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  1. No. We have had no problems with sheets being torn.
  2. We have had the hypervent since we took delivery of our Elite II. Never had an issue with condensation or mold. In my opinion, hypervent works very well.
  3. Does anyone know how to replace the door window on the Elite II? There are no screws to remove. There appears to be small slits on the inside window frame. Did not know where to start trying to get the frame off. Any ideas? Thank you! Andrew
  4. Hi All, Just wanted to share our experience getting a 30A power pedestal installed at home. Wanted a hookup to run everything at home to check all systems, cool down the fridge, and run the AC while working and prepping to leave for trips from home. Electrician came out and installed 2 RV style boxes with the correct receptacles. BUT, wired them @ 240V! We did not realize this, and upon connecting the Ollie to power and starting the AC.... POP! Very loud, breakers tripped on both ends. It took us a while to realize, and we feared the worst. The Progressive Industries surge protector absolutely saved us... that was the pop we heard. Upon rewiring the hookup to 120V, all systems functioned properly... except the tank monitor. Was not getting anything out of that. Felt lucky that was the only thing we blew up, but upon taking the monitor off and unplugging and plugging back in the connector, it lit right back up. There's some kind of reset on it. Not even any fuses blown... we got lucky. Moral of the story is, if you're thinking about getting hooked up at home, be sure you walk the electrician through the specs- 30A, 120V ONLY. The oversight almost cost us the whole electrical system, or at least all of the devices attached to it. This is not how most electricians would wire this hookup, they are thinking of it like a dryer hookup, which is 240V. Also be sure the polarity is correct. The Oliver wants to see white as the hot wire, not black. Most electricians will wire it the other way around. The polarity will not hurt anything, but you will get an error code on your surge protector.
  5. My understanding is that Oliver includes a standard on onboard surge protector on its new models? If this is true, is there any need for another portable surge protector such as those made by Progressive Industries? Also, will the onboard surge protector or the Progressive surge protectors have issues working with a portable generator such as the Yamaha 4500 Inverter generator? I thank you for your input about this topic. Andrew Questell
  6. Thank you very much. I too will plan on leaving the hose connected. I was just curious if doing a short extension would bring it closer to the edge of the bumper opening so you wouldn't have to reach in so far to hook it up or disconnect it if you ever need to.
  7. I am picking up my Legacy Elite II in July. The information I am asking may already be in a posting somewhere, however I have not yet seen it. The question is, if I want to add a sewer pipe extension to the bumper area where the pipe comes out of the trailer, how long an extension do I need so that the pipe is closer to where the bumper opens?
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