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  1. It’s because of the greater distance from the rear axle of the RV or trailer to the rear bumper, compared to that same measurement on a car or pickup truck. That greater distance means the loaded bike rack experiences much larger movement up & down and side to side from bumps & potholes in the road, from going around corners, etc. That larger movement means much higher accelerations/forces acting on the hitch and rack. Some motorhomes have ridiculously long rear overhang distance.
  2. Do you only have the plug in 12volt anti-freeze heater kit option installed instead of the standard filter? If so, then yes you will need a standard filter to do the de-calcification process. They are available on Amazon from Truma, but pricey! And check in the Truma compartment thoroughly by opening the outside Truma access door. Some owners (and Oliver service folks) tuck the standard filter into the Truma unit in the area of the wiring harnesses. It just fits in there for storage but can be well hidden. Truma AquaGo Replacement Filter | Compatible with Truma AquaGo Hot Water Heater https://a.co/d/3KBZRdb
  3. I built a similar 2 stage filter system but mounted it in a standard 6 gallon milk crate. All hoses, regulator and fittings store in the crate and the whole thing slides easily into the basement storage area for travel. The filters are mounted using Camco filter mounts attached to aluminum “Z” hanger picture hanging brackets (one bracket on the filters and one bracket screwed to the milk crate) so the filter assembly lifts out to do filter changes. Quick connect fittings on everything so setup at the campground is quick.
  4. It actually happened a couple years ago, back in 2021. https://www.marinebusinessworld.com/news/237945/Dometic-acquires-Zamp-Solar
  5. I listed it on RV Trader and also the Oliver Trailers for Sale Facebook page. All of the legitimate potential buyer leads, and the eventual buyer, were from RV Trader inquires about the trailer. The Facebook page generated a lot of comments and likes but no actual buyer leads.
  6. I added a Zamp port to our Oliver, on the hull near the battery compartment, since it was an easy location to access the correct locations for the positive and negative connections to the trailer 12vDC system, and used a portable Zamp 140 watt panel with an integrated charge controller. It worked very well on trips for our stays at Harvest Host locations, and our recent stay at the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin TX (plenty of sunshine!) for the Formula 1 race, when no power hookup was available. The 140 watt panel was about the biggest that I would want to carry. They are “portable” and they do fold up into a nice suitcase style carrying case but they can still be heavy and bulky to transport.
  7. After ~5 wonderful years with our Ollie and many adventures around the United States and Canada, we are moving on to a new phase of travel in our lives (overseas, cruises, etc.). So our much loved Hull #461 has been sold to a new owner. This forum has been great for support and sharing among the Oliver owners community, and a thank you to all for the great discussions and information shared over the years. We are definitely going to miss our Ollie, but she is going to a good home with a new owner that is very knowledgeable about trailers in general and also Olivers specifically, and I expect he will be joining this forum (he might already be a guest member). Thanks again to all. I'll still hang around/lurk here on the forums, and safe travels to everyone. Frank
  8. I've seen a few variations of rear bumper mounting for generators on other trailers. But if you made a permanent bolt-on mount on the Oliver rear bumper, that puts the generator right by the beds/back windows, bad for noise and VERY bad for exhaust fumes.
  9. Phil was our main contact during our purchase, a huge help with the whole process, and a great contact during our ownership since then. Best wishes on your next phase of your career.
  10. Ditto to this. I had this exact problem on one car that we owned. The stainless cover of the lug nuts split and the base metal underneath corroded and swelled to the point that a socket would not fit on properly. They were a huge pain the a** to remove. Several had to be cut off.
  11. The owner’s manuals in the Oliver University section have the valve diagrams as part of the electronic PDF file copies of the manuals. With a basic PDF editor you can cut and paste those valve images. Here are the diagrams for my 2019 Elite II.
  12. Had you waxed the trailer after resealing the windows? I recall another owner had similar discoloration of the sealant after getting their trailer treated with a ceramic coating.
  13. The Truma rotary control switch has to be in the “anti freeze” mode (the lightning bolt/snowflake position) to activate the electric antifreeze heater/filter, with the exterior power switch in the on position.
  14. The “acorn” type lug nuts (intended for steel wheels) will fit (same thread size), but they have less contact area with the wheel. The “bulge acorn” type lug nuts are recommended for aluminum wheels to provide a larger contact area (since aluminum is softer than steel) to prevent the aluminum surface from deforming and causing loose lug nuts.
  15. Not a public campground (not a state park or NP campground), but we stayed at the Custer/Mount Rushmore/Black Hills KOA when we visited Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monuments. Custer SD is a great little town and the KOA is convenient to all the sights in the area. And it's a very nice, well maintained KOA campground.
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