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  1. The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, located at the southern end of the Santa Ana Mountains in southwest Riverside County near the city of Murrieta. However it has been 25 years since we were there.
  2. I believe there is a very large dealership in the Midwest maybe Iowa? They seem to have availability and reasonable prices. it has been mentioned on the forum a few times. Maybe someone that remembers can chime in. B-Out
  3. #3 do you have a locking pin for your bulldog hitch ? the code on this key is CP-7001A here is a link for the picture below https://www.shopinlock.com.tw/products.php?func=p_detail&p_id=20&pc_parent=7 Trailer locks (Hitch Locks)
  4. I am very happy that you have decided to give it a GO. You might want to consider finding some blogs/articles about camping with infants, to see what their experience has been. And if there is not a lot of information out there, then maybe you should share your experiences in blogs/articles with pictures, like you have done with us. Enjoy your time together, and keep the pics coming. Bryan
  5. A Merry Christmas to "All-of-Vers" throughout North America, from Bryan & Maggie & Willis the Kamper-Kat & SnySdUp Hull 665 Domiciled in ND.
  6. just came across this, wondering what you make of it? https://www.rvtravel.com/harvest-hosts-locations-issued-violations-san-luis-obispo-county-california-1083b/
  7. When backing up or turning, did you happen to "jack-knife"? Your situation is different than ours in that we have the storage basket attached. I do not know what that would look like when just the hitch is involved. I did jack-knife on our last outing putting a dimple on one side of the TV rear bumper. It was followed by "Pounding on the window" and the mouthing of "You hurt my truck". By the end of the trip, I had a matching one on the other side of the bumper... Regards, B-out
  8. Great & Thank You. I will go and try to re-attach it ASAP. needs an allen wrench to snug it up.
  9. It is a brass angle stop knob. Because it is brass, I believe it may have something to do with a "Gas valve". It was on the (curb-side/under bed) floor next to the fresh water drain valve. I looked/felt around the WH and the HTR but did not see where it might go. Has anyone seen this before and do you know where it should be located? Thank You, B Out
  10. we have fun with this one... https://www.amazon.com/Black-Flag-Handheld-Bug-Zapper/dp/B0728KFVFD/ref=sr_1_47?crid=3RXLV58X8T1I0&keywords=electronic+fly+swatter+zapper+for+small+bugs&qid=1668882454&sprefix=%2Caps%2C115&sr=8-47
  11. JD, Lucky You, GE has not updated many parts of western ND since late May of 2017. and we have new roads, streets and sub-divisions added since then. I have been trying for 2 years to get GE to update our flyover, and have not received any positive feedback. and I am truly envious of your "Mouse House". B Out,
  12. Our TV actually broke at 2 of 4 attach points (see picture, with yellow circles on addtl fractures) and started to come apart at the back where the bracket attaches to it, so I have removed the TV. Sometimes we would find the TV down when we entered the trailer while stopped between setups. I always pushed it back up to the catch, sometime it was down again, when we arrived at our final destination. I say sometimes, but not always. We would then put it up when we were setup and inside unless we were actually viewing TV, which was like not very often. Possibly caused - by starting out with trailer tire psi of 80 (at delivery) and we did not change that for about the first 10,000 mi, until I started to read threads on recommended tire pressure, then we dropped it to 65psi. It would still come down, but not always, and then we lowered our trailer tire pressure to 55psi. By then I noticed it was beginning to pull apart at the back of the TV. If I had to do over, I would leave it down when under tow, and then raise it up to catch, when we are setup and inside. I never did put in pool-noodle sections to act as shock absorbers. Before our next outing, I will repair the broken area and re-attach it in the trailer. We will however leave it down while under tow... and put it up when setup and Willis (KamperKat) wants to lounge on top of the nightstand. i will also look at any adjustment that can/need to be made on the bracket as mentioned above. Regards,
  13. We were in Ontario (Thunder Bay Area) for this summers adventure, and one of these rolled up. Mounted on a F550. I believe he was from FL, and had been all thru Canada on his way home.
  14. CS, i have ben looking at some replacement parts for other OTT components. i came across this site https://youngfartsrvparts.com/pages/contact i have not talked to them yet, but i saw someone else recommended them for a broken/missing part for an awning. They are located in Alberta, but they ship to the US. Regards, Bryan
  15. Steve, Thanks for that thread/link. I was actually googled to that site just before I started this thread, but at a different comment on Dometic Awnings.
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