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  1. I know you're not picking up your Ollie until December, but in the meantime, how are you liking your F350 gasser? That is exactly the combination I'm thinking of as a replacement for the Dodge 3500 Megacab diesel I just sold.
  2. Might want to check to see if there is some debris in the channel at the top of the frame where the fabric meets it. There is a little trough there. Maybe somethings is wedged in there.
  3. Looks like you have both the clear glass AND a camera. Nice setup.
  4. We use the collar lock shown above with an ABUS lock. https://www.taylorsecurity.com/abus-20/80-diskus-padlock/0021102/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx5vzoLC88AIVnP7jBx0i1QrmEAYYAyABEgJSgvD_BwE The ABUS lock is German made and has been tested to be one of the very hardest/ most difficult locks to pick. Other similar locks take only seconds to pick by someone who knows what they're doing. I use an ABUS lock when it counts.
  5. Sounds like a line has completely severed. I would start with the simple and look under the curb side bed for any obvious leak. Odds are you only have one leak somewhere but it's enough to flood the basement where the scuppers are allowing it to release. I wouldn't panic. Also, just curious as to whether you are using a pressure regulator on the incoming water? Keep us informed. 2 Hobos (Paul)
  6. I like your tether better than the ones I'm making. If available, I might pick one up from you at the non-rally. 2 Hobos will be parked in row D.
  7. Thanks Bill: Good point. In fact, I am working on tethering lots of things on "2 Hobos" as we speak. Just yesterday, I tethered the lock pin for the hitch to the frame, I tethered the pins for my hydraulic jacks to the body of the jacks, and next is the access cover to the propane lid. I'm working an issue with Mopeka (propane level sensors) right now so have the occasion to remove the cover multiple times. I have one sensor that wants to read 7% (empty) about 90% of the time even after re-doing everything several times.
  8. Just a little fly-in-the-ointment, please realize that at the end of a particular model year, as supplies run out of select items that are destined to be upgraded in the next year model, some of the next year upgrades may appear in the last few previous year models produced. We have the last 2018 produced and I believe there are a couple of 2019 features included. These would generally be minor changes though.
  9. John, If you drop anchor here in Berryville, you can simply drive east of us for about 35-40 minutes and get on the metro rail system that will take you right into DC. No traffic or parking worries. For that matter, if we're around, I'd be glad to take you into the metro stop and pick you up whenever you got back. You also need to visit the Smithsonian's Air and Space museum complex on the grounds of Dulles Airport. IAD is a easy drive from here. It's about 15 miles west of DC lodged between us and the District.
  10. Raspy, When you're in VA this fall, you're more than welcome to drop anchor at our place in Berryville, VA (close to Winchester, VA right off of Interstate 81). We have water and 30 AMP service available. We're located on over 3 acres which borders two farms so you have lots of privacy. Huge firepit too. Would LOVE to see your rig. We have a 12 X 28 concrete pad in front of the barn where we store Hobo or you can park in the grass closer to the firepit if you want. We'll be gone a good portion of September but the offer is good even if we're gone. Only six homes in the neighborhood and no one can even see you when you're on the property. Hobo (Paul and Donna) Hull 414.
  11. AND THE WINNER IS (for me anyway)........ Tried the silicone and it failed miserably. Cleaned all the threads (again) and tried the paraffin. That seems to have fixed about 90% of the problem. Still a little tough to unscrew initially, but once you get past the start position, it seems to be working much, much better. Thanks for the assistance. Hobo
  12. OK, I have come to actually hate removing and then replacing the cover plug on the trailer propane lid. Threads are always acting as though they are cross-threaded when they're not. There must be a trick or something to apply to them to make this process a little easier. I might try some lithium grease but before I do, (this stuff turns yellow and ugly), does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks, Hobo
  13. Just to remind folks; being "close" to the path of totality (e.g. 85% to 90%) is fairly useless. Unless you're in the actual path, the effects will be almost non-noticeable. The experience of seeing a total eclipse is quite remarkable whereas anything less than that is extremely under-whelming. It's like hunting: a miss-is-a-miss regardless of how far off you were from hitting the target. Would love to see it again this go-round if we can find a suitable location. Being with other Oliver owners would be the icing on the cake.
  14. OK, you perked my interest. What are the "Mighty Five"??
  15. I drilled a couple of holes in the basket and used some threaded bolts. Easy/peasy.
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