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  1. I am purchasing a duel fuel generator. Would like to run off my Oliver tanks...connecting from the trailer to the generator at the optional tongue LP bib. As I understand that would be low pressure as the propane runs through the regulator at the tanks. I should be able to run a direct hose from the bib to the generator. If, I decide to run the generator off another LP tank, I would need another regulator for that independent tank. I'm wondering...is there only two pressures, low and high, for LP appliances. (I hope they made this that simple) Or, does each appliance have a specific pressure? And, you have to purchase the appropriate regulator for the pressure your appliance requires?
  2. Are these guides furnished by Oliver? Around 800 pages if you print yourself. I prefer reading from paper rather than a screen. Do you carry these with you when traveling?
  3. Last January I posted about towing an Oliver over the Beartooth. Got good responses…thanks. However, my navigator thinks we shouldn’t try it. Too tight corners…to long of a rig. Neither of us have been over the pass. But, I’m not hesitant to try. We are picking up an Elite II in September. My TV is a 2020 Ford F-350 crew cab long bed diesel. She is adamant about our rig being too long…maybe someone can convince her otherwise. I’m wondering if anyone has a similar TV and been over it. Or, have seen semi tractor trailers on it. Thanks!
  4. Putting together supply list for Sept. delivery. Any advice on mats. Looks like most are 9x12. Was thinking of going to Home Depot and getting some Astro turf. The better half is concerned about dirt collection and removing the soil when you pack up. Vacuum, shake out, hose off. I am sure some are harder to clean than others. I would like to just shake it, roll it up and throw in basement. But, basement will accumulate any dirt left behind. And, if I’m doing the shaking, each subsequent move, I will remove less and less dirt until l skip the shake out step. Maybe they come with a cover. Seems like a little thing. But, starting to see there are a lot of little things with this new RV life. Size, mat material, cleaning? Thanks!
  5. Designing a vinyl picture for the front of an EII I will be picking up in Sept. Any suggestions on the maximum diameter to use. It will be a round design. I vaguely remember reading a "Mike and Carol" thread years ago stating theirs was 20-25". However, I can't seem to find it in the search.
  6. Here's my two cents...I've owned 4 diesel P/u over the years. All have been good trucks. Currently, have a Ford F-350 diesel. My last was a 2005 duramax with over 300,000 miles. I've hauled hvy farm equiupment with them in the past. However, will only be hauling a jet boat and an Oliver now. I wouldn't be without a 4X4 P/u and if your just hauling an Oliver a diesel might be over kill. However, I enjoy pulling my boat out of steep and rough ramps with my current diesel TV. I tow the boat to various lakes in my area that have grades, you can't beat the breaking with a diesel. Mine has a 10 speed transmission and turns under 1500rpm at 55. Mileage is fine if you can keep it under 60mph. And, a 47 gal. fuel tank makes finding a pump, not an issue. With that said, most would do fine with a 4X4 2500 gas, IMH0. Get what suits your needs.
  7. Thanks for the info! Its reassuring to hear this from someone who has experienced this. This forum is such a great tool! Thanks again!
  8. Thanks John! Will get that monitor and post our using in a few weeks.
  9. Is anyone using a CPAP unit with the lithium batteries? I have a September 22 delivery date and have ordered the 630 AH size batteries. We will be using 2 cpap units with humidifiers. I have used small portable batteries ($$$) while out for extended periods camping. Always run out of power before end of stay. Your lucky if you get 10-12 hours per battery. Many variables…your air pressure (mine is 17, her’s is 6), if you use a humidifier, what setting your set your humidifier, even how fast you breath. Those of you using a cpap know it’s impossible to get a good night sleep without your unit. I’m thinking it’s a wait and see thing. So, getting the solar and a generator just in case these things suck a lot of juice. But, wondering if someone is dealing with this…it would really help our anxiety level between now and September!
  10. I’ve been reading about Beartooth Hwy. And, it seems 50/50, for and against, on pulling a trailer over it. Has anyone done it in their Oliver? What are your thoughts?
  11. Thanks for your info. Didn’t realize both Honda units put out the same amps. I probably would have purchased the companion model. Thanks again!
  12. Ordered a OTT and will be delivered Sept. with lithium battery package. I've been reading about the neutral ground plug and not sure how it works yet...only that I need one. Looking at the Honda e2200I companion generator...it has 1ea, 125v and 1ea, 30v receptacle. I plug the neutral ground plug into the 125v and the 30amp into the trailer. Correct, so far? My question is...what if I want to run a 125v tool at the generator while hooked up this way? Can I plug a Y into the 125v receptacle, plug the neutral ground plug into one leg of the Y and the tool cord into the other side of the Y. Does that allow the neutral ground plug to still do what its suppose to do? Or should I disconnect the 30 side from trailer first? Not sure why Honda only put one 125v receptacle on this unit as it has two on the E2200I regular unit. Must have to do with amp/volts.
  13. Thanks John! Much appreciated!
  14. Ordered a Ott coming Sept. 22. Would like to put a design with letters on front of trailer. I’m sure there are good and better materials used for this application. Looking for suggestions on what type of material works best and what to avoid.
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