids - the boys loved sleeping in their own place. When in the wilds - a tent was their choice of home. Your issue is not the Oliver - its the request to make it something its not - a 4 person sleeper - with the kitchen dinette area open most of the time - rainy days- ha. Wish you well. RB
  9. This should be required viewing for any question related to the ? - will my TV handle the EII. A very good primer - RB
  10. If I was in your shoes - and I really liked my Taco, I would go the EI route. No doubt about it. Now if I was to upgrade the TV - still go the smaller O". However, if I was going to need room for 2 the decision would become more of a challenge. RB
  11. I had to laugh at this - a friend had a problem with his Xantrex - I was trying to help - and standing on your head with a light to get the serial number -was something I remember. Xantrex was very good to work with in this case - and eventually sent a replacement. have nothing but praise based upon my experience.
  12. Who wanted to see the paperwork - didn't realize there were pet cops out there. Never heard of this before - guess I'm aware now. RB
  13. Yes you can program to use the speakers - our 2018 was set to do so - I can not remember the process and alas we no longer have Ollie to use as reference. The instruction manual had the details. Good Luck. RB Formerly of #359
  14. A wonderful couple arrived this morning to pick up their new to them Ollie #359. I'll let them introduce themselves when they are ready. Our time with Ollie was one filled with fun times, interesting places, and great new friends. I remembered what I went through during our orientation at our Ollie purchase - and lamented upon the stories shared here on the forum relating to things some didn't fully understand after the orientation and struggled with at the campground for the fist time. I did not want the new Oliver owners to go through a less than through purchase. So this was not the ordinary person to person sale - my goal was to share as much and many learnings as I could - fully explaining the systems, features, and quarks of Ollie ownership. The new owners left about 5 hours later - with a video history of the entire "orientation". I feel comfortable knowing Ollie is in good hands - and more importantly - the folks are set up to enjoy Oliver with reduced stress and concern. Tally Ho!! I know the Oliver family will take good care of them- and heartily welcome them when the time is right. To the future, RB Minus the Oliver.....
  15. Very telling - actually. Seems AS was more interested in making $$ than building a competitive RV. Surely AS has the capital, manufacturing capability and engineering support to build the unit - but not the intestinal fortitude to make it happen.
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