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  1. Do you stow it whilst under tow?
  2. For those companies, which have a good reputation for "Service", I believe asking YOU to cut the power cord is their way of making sure you do not use it again. Returning power cord & info on model/SN, and sending you a replacement unit is a lot cheaper than the alternative. It also gives them a good rep with owners/new customers/forums like this. Words; Get around.
  3. The signature track (all are good), off of a GREAT Album. So much Great Music... So Little Time!!!
  4. this is what i am seeing. Home Forums Activity Service
  5. Susan & Ray, Please let us know how those Electric Water Connections work out.😬 We are waiting for a full write up & Pictures... Remember we all love pictures. 🤣
  6. JD, I am assuming that this is a view from the top into the bathroom vanity. Within the black circle, are bolts like this covered on the protruding end, so they do not rub/abrade the water lines or wiring, or is the distance enough, so no problemo... Finally, is that (yellow) romex in that area. i have not seen any yet, in the few areas i have been looking into, but maybe i am just looking enough, or need to pay attention.
  7. "WE" were probably advised to do the above at pick-up day, but that among others... did not sink in... so we were struggling to get the "A" plate in position for each setup of towing & camping. I always used a rubber mallet... but a 2-3 pound mal would have worked better, but we all know that is not the thing to do. Then about the 4th site breaking camp and struggling to get the plate on, a wonderful (are there any other type of Ollie Owners...) couple (a shout-out to Laura & Tim) from FL, said they connected ball to hitch and then lifted the front end of the TT up just an inch or s
  8. does this relive/release some "Back Pressure" and allow for the "Hand Pump" to pull-push the anti-freeze into the lines?
  9. OKAY - A couple more, but i really have to get back to whatever i was doing before this offramp. Sadly Brenda passed before we saw her. LSBM, we did see, in fact were invited back stage to meet them at a small college appearance on their first American tour. i guess they just wanted to talk to 3 pasty white Canadians and 1 Norwegian... you would have thought my in laws were meeting the HRH ER II... and finally, just to keep the folks up in North Dakota on their toes and wondering WITW is going on... Also great Road Music, Whilst sipping COFFE
  10. I will probably get scolded for this... JD - do you have one of these yet???
  11. I feel like a "High School Custodian" with all the Keys I now carry. I try to group them, Drive time, Setup, day-to-day camping. Maggie has dups in case I cannot find my Prevagen...
  12. although we have not experienced this, we have a "Hurricane Lint Lizard - Lint Dryer Vacuum Attachment", which we use "as directed", it is good for getting in difficult places.
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