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  1. We carry a few of these in the camper and a couple in the TV. Convenient when you are only out for a few days and dont want to use the toilet. Just open and lay into the bowl. Double bag when done and throw in trash. They can be found at Cabelas and REI when in the road. https://www.amazon.com/Anywhere-Lightweight-Backpacking-Zip-Close-Towelette/dp/B089QRH56F/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=WWFQZX6G6AGQ&keywords=cleanwaste&qid=1652302465&sprefix=cleanwaste%2Caps%2C233&sr=8-3
  2. No, not going to make the Rally this year, heading to MI for a few months. Hopefully will make it next year and meet many more Oliver owners then.
  3. 1300 miles later and we arrived to a spot most of you will recognize. David Crockett State Park. Heading to Hohenwald for service tomorrow and will stay at the campground at the Sales Office. Trip was uneventful, here are my observations towing with the diesel vs. Tundra: 1) MPG - 16 total trip. As high as 16.4 in Kansas with a side wind. Even with the higher cost of diesel, I figured I saved about $15 in the cost of fuel on this trip. If You had to buy DEF it would be less. 2) Ride - a bit stiffer than the Tundra but not bad. Zero jounce as could be expected 3) Braking- much better with the Dodge but not for the reason I expected. The aftermarket brake controller I had installed in the Dodge worked far better than the integrated unit that came in the Tundra. Much better adjustability and much more power. I could never get the trailer brakes to lock up with the controller in the Tundra but it was easy with the aftermarket controller. Tundra forums cover this issue if anyone is interested. I will be ordering a aftermarket controller for the Tundra when I return home. 4) Transmission - towing with a stick is great. Made me wish that Toyota offered a 6 spd manual. Oh well. 5) overall - The Dodge is way more truck than I need for towing the Elite II. While a fun experiment, the Tundra will get put back in place soon as the Dedicated TV for the Ollie. The Dodge will go back to towing the car hauler. I can see where if you were hauling a lot of gear in the bed the 1 ton ( or a 3/4 ton) would make a lot of sense or if you towed a lot in the mountains a diesel would make sense or if the cost of diesel ever comes down it would make sense for the fuel economy but since the Tundra can’t tow the car hauler and Dodge no longer makes diesel trucks with manual transmissions, its back to the Tundra for towing the Ollie. Oh, and we stumbled across the worlds largest ball of sisal twine in Kansas. Clark Griswald was nowhere to be found.
  4. As recent as 2021 they still came with printed manuals. Agree that having it in print is handy, especially when off grid with no cell reception.
  5. The Tundra was bought to tow the Oliver. It will continue to be the primary TV, regardless of how the Ram performs. The Dodge needs its legs stretched so it will get placed into service for this trip. Mostly interested in M.P.G. towing between the two. The ride is rougher than the Tundra but not by much. Dodge has 145,000 mi on it, >80% of this running at 1900 rpm in 6th gear on the interstate. Growing up in MI this truck would have never made it to the age of 19 without rusting apart, but as a CO vehicle from new it still has paper stickers on the axles and zero rust. It runs like new and will remain in service for many years to come. Drives like a new truck, just more than is needed for the Ollie.
  6. Up until now, I have been towing my 2021 Elite II with a 2018 Toyota Tundra Longbed with a topper. It tows the E2 great and I have never had issues with accelerating, climbing passes or stopping. M.P.G. is between 10-12 depending on terrain and wind. Fully handles the E2 as I had hoped. I also own a 2003 Dodge 3500 longbed 5.9 Cummins 6-spd manual with dually delete. Truck also has a topper. Have had thus truck since new and it usually tows a 26' enclosed car hauler while carrying a popup camper in the bed. MPG while towing has been around 12 (13-14 without the camper). Getting ready to head East to Hohenwald soon towing with the Dodge. Will be interesting to compare the two. Will post a update at the other end.
  7. I LOVE McGuckin Hardware. They have saved my bacon many times with their broad inventory. If they don't have 6061 Aluminum I bet they can point you to someone local who can help. There are a ton of fabricators in Boulder and Denver. Good luck
  8. Watch RV Lcck's website for sales. They often offer 25% off, making the lock the cheapest I could find online. I had a issue with my lock and their customer service was great, walking me thru diagnosis then sending me a part to replace the broken part. Highly recommend them
  9. I await a company which will develop and launch a true Series Hybrid HD pickup, capable of towing on diesel long distances while running on battery short distances for errands around town and unladen commutes. Then I will get excited. Full disclosure, our household has utilized a Chevrolet Volt for 6 yrs and appreciate the EV operation for commutes, errands and short jaunts near home, while having the option of heading cross-country on gas at 45 m.p.g.
  10. Waiting to see my first Tesla Cybertruck, with a trailer in tow, parked across (blocking) ten superchargers in order to charge their Tow Vehicle. Just wait, it's bound to happen once the truck has been launched. 🤣
  11. Use my Elite II almost exclusively for Boondocking, even when at campgrounds I prefer the undeveloped sites because of the Oliver capabilities (composting toilet, solar, batteries(6V AGM) and boondock port.. Re: leaks? I have been on the site now for several years and have read most if not all of the forum posts about leaks you reference. My take is that many posts incorrectly conflate a potential leak with condensation due to lack of ventilation. Have not had any issues with leaks and don't anticipate any as I will maintain the caulking and roof openings. Ventilation is your friend. Good luck with your research and potential purchase.
  12. No impact to travel. Potential increase in Ramen purchases. 🤣
  13. CONGRATS! Glad to see yet another Ollie in N. MI!
  14. Congrats! Take your time during orientation and performing your delivery inspection. Everyone at Oliver was great in answering questions and not rushing me thru the process. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy getting to know your new Ollie.
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