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  1. Sherry- We haven’t camped yet with Oliver in the winter, but I’ve been down there with the sleds several times. We generally park on one of the several pull outs south of Cantwell and join the many trail heads. Many slide-in truck campers and class Cs as well. I’d like to join the group as the trip is a bit much for an out and back from Fairbanks. When we camp in the summer we are mostly boondocking unless in Valdez or Whittier (the convenience of the camp ground more than makes up for the people). This year was a treat as all all the tourist were scared away by COVID and we c
  2. John, I am researching this possibility. We originally decided against lithium as the cold temperature restricts recharging. In addition, I feared that due to my busy travel schedule, I was one mistake away from throwing thousands of dollars away. I did find some information direct from Trojan, essentially saying that if my batteries remain fully charged that it would take temperatures south of -92 to freeze. I have my doubts, as at least yearly I hear from some poor, newly assigned Alaska pilot that their vehicle battery exploded. I think a compromise would be leave Oliver
  3. SeaDawg, Insulation is a great idea. I just worry about leaving a $50 heating element plugged in all winter on my expensive TT. Cantwell is where I go to sled...beautiful anytime of year! AW
  4. Oliver Experts, Hope this summer is treating you well. Ours in AK has been quicker than I’d like, but AK is made for social distancing. Looking forward to the winter, which is quickly approaching my neck of the woods, and I’d like to pick your collective brains. I’d like to get into snow machining/camping this winter and feel that’s one of the real reasons I chose an Oliver over the normal stick builds. I’d like to camp, leaving my Oliver winterized reference the plumbing, and just use her as a warm place to sleep and eat dinner, bringing antifreeze for the toilet (no soli
  5. Gentlemen, Appreciate all the advice and information. I have abandoned this endeavor based partly on your advice and partly on me knowing it wasn’t really a good idea from the start. John, thanks for nailing down all the reasons the Ford can’t fill the off road gig. I love your Toyota, and I think I’ve mentioned that I am a Toyota guy at heart, but my Tacoma wasn’t down for the part of tow vehicle due to our regular excursions being above 4000 feet (just because it’s legal doesn’t mean we should do it). I think I’ve realized over the last year or so that there will never be a
  6. Gentlemen, This is sure to start a wild fire, so apologies up front. Back ground: I am an experienced driver, having driven professionally in my younger years (CDL). It is legal to double tow in all states and territories my wife and I plan to visit. I have done this with a stick build 5th wheel, and it was a non issue. This was over a decade ago with a less capable truck, inferior stick build 5th wheel, and arguably a less capable driver. What are your concerns/wisdom with having a class 3 or 4 hitch installed on the rear of Oliver Elite II and flat pulling my Wrangler? I have
  7. Well, I'm an idiot. The wife and I specifically made a stop to buy an adaptor in the middle of NM, and I found one supplied by Oliver in the back. The bad news is that it is just that, an adaptor, not a complete solution as I had to turn off the EMS as instructed above. The good news is that I have two adaptor plugs and the ability to run the AC if need be. We are gong to run into Moab and see if I can pick up the full time solution mentioned by John above. Moab is what it always is! Amazing! It's my third or fourth time, and the wife's first. She finally gets what I have bee
  8. Guys/Gals, My wife and I just picked up the Oliver last week and are now in Moab. We would like to use the generator I purchased in advance. It is a iGen2200 by Westinghouse. it is similar to the Honda and received excellent reviews for boondocking. I have the 30amp adapter and hooked it up to the Ollie and I get nothing. No AC power and no air conditioner (we did order the EZ Start from the factory). What am I missing? I looked in the manual and nothing was mentioned. Am I missing a switch or a button somewhere. I assumed that when I hooked up the generator that the Oliver
  9. The truck was filthy with the ALCAN dirt. Had to stop in Hohenwald to wash it. Good truck washing bay right on the main drag. I'm a bit of a clean freak...to my wife's dismay ("it's just a truck"!).
  10. It's official! After five 12-hour days of driving, my wife and I picked up our Ollie on the 19th. It was an excellent experience! I can tell you that these guys are there for the customer, and bent over backwards during the orientation. They made it quick, easy and painless (somewhat). The F250 has extra large eyelets for the break away chains and would not accommodate the hooks. Phil offered to drive me to the nearest hardware store to square it away, but It was only a mile down the road and they had another couple scheduled for delivery that day as well. It's the small things that pro
  11. John, no massive payload here. It's 2700. I'm actually within 300 pounds of maxing out my cargo capacity with the bed deck and the Can Am. While I'm close to maxing out payload, I agree, I don't need the WDH. I'm going with the adage that I have it, paid for it, might as well use it. It's really for the wife's truck when we get back to Alaska. She's a healthcare provider and travels to and from the remote Alaska villages several times a year, and prefers driving her Tundra over my rig--and I'm glad she does! So the math: *using round, CONSERVATIVE numbers for ease* Trailer ton
  12. Guys, I didn't think it was going to be an issue, but my mind has me fretting the weight distribution hitch. We originally planned to pull our Oliver with the wife's Tundra, but our priorities changed and we got the F250. We ordered the optional Anderson. Will it adjust for height on my F250? This morning I was digging out my box trailer to help a buddy move and realized I needed a drop hitch to keep the trailer level. MAN these new Super Duties are tall. Before I rush order a drop hitch to Alaska, can someone please help me confirm if I need it or not with the Anderson Weight Distribut
  13. Bill, Excellent advice. I have more miles than I care to admit on I70, and have dealt with STL and KC too many times in rush hour. We did the route thru Banff last time we were Alaska bound, so the wife and I were open to explore thru Seattle and Vancouver this time. The issue we discovered today is that they all route back to the main highway to Alaska, except if we take the Washington route we will miss Banff. Not really something we want to miss, as we were planning on spending more time here as last time we were camping and it would get down to 30 degrees at night there with light
  14. Guys--Have I mentioned how much I love this community already!? Awesome advice. I know I'll miss some but in response: 1. Why Montana? We went thru there last year around the second week of May on our way up to Fairbanks when I got stationed here. It was excellent on weather, but this year we are planning the first week of May. Wife and I loved Glacier, and was hoping to repeat it...albeit with a shower this time! I have learned that one week can make a big difference. I wouldn't mind heading west then north via Washington State. Any ideas on this? Our script is unwritten, p
  15. Finally! After several long months, the wife and I are driving down from Alaska to take delivery of our Oliver. We think we have thought of everything, but as you guys know, there is always something that we will forget. So, what items and/or preparation would you guys suggest? This is our first foray into travel trailers, and I’m hoping our last as I like to think I research well. We have a new TV (sadly, I sold our TRD Pro Tacoma camping rig), and are loving it thus far (F250). We purchased a generator for the soft start, as we plan on boondocking as much as possible, and also
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