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  1. Fran, What did you use to Paint & Lubricate all the metal arm parts? And what is 303?"
  2. Alexandra & Benjamin, Welcome to the Forum & Family and Greetings from Arnegard, ND. Sny Sd Up (Hull#665) is in a Quonset for the winter (WHAT WINTER... 20's-40's & NO SNOW...) and we are plotting our routes for this New Year. Bryan
  3. Dawn and Warren, Congrats on purchasing an OLIVER. As a new owner Hull 665 (9/2020), I would strongly recommend that you take a relaxing drive to the Oliver Factory in Hohenwald, TN, go through the New Owner Orientation, Take Notes & Ask Questions, and then hook it up and spend 2-3 nights at DCSP (David Crockett State Park). Whilst at DCSP, if you have any issues, you can try to resolve yourself by reading (all the) Manuals that come with your New Ollie. Alternatively, call the factory and they will discuss your issue and walk you thru a resolution. We had a couple of issues
  4. John, "You need a multimeter" Any suggestions, first for Oliver applications, then if I must... Household applications.
  5. John, That is SO COOL, When he is able to detail the interior... we want one.
  6. John, i did not see if you had "Mud Flaps" on your TV, i did see pictures of your "Rock Catcher", does it also significantly catch TV Rear Wheel Water Kick up???
  7. We learned SO MUCH just by attending the U of O while awaiting our trip to the factory. I still go back and review the info, even now that we have the Manuals.
  8. I do not remember if it was the Heater/AC or HW Heater, but one was not working when at DCNP. So I got to impress Wifey with my problem solving abilities, after her insistence and threatening me with "she was going to do it herself". I mean I was on Vacation after all... Some of the Fuses have a lip or ledge on the end with the rating #, so a fuse puller will grab/pull them quite easily. Some of them are smooth or a straight bevel from the "Fuse Blades" back to rating #, so a "Needle Nose Pliers" works best. Hint, use rubber coated N-N Pliers; it works on both... I did kill
  9. Mike and Yasuko, Greetings from North Dakota, OLE II # 665 "SNY SD UP". At 6'7" I too have a long stride, so if you have a Height related question inside the Ollie, let me know. Bryan & Maggie,
  10. To the Forum, I have seen a number of Products mentioned, so I was wondering what do you ('all) carry with you when out on the Road and at Home when doing Routine Maintenance & Repair. If you have any tools you have discovered to apply new or remove old, I would like you to mention those too. Especially interested what you might use to adhere to the inside/outside of the Glas surfaces. Regards, Bryan & Maggie,
  11. if this does not fall under this "Thread", please move and let me know where it should go. this was placed on the FB Ollie Page abt 4 hrs ago. some of you may be aware of it, i know there has been discussion on it. maybe those interested are already aware. Game changer? The new 2021 Ford F150 Hybrid with it's massive 7.2kW – Pro Power Onboard will charge your Ollie! No need for a generator or even solar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz4PHOZJhgA
  12. GOOD BARREL ROLL on that Ollie Pic. Welcome to the Ollie Family from Western North Dakota.
  13. John, I would have PM'd you with the question, had I known that it would cause you to re-live such a cathartic moment 🤣 It would be too cool, if an Ollie Owner of the caliber of all of you was centrally located in the US, and owned enough of a Garage/Shop that a few (2,3,5) Ollie Owners could gather and do one Mod/Upgrade at a time, each doing their own work, and helping when that 3rd hand/2nd pair of eyes was needed. I do not know if Wifey would agree to some of the mods/upgrades, for just everyday creature comfort & vacationing... but with her fascination with being able to "SURVI
  14. JD, what is with the single strand of wire (see blue Circle) from one terminal contact to another? Did you remove it later when doing the QC Inspection??? I find all these forums and the wealth of cumulative knowledge shared here to be Confidence Inspiring when I begin to tackle some of these Mods & Repairs.
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