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  1. Sure enough, there it was. It's model AFSD20111 if any one is interested. Thanks bhncb!
  2. Does anyone know the model number for the Atwood furnace installed on a 2018 Legacy Elite? I looked in the Oliver paper provided with trailer and took off the exterior furnace vent/cover but no model number in either location. Thanks.
  3. You guys are great! From a first time user I was super impressed with the breadth of knowledge/experience and timelines of the responses. I sure do know where to go for expert advice!! I ended up installing the shunt and a new bus bar inside the battery compartment on the left hand side. I used a small piece of pvc molding (thank you Home Depot) and attached it to the battery compartment wall with 3M adhesive and attached the shunt and bus to it. I installed the gauge just below the pantry counter on the right hand side and ran the data cable and a power cable through the battery compartment using grommets to eliminate chaffing. Reinstalling the batteries and hooking the cables to the battery was a piece of cake. All works great! Special thanks to Andrew for the phone calls...and advice!
  4. I know I can use the bluetooth feature to access the battery info (versus mounting the gauge) but has anyone run the cable and installed the gauge above the battery/tank gauge monitor that came with the Oliver. I've tried running some wire down both sides of the cabinet (one side of which has the Oliver battery/tank monitor gauges) but haven't been successful...I keep running into obstructions. I know the power cable for the battery gauge monitor runs behind the cabinet but I haven't had any luck trying to run a cable down this direction either. I would really like to avoid drilling any holes. Any advice? The good news is Oliver really seals these compartments well, far far better than most trailers I've seen! Thanks.
  5. Thanks Overland. Mossemi, I've stubbed my toe so many time it doesn't look much like a toe anymore! I will followup with AndrewK...I've sent him my contact info. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Overland. So using Oliver schematic for AGM's as a reference take all the negative leads (Battery temp sensor, inverter ground solar ground, and main ground and attach to bus bar. Then run a 4/0 cable from either (?) negative post on the 2 batteries located on the left hand side of the schematic to the shunt. I've shown what I think is the correct install wiring on right hand side of attached schematic. Is this correct? I didn't show the power wire to monitor. Sorry for being a bit "anal" on all this but I'd prefer to avoid screwing anything up. Thanks, wiring for battery monitor07062020093048.pdf
  7. Pics would be great! Do you have the 6v AGM's? Thanks!!
  8. First time posting. We have a 2017 Legacy Elite 2 with the Trojan AGM batteries. I ordered a battery monitor (Victron) and in the interim between ordering and receiving I looked at the online installation instructions. The instructions all sounded easy enough (and I am comfortable enough and reasonably competent with electrical work) but when I looked at the actual battery wiring and the battery schematic provided by Oliver (see attached) I had a number of questions like how actually to wire the shunt and should I install a bus for the negative leads, and based on others experience where best to mount the shunt and bus (if needed) . Anybody able to give a hand? Could markup the attached schematic if convenient, or we could talk, or whatever. Thanks upfront. oliver battery monitor07052020182207.pdf
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