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  1. First off, I'm not considering attempting traveling on western mountain passes. I have experienced driving in winter conditions, Just not pulling a trailer. I like to travel in North and South Dakota in the late fall. Sometimes you get a snow storm, Does one just sit it out or can you operate safely on compact snow and ice with an Oliver. Do you go as far as putting studded tires on your trailer? I know they restrict trailers sometimes on passes. Just wondering what people do in the winter months. Head South or store the trailer until spring?
  2. Been scouring the web about this topic and what an assortment of possibilities. Meguairs, collinite, Mothers, Rejex, Griots, Duragloss, Sea Shield, to name a few. Then there is cleaners, wash and wax, oxidation removers (light, moderate, severer), one step does all, polishers, wax ( paste, liquid), on and on. Electric polisher, orbital or non, cordless? Foam pads or wool? By now you can see my quandary. I enjoy the research but have yet to come to a solid conclusion. I like the powertool rather than elbow grease method. I'm thinking one steps products don't do as good a job and multiple steps. Don't know which is better...foam pads or wool (I think some of these thread refer to auto paint jobs rather than fiberglass). If you begin with a new trailer can you get by with just washing and waxing with a periodic oxidation removal? Depending on use and exposure. Definitely a big job and looking for the best solution.
  3. Thanks, John! I saw on a previous post that showed multiple olivers on their lot. One looked like it had that black bed liner on the propane cover and front lower section. I'm sure that must be a permanent application but cant tell by the photo.
  4. If you get minor damage to the exterior (rock chips, etc.) is there a DIY method to repair. I'm thinking of a compound or spray one could apply to smooth out the body. Or, is this a factory or professional issue.
  5. Thanks David! Will now research sharkbite and Pex. All new territory. Part of the fun!
  6. Has anyone created a list of spare parts one should have on hand. I've read where people carry fuses, wheel bearings, and hot water heater rod. Everyone has their own level of being prepared. I'm interested if someone wants to share experiences where they wished they had a certain part when camping. I'm thinking...spare plumbing hose, plumbing fittings, filters, wiring and electrical stuff, etc. Thanks!
  7. Looking at the Domestic Penguin II specs. it says Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) 3953W, Power Consumption-Cooling mode (ISO 5151) 1731W. I'm guessing here...looks like I need a generator that puts out either 3953w of power or maybe only 1731w of power. If I were to get a Honda EU2200i that produces 2200 watts I would need to purchase two units if I the AC needs 3953 watts. But only one if the 1731w is the actual draw off the AC unit. I don't understand which number to use. Can anyone tell me the watt requirement of the AC unit. I like the Honda generator that weighs 47 lbs. which is right at my max. lift capability these days. If I had to get two generators...47lbs. lifted twice could work, but 100 plus once wouldn't. I live on the Oregon Coast and over 65 degrees is hot for us. (61 right now). So, I will be running the AC a lot when I head south. Actually, anywhere East of here during the summer.
  8. Hi Mike and Carol, First off, thanks for responding to my post! After looking at the photo on your post, I was wondering if you use blocks on your tires? Or maybe not just in this case, on a concrete pad. Is having the trailer supported just on the 3 jacks enough. Or do you need a block under the tire and even that tire locking device to stabilize. I guess I'm wondering if the rule is to level by using blocks under the 3 jacks, and block the tires and use thst tire lock device. Or is that too extreme? I'm thinking that when trailering less is more, keep the weight down and gear down. But, don't know. Want to be safe but don't want to pack a bunch of unnecessary gear. Thanks again for your help!
  9. Thanks for the helpful info! So nice to be able to click and see exactly what you are talking about and where to purchase those items. I'm going to talk with my kids on their next visit on how to insert internet sites when you email. Very helpful! Thanks again!
  10. I have more greenhorn questions. When leveling, do you use the 3 stabilizers to level or wheel blocks to level. Or maybe both. People have mentioned using blocks under the stabilizers. I'm assuming the shoes on the stabilizers sink in on softer ground . What dimensions, differ for front and rear, how many for height adjustment? What about wheel blocks? Seen an array on line, confusing. Any favorites? What about material...wood or plastic? Seems like making your own out wood would be simple and cheap. Though, there is always the rot factor. So many decisions, but that's half the fun!
  11. I've read that the storage basket will hold a Honda generator. Do you travel with the generator stored there? Seems like it would get dirty and eventually problems would crop up. Would you want to operate the generator in the basket? I'm thinking away from the trailer to reduce fire risk. What does one store there when traveling? I'm thinking fuel for generator, maybe?
  12. I currently own a 2005 chev. 3500 crew cab duromax diesel pickup. Before that a ford power stroke for 10 years. Both performed great for years...over 250k miles each with no major engine issues. My current dura max is pushing 300k miles...so I'm considering purchasing a new pickup when I order a trailer. I've talked to friends, my mechanic, truck owners I run into a the fuel spot and grocery store parking lots, youtube videos. The more people I talk to the more answers I get to the question...should I purchase a new diesel engine pickup with all the emissions equipment required today. The neigh sayers explain that with todays emission equipment they run too hot and burn up over time. And I wouldn't get 10 years out of the vehicle like I did with my last two pickups before the emission stuff. I would welcome any thoughts out there?
  13. Ok hear goes...I'm really qualifying myself here. What about solar panels and hail storms? How tough are the panels? If in a storm do you find a bridge to hide under? I'm guessing the approach here is the same as worrying about being struck by lightning!
  14. I understand the Dexter ez flex suspension is standard. I think I read where someone is installing a different one. I'm thinking Oliver trailers has researched this and thinks Dexter is satisfactory. I'm wondering if anyone has chosen a different suspension and why?
  15. One of my motivations to purchase an Oliver is its Boondocking ability. I'm curious as to the realistic availabilty of campsites where you don't have to pay. Having never done this, I'm guessing they are slim to none East of the Mississippi. Excluding Walmart and rest areas. Just had a thought...what about those big truck stops? Can you stay overnight without a fee? If I just wanted a place to sleep while covering some miles would probably just use a rest area? Don't know if this is a good idea. When you are out West in the wide open spaces does one just pull over, camp, and hope you are on public land. Hoping the land owner doesn't show up with a shot gun at midnight to run you off! Yeah, I know, just pay the $10.00 state forest fee and be done with it. But, sometimes don't you want to get away from everyone. You see a place you like miles from a town or house to ask permission. Does one stop at the local county seat and get a map of public land? I bird hunt and fish and had an unpleasant experience trespassing on someones property trying to get to the river. I was total in the wrong and embarrassed. Didn't know where I was... Ignorance is no excuse. Never again. How does one navigate around private land effectively? Are there publication out there you can recommend? Or, as I stated earlier do you obtain maps from county, state, or BLM offices?
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