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  1. OK, I have come to actually hate removing and then replacing the cover plug on the trailer propane lid. Threads are always acting as though they are cross-threaded when they're not. There must be a trick or something to apply to them to make this process a little easier. I might try some lithium grease but before I do, (this stuff turns yellow and ugly), does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks, Hobo
  2. Just to remind folks; being "close" to the path of totality (e.g. 85% to 90%) is fairly useless. Unless you're in the actual path, the effects will be almost non-noticeable. The experience of seeing a total eclipse is quite remarkable whereas anything less than that is extremely under-whelming. It's like hunting: a miss-is-a-miss regardless of how far off you were from hitting the target. Would love to see it again this go-round if we can find a suitable location. Being with other Oliver owners would be the icing on the cake.
  3. OK, you perked my interest. What are the "Mighty Five"??
  4. I drilled a couple of holes in the basket and used some threaded bolts. Easy/peasy.
  5. Here's one that I LOVE everytime I park the trailer: It's a bubble level that I mounted on the face of my basket so I can see it from inside my TV via my backup camera. Makes leveling the trailer (side-to-side) almost a one person operation (except I still need my partner to shove the Anderson wedges under the tires before I let the brakes off.) I did seal the backside of the tubes with epoxy per a suggestion from (I think) John Davies a few years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Camco-25563-AccuLevel/dp/B000EDUTOA/ref=asc_df_B000EDUTOA/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=31212
  6. No trailer can be everything for everybody. Everything in life is a compromise. The Oliver niche is well established. A very high quality, durable, exceptionally nice looking, easy to maintain, all weather trailer for folks than can afford it. The market is the same for Airstream which has been doing well for many, many years and I suspect will continue to do so even though their quality is lacking. If Oliver is going to expand their product line, they should in fact just make a larger version which will satisfy the younger crowd that have kids and the oldsters that simply want
  7. We are pulling "2 Hobos" out of the barn (Hobo Hideout) at the end of April and will head south from VA. Stops include: Charlotte, NC to visit some friends. Beaufort, SC (my hometown) for a few days. Then on to Jekyll Island, GA to just to hang out on the beach. Next: St. Augustine, FL for five days of bouncing around FL to visit old haunts and some friends. After that we move up towards AL for the unofficial owner's rally with a stop along the way at a HH overnighter. We'll be at Lake Guntersville for four days and then head back to VA with another stop along the way at another HH locat
  8. Thanks. Looks like a winner. I just ordered one via Amazon so I'll compare the features and see which one is best. Amazon: $68.99 https://www.amazon.com/Camp-Field-Portable-Adjustable-Backyards/dp/B08B659V2Z?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  9. We have used Harvest Hosts on several occasions and in fact stayed at a couple of locations about 3-4 hours north of Hohenwald on the way to a from the factory. One was Tennessee Valley Winery which we liked enough to return a second time. It's literally only about 2 miles off of the interstate but secluded with a nice view of the Smokey Mountains. John, the proprietor, has a 120V plug and water if you want it (no charge). I think he'll also let you stay more than one night assuming he's got space. There is another vineyard close by which is very nice too. I forget the name righ
  10. Problem with that (for me) is that the truck is parked in front of the trailer and I'm cooking in the rear. I do use my tail a lot for other things though.
  11. The "hoards" of RVs may subside after they have spent their $1400 "critically needed for daily subsistence" checks.😕
  12. Trying to find a source for a short power cord simply to run from my generator in my basket to the inlet on the front curbside of the trailer. Maybe something in the five to six foot range. I hate using the much longer cord for that purpose as it gets in the way. Any suggestions??
  13. Overland, Who makes the version with the one adjustable leg? That sounds about perfect.
  14. When preparing food and cooking on the grill, we need some dedicated workspace to use for such purposes. We tend to use the propane hookup in the rear (curbside) corner of the trailer. Wondering what folks are using when they drop anchor for a few days? Ideally, I'd like to use something that bridges the rear bumper and the grill area that tends to sit just off of the awning area. Looking for ideas.
  15. Suggest you NEVER leave the trailer to go on an outing without first retracting the awnings regardless of type. We stopped at a Harvest Host winery about two hours away from Hohenwald on the way to a service appointment and a late afternoon storm rolled in and before we could reach the trailer from a pavillion about 50 yards away, a gust of wind caught the awning and folded it back. Ruined instantly. Ours is the manual version so it ONLY cost about $2K to replace. Luckily, the service department had our particular awning in stock so they replaced while we were there. I do believe a we
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