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  1. Yippee!!! New camera installed and working perfectly. Thank you for all your help. Could not have done it without you.
  2. Here’s what I’m looking for
  3. Any idea where the plug is that converts the camera wire to a red black positive/negative wire? Also, what kind of adhesive is used to glue insulation back up?
  4. Who can tell me the route of the wiring for the factory installed Voyager camera on a 2018 Oliver Elite I? The wire to the Voyager is not the traditional two wire (red/black), so I need to replace it.
  5. Sure. Underneath near the wheel well there was about a 3 inch tear/crack in the fiberglass. Also, where the awning bracket attached to the shell there were hairline cracks in the gel coat. Oliver paid for the repairs because it was still under warranty.
  6. These guys did a quick and quality repair of my Ollie's fiberglass and gel coat. Mobile Joe's RV Collision Repair 1675 NW Cornelius Pass Rd Hillsboro, OR 97124 (503) 596-2231
  7. I had serious condensation issues the first winter I had my Ollie because I spend every weekend at a ski resort in very sub freezing temps (as low as -15). BUT, the is my first foray into RV camping, so didn't know diddly about it. NOW, I've got it totally dialed in. No more condensation EVER, regardless of the outside temp, or how much I shower or cook. I believe I've shared all my tips and tricks on my Profile page or some post somewhere (Lessons Learned from a Beginner or something like that)
  8. I've had mine for nearly 3 years and love it. No problems running anything on my Ollie
  9. Don't get one. They lead to harder more dangerous drugs. A real bike may seem like too much work, but your body will thank you for it someday.
  10. Dang! I've been drinking lots of water straight from my Ollie taps since I got it 3 years ago. Based on everything I've read above, I should be dead by now. It's a miracle! Oh, but I live in a place where our tap water is as perfect and pristine as it comes. I've never tasted plastic from Ollie water. It tastes exactly like what I drink from my tap here in Portland Oregon, and I've yet to sanitize the tank. I suppose I should soon, given it's been 3 years. I do always leave it empty when not in use.
  11. I've pulled mine with a 2016 Audi Q5 TDI quite successfully up and down all kinds of mountain passes for the past 3 years. The official towing capacity of all Audi Q5s is 4500lbs. We go freeway speeds and get about 24 mpg towing.
  12. 2-3 pairs of skis fit perfectly on the floor while traveling to the next ski area. I also like a set of resistance tubes.
  13. I'm considering getting a new back up camera, and would like to hear from anyone with experience with the new Furrion Vision S camera. How well does it work driving at night? My old Voyager camera was terrible because of the glare from cars headlights. Also, how wide is the field of view? Does it stream reliably, or are there occasional stalls in the picture before it catches up with what's actually happening? Thank you for anything you can provide. Duane and Donna
  14. Getting to the camera is easy. Just stand on the bumper. The vandal probably thought it was on as they crawled under the fence to steal a cargo box from the top of another person's van. Thanks for the thoughts though.
  15. Thank you Bill. As I said, I never used it because the picture was so bad. I got inspired by others to take it off and apart to see if I can breath new life into it. I found an amazing quantity inside. Even the desiccant bag was soaked through. Do you know anyone who is using the new Furrion Vision S system? It sounds a whole lot better, but at $600+ I wanna know it's significantly better.
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