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  1. I actually looked at the Conqueror's several times. They have been displayed at the Harrisburg, PA Outdoor show in the past. I love their capabilities but getting the wife on-board (literally) was not possible. No her cup of tea. It's more suited for my friends and I when we go hunting according to her. She's right of course. Have fun.
  2. Overland, New to this thread; can you explain how one can hook up compressed air to the lines to blow them out? Thanks, Hobo
  3. We posed the same question about two years ago prior to picking up out unit and got TONS of responses. The danger is purchasing too much. I would need another TV and another bank account (with $$ in it) if we purchased everything recommended. Good luck and have fun.
  4. We use the materials used/purchased at Oliver Trailers. Not sure of the brand name but we've had no problems with condensation under or around the mattresses.
  5. I winterized my Elite II yesterday and it was pretty straight forward based on the video provided in the Oliver University. My one issue is that the the suction from the rear port seems very weak. It took over 20 minutes to pull only a half gallon of RV antifreeze from the jug. (My pickup hose was far less than 3 ft in length). As a little background, this past summer I noted the same thing when sanitizing my system and found lots of plastic debris in the pump filter and the stainless, braided line at the pump which I cleaned out (with a lot of effort BTW). That being done, within the cabin, the water pressure at the spigots improved immensely and continues to be good even now. The concern is how slow the pump brings in water from the rear pickup. I did get the RV antifreeze to eventually come out of the spigots (hot and cold) but it was a lot of sputtering, foam and only occasional solid streams. It never got to be consistent, solid fluid from all systems. My guess is that the pump was starving for source. I can't imagine ever being able to boondock in a situation where we depended on using this system to pull water into the trailer. It would take forever to get even a small amount of water on board. (Not that it makes any difference but we have a TRUMA hot water heater and it was taken out of the loop per instructions.) Anyone have thoughts on the problem and remedy? We are still under warranty but 10 hours away from Hohenwald. Thanks.
  6. "Two Hobos" because...... What else?
  7. Jim's legacy will live on through his family, friends, and the many customers that have discovered the unique "people first" business model he has established. Beyond that, everytime someone sees and admires an Oliver trailer as the many hundreds of them cross this great land and Canada, his legacy will shine on. The Oliver trailer is a very unique jewel in the RV world as Jim Oliver was himself. Good job Jim, now it's time to go home and rest.
  8. OK, now I see what you're talking about. Those ARE different that the ones I have. Not sure I like them any better though. Either look nice. Oliver doesn't skimp on the wheels.
  9. Same ones I have on my 2018. Late production though. Didn't know these were any different than before though.
  10. The diagram above doesn't match my basement. The left side of the basement in mine is exactly the width of a crate (about 12")/ That being said, the right side of the basement on my model is much narrower than the one pictured above. No way could I ever turn a larger crate sideways in mine. Not sure why the dimensions differ but they do.
  11. OK, I tried to put a large and a small on the right side and when I do, the curvature of my back wall pushes the crate closest to the door opening into the space on the left where my one large is stored. I cannot get even two larger crates in my Ollie. Only one large and two smalls.
  12. $700 is cheap. I think my cover cost about $30K and we're not done yet.
  13. Never mind. I broke the code. It's the Truma hot water heater. I apparently had it set on the "instant" hot water mode vice the "eco" mode so when set on the instant hot water mode, it routinely cycles water through the system to keep it pre-heated and ready to go. That is the noises I was hearing. I simply switched it over to the eco mode to save propane and to eliminate the extra curricular activy. It does use more water in the eco mode but that's a non-issue since we're hooked up to city water.
  14. First trip since the rally (we've been really busy this summer) and I'm noticing a few odd noises. At night when all is quiet (AC cycled off) I am hearing an intermittent (but predictable) electric motor noise coming from beneath the street side compartment). The sound will last for about 10-15 seconds and then it will be followed by a much softer noise (almost like a water circulation pump) which lasts for about 5-10 seconds. This is happening about every hour or so. We are set up with city water and 30 AMP power. Is this normal OPs for an Ollie or is my trailer possessed?
  15. No, I didn't plug the overflow as I pondered earlier. I'll keep an eye on the clam shell next time I fill the fresh water tank. If it persists, I'll pull the panels on the street side and see if I can see anything leaking on that side when I'm filling the tank.
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